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Bent to be sold in the Winter ?

OK you may think woah Ian, you are really talking shite this time and maybe I am.

Cuts – are they too far and too fast

In many ways the current situation at Villa matches up with the current national economic debate.

Predict the next 10 tough games

OK that is the first ten games over and done with and in 9th place things on the surface look OK.

Supporting Injured Royal Marines and a Villa fan ….Commando 999

I am always willing to give exposure to Villa fans doing good deeds for charity and you would agree with remberance Sunday coming up this cause is excellent.

Guardian forced to apologise to O’Neill

OK the Guardian calls the column corrections and clarifications but is in essence pieces deemed libellous and changed.

History repeating itself but some improvement

OK so today was far short of being the poor displays we have seen under Mcleish.

Full Time : Sunderland 2 Villa 2 – Petrov, Dunne

So here we are, a vital game to prove if we have the bottle for the fight to come.


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