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Message is clear – change the music – Black Sabbath

After the Bolton game I mentioned about the run out music and frankly how rubbish it was with the bells.

Phew, what a scorcher, on the field however

Well got to say I have been away for a few days in late September in England and what fantastic weather.

Home truths, not listening and results

This game today has threw up some interesting debating points and comments and in many ways we are still as confused as ever.

Another draw, unbeaten or one win in 6

Not sure what you make of that game, like Everton in many ways but the result is all that counts.

Full Time – QPR 1 vs Villa 1 – Bannan – Pen

This is such a vital game for Villa and in particular Alex Mcleish.

Poll – Run out music choice (or not)

For the first time in a while I got to the ground early for the bolton game and could take in 30 minutes of the pre match ‘atmosphere’.

Time for Mcleish to stand up

Not stand down ! However what we have seen so far this season is actually unremoved from a Mcleish side that we can not go on like this.


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