Transfers in Review

Adam Gosciniak has had a look at the transfer activity and is fairly positive over it.

With the transfer window all over we can now take some time to actually evaluate the signings that we have made, and some of the exits. But in terms of staying positive I’ll just focus more on the newcomers rather than the outs.

One of my favourite signings of the transfer window, a very good goalkeeper and this has been proven with his massive Premier League experience and also for the fact that has been linked with Arsenal at the beginning of the transfer window. Already he has shown how good of a keeper he is, with brilliant saves against the likes of Fulham and Wolves. Already we have kept two clean sheets this season and let in only one goal. Costing at 3.5 million pounds, we have found a better replacement for Freidel and in my opinion a true bargain for Villa.

The player has been bought in for the reason to replace the likes of Downing and A. Young after their moves away from Villa Park. N’Zogbia hasn’t really made much of a mark on the Villa team and that maybe mainly because of fitness or he is yet to gel with the likes of Bent, Delph and Agbonlahor. However, the 9.5 million pound price tag is yet to be justified and with Arsenal signing Arteta for 10 million, I do have a couple of questions for McLeish about this signing. Although, it is for a fact he is more of a goal scorer rather than a creator and I think that McLeish is missing a trick with N’Zogbia and the way that he is playing him. I see him more of a replacement for Downing, because I still seriously believe that Marc Albrighton could become the new A. Young.

Alan Hutton
Was brought in on the final day of the transfer window and made way for L. Young. He did cost roughly 4.5 million pounds and to be honest, not really a bad deal. He has played for McLeish before so I do hope that he will do well and I do expect that to happen. I hope that he will be a bit attacking likewise Kyle Walker for Villa last season. I haven’t seen him play too much, mainly because he rarely started for Tottenham and because I haven’t followed the national games. But I expect him to make a mark on the Villa team and I think that he will make a real impact on the defence.

Jermaine Jenas
Another Tottenham player brought in on the last day of the transfer window and instead of a permanent transfer it is a season long loan. Jenas can be a decent player on his day; I still remember his goal against Arsenal in 2007 in the last minute. But he was brought in for more creativity and well, he hasn’t had a lot of game time but I hope that he will be able to make some sort of contribution to the Villa team. I am afraid that if he does perform well his price will double because this is Tottenham we are talking about, it’s impossible to sign a bargain of them.

Overall we spent a total of 17.5 Million pounds, a decent amount in my opinion if we look at other teams around our position. Whilst we have made a total off, 38.5 million, it may seem as though we have more money to spend. But I have read a few rumours that McLeish has been saving a bit of the money to spend in January. This could depend in what position we are in and how our team looks in terms of fitness and injuries. Trying to keep positive, I think that it hasn’t been the worst transfer window. We have signed a couple of decent players and I hope that they will be able to perform very well and hopefully we will achieve a top 10 finish.

36 comments on “Transfers in Review

  1. Load of garbage, it’s all excuses and over hyping players brought in. Sure you don’t work for the Yank at villa park?????

    • And who could we have brought in? Seems you whingers and moaners conveniently never have any alternatives to suggest….

      • It seems you door mats moan more than us. Even to ridicule someone for having an opinion that isn’t Randy being the messiah, is moaning. And to answer your question, there could of been more done to aquire players(there was 2 months of window you know). Other than Given I’d say no other signing made me sit up and say WOW.

        • Surprise, surprise still no names. By the way, I never thought Randy was the messiah, and I’ve asked questions of him and the club, but the reality is I don’t know the inner financial workings of the club, ever heard of “balancing the books”? You whingers really see the world in black and white don’t you? Because I’m not here everyday slagging off every aspect of our club and the players, Randy is my “messiah”, I’m a “McLeish lover” etc. What a fucking joke.

          • I’m glad i’m not the only one with this view. Some should realise there is a whole world outside Randy and Villa, and we are not the only ones with these issues.

            People really need to put Football Manager away and look at the news once in a while!

          • And the news tell the truth do they????? News of the world incident tells us all their liars. Bet you believe every word of it.

          • No I don’t, But I have the intelligence to realise what are good news sources and bad ones, I never read the news of the world, I don’t read papers. I get most of mine from Reuters and the Press association (Not-for-profit news).

          • I only read local news when it comes to papers as their more relevant to me personally and watch the occasional TV News. Most info I get on clubs comes from knowing family members of football agents and 50% of that I disgard as bollocks.

          • Actually I’m a football fan mate and being one should be black and white. Why do I need to name players, do you want me to say something like Messi just so you can get on your high horse and ridicule it. Having read my comment again I did not say you were a Randy is the messiah guy, it was in fact being general(something you probably knew, but took as an oportunity to get on that high horse again).

          • You don’t NEED to name players???! Yes you do to justify all the moaning! You’re giving out about Hutton (as were many, this is not all directed at you) being brought in, but for every moaner and whinger I didn’t see ONE other right-back named as being a better choice, realistically, wages wise and for the fee. Not ONE. So then what? We let Luke Young go and bring in no-one, because Hutton is not good enough? Or is it that we should give the young lads a go? But then we’re not buying anyone are we? And we have to spend don’t we??!! If you’re going to be critical of the club the whole time at least have something solid to back it up with.

          • I’d of kept young TBH as I think he’s better than Hutton and then the right back question would never of needed to be asked. We should really of kept Reo-coker, but no lets weaken ourselves further. Ireland ain’t gonna be what we want as he’s a money for nothing kind of guy(a player the joker RL bought). It’s clear as crystal RL isn’t in it for the long run anymore, so why keep defending him. You again mention Wages etc when it’s none of our concern, what happens on the pitch is more important and having favourite players(I have no solid current favourite which is of concern as I’ve always had one)

          • You say ‘ You again mention Wages etc when it’s none of our concern, what happens on the pitch is more important ‘ Surely if we pay too much on wages, that we cannot afford, then keep losing money year one year because of it, eventually Aston Villa will get in serious financial difficulties, which leads to administration, which in turn leads to a 9 point deduction, which in turn leads to a administrator selling even more player and not replacing then at all, which inevitably leads to relegation, which leads to if there know buyer to the end of Aston Villa football club and we don;t have a side to support. So yes I think wages and what we spend in a concern of the fans. The naivety of some people never ceases to amaze me.

      • Stephen, I’ve been saying that for a while now. Its so easy to to be critical of the signings or the actions of the board. But to actually think of the alternatives is beyond their comprehension.

          • Who??? Silly question really, I’m not a football manager and neither are you. The lack of higher quality signings is in Randy’s hand alone(as he is the owner). I
            bet you have a list, but who cares you ain’t the manager. I would also suggest a poorly trained chimp would of done better during the window.

          • So you would spend money we don’t have, and drive the club further in to debt during a recession. Glad you not someones accountant.

            I never said I had a list. We stayed within our means, we not the only club who had to do it. We made solid signings, ok there not spectacular. But if you need to be told we can’t compete with the billionaire clubs, then your blind to the world.

            All Randy is guilty of doing is ensure Aston Villa football club still exists in years to come. Because god know what you’d say if he had of spent and we went bust!!

            Hell, i’m not happy with the situation we are in, but its necessary. Companies, not just in football, left right and centre are going out of business. People are losing there jobs all over the world. Maybe if more companies took Randy’s current approach of staying within there means, then maybe we wouldn’t be in these issues.

            Patience is whats needed, hell we haven’t won a major trophy in almost 30 years, surely a few years more years of consolidation isn’t going to kill you!

          • Actually the accounts of AVFC don’t concern me as much as you(do you even like football). Can’t see anywhere in my comments that say’s spend spend spend, a better manager and some scouting outside the UK might help(don’t you realise there are better players in other countries who’d play for less money and would not demand the transfer fees UK based players go for. As for saying patience, we had that mantra spewd at us for decades and changing owners hasn’t changed that. But you gone off in another direction as I’ve given decent enough answers and you don’t like it.

          • You want better players fair enough but even the ones abroad you mention will cost more than what we have spent this summer.

            Its the accounts that are the reason we can’t buy these players. Like it or not, you need money to buy players. We don’t have the money so we can’t buy the players. You cannot get away from that fact.

            I may have seemed to go off in a different direction you, but these are the reasons we can’t get to the places you think we should be. If you don’t like it, or can’t understand that, I really feel sorry for you. Because your in for a lot of disappointment. Its the reality we now live in.

          • mate, are you only in it to read accounts etc as it’s not the role of a football fan. To go on about doesn’t prove nothing. For the money we spent I reckon we’d of got 2 more than we did abroad and that would of been enough for me. But to buy what we did and think they’d help fill the ground is a foolish concept.

          • You are completely missing my point aren’t you. I am not only in it to read accounts, I am in it because I LOVE ASTON VILLA FOOTBALL CLUB. But you moan that we haven’t spent enough to improve matters on the pitch. I am giving you the reasons why we haven’t spent enough to improve matters on the pitch. We simply cannot afford too. That’s it, the kicker if you will. You need money to improve squads, money that we do not have at the moment. Is this Randy’s fault, not completely, its a culmination of many things. Maybe he should have cut back earlier. But you live you learn.

          • I am not only in it to read accounts. I am in it because I love this club. Its a massive part of my life, as I believe it is yours. But the accounts and everything else I have mentioned are the reasons I have stated are why we haven’t bought the players you have wanted. We have had to stick to buying from this country. Buy as foreign player, you still have to pay massive signing on fee to get him to move away from there friends and family. Moving countries is still massive decision for some. And its not like were in the most exotic part of the world is it.

  2. dont think hutton cost 4.5 mill ….. rumours of 3mill or 4mill … so doubt 4.5mill .. we paid 1mill loan fee too for jenas

    nice to see someone tryin to be positive


  4. Cahill, Barry, Milner, Young, Downing all playing in the game tonight, Young and Downing combined for England’s goal, I’m a Villa and I will support the club but it really really get my blood boiling that we have sold so many good player over the last few years.


      It feels horrible to see how our talented players move on… Should be proud to see how these former Villa players now perform internationally. All of a sudden they are all excellent and when at Villa they just made the squad numbers, sure if Jenas starts to play decent for us and makes it to the England squad he will also move on..


    • And yet if we’d kept them all, we’d be playing CL by now. Just shows Lerner isn’t in it for the right reasons.

    • And Bent would have played if fit… Sickening. Randy is a failure at running Aston Villa FC. They all left (apart from Cahill) because we’re going fucking nowhere. Fast. Actually, maybe if DB is out for any length of time we’ll be in danger of going down.
      MCLEASH OUT!!!!

  5. It is sickening when you watch all those ex players playing for England, but hey-ho, they’re gone and that’s that.

    On a more positive note Dunne and Given were both excellent for the Irish, with Dunne being classed as outstanding and mentioned in the same breath as God.

  6. Just to go back [almost] to the main topic of this thread: N’Zogbia – why do so many people keep going on / making excuses about his fitness levels not being right?

    FFS, this is supposed to be a professional sportsman who’s being paid £millions each year to be fit and play a game every week. Unless he was a long-term injury at Wigan, why should he continually be described as ‘not fully fit’ after a short summer break and then a month or so training with Villa?

    • He’s been pigging bacon sarnies over the summer… And smoking loads of fags probably.

    • I’ve never understood this not fully fit bollocks Ardent.

      You’re either fit or injured, imo.

      And this is a 25 yo kid, who should easily be able to get fit in the time we’ve had him, as you suggest.

    • Why is it some keep talking financial stuff, surely this blog is intended for voicing football matters and who we’d like to see at the club or even groan about sales of players. I don’t want to know the financial situation of the club, I just want results and the occasional trophy as any fan should. There are many excuses for our current regime and ownership, even N’zog being shite get this treatment. I know this isn’t really a reply to your post Ardent, but I think I also highlight excuses for poor standards of play as do you in mentioning N’zog.

      • I was just asking because I must have heard/read about a dozen different people making the same excuse about N’Zog’s apparent lack of fitness, along the lines of “he’ll come good when he’s fully fit”.
        As Anon3 said, either the guy’s injured or he should be fit – it’s not like we’ve just bought him from Walsall or some Turkish 3rd division.

  7. Yeah Nzogbia really hasn’t made any kind of impression so far. I hope he, Ireland and a few others can step up and prove their worth. Looking for a big win on Sat. UTV!

    ps I’ve moved over from another villa blog where the ‘god of the blog’ seems to completely lost the plot after an ex-blue nose was named villa manager. This ‘Lord of All Things Villa BloggerGOD’ went crazy recently and decided to slander a villa player without any proof whatsoever. When I mentioned I disagreed with his slandering ways he removed my comment and blocked me from his blog. Hopefully people here are more reasonable, friendly and positive and love the Villa as much as I do! UTV

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