30K, a clear message given out

In the match preview I predicted a 35K attendance but at 11AM as I walked to the ground it was obviou this would not happen, no one was around !!

OK first off before we have a go at our own, what a pathetic turnout by the Wolves game. In the pub afterwards I spoke to Wolves fans who were ashamed by their attendance and could give no reason for it maybe it is the state of the times.

However 30700 for a derby game is a disgrace and many fans give different excuses including the bank holiday. The attendance against Everton last season on bank holiday was 34,725. for those of you not there, this is what the ground looked like from my seat, looks very depressing eh ?

I will not excuse the abysmal attendance by the Wolves fans but for us there are a number of reasons for this

The economy
Alex Mcleish
Perceived or real lack of ambition by the board
The cost
Fewer cheap deals
Selling of the best players
Playing Heskey (am I joking ??)

However lets face it when was the last time we had an attendance this low for a local derby must be a few years ago now and the whole atmosphere at the game was dire like at Blackburn until we took firm control. If we are honest with ourselves then come the second half ot he season the average could be 3/4000 down on last season.

Is that a Mcleish factor ?

Or has someone suggsted to me before if you offer Villa fans mid table boredom they will disappear, if like a couple of season you offer chances of CL we get 40K average ?

Whatever the reason for this abysmal attendance for me it is such a clear message given out that you wonder can Randy ignore it ?

Without special offers are we looking at a 25K attendance in the future ?

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75 comments on “30K, a clear message given out

  1. 1: Players take the piss. Not just our players, more or less every player in the league. As said above, why should I scrimp and save, end up spending in excess of a days wage for me and my Mrs to come and pay for the multimillion £ lifestyles of a bunch of blokes who, when something else comes along that they like the look of, will drop us like a stone. I could forgive them more if some of them were especially talented and I begrudge some a little less when they show a bit of effort.
    2: The chairman has taken the piss. Alex McLeish is a failure of a manager. He failed at the blues, he failed at Rangers when he took them outside the top 3, and both Hibs and Motherwell when he took them into the bottom of the SPL, despite them both being well established top flight sides. He’s now doing the same at the Villa. If Randy thinks saying about Roberto Martinez ‘playing football the right way’ and then employing McLeish isn’t making him look silly, well, again, he’s taking the piss.
    3: The manager is taking the piss. We’ve got wingers sat on the bench and strikers playing on the wing. He’s trying to make Heskey, the least mobile player in the league, into a box to box attacking midfielder. He couldn’t do this job without a fleet of mobility scooters.
    4: The club takes the piss. I know the wholesale cost of a mars bar, I know the wholesale cost of some hot water into a cup of powdery stuff.

    Not going isn’t about being a crap fan, because there’s nothing left to be a fan of. I’m a fan of football, I’m not a fan of a business that rinses every last penny from the people who, in the whole equation, can least afford it. This isn’t football any more, it’s a business who’s sole aim is to extract as much as it can to make people, be them Randy, the players and their agents, the league themselves, Sky, I’m sure many many other people too. I’m not going to go to the game because it’s not a religion, it’s not something I can be passionate about it’s something that frustrates me and angers me. I don’t like having the piss taken out of me.

  2. I was very excited about going up more this season at the beginning of last season when it became apparant i would get more opprtunity to go this term… Then O’Neill walked for reasons which have now become apparent. Since then it’s been a downhill ride of Ellis proportions into what appears to be a lower to mid table soul less season ahead designed for the satisfaction of accountants & Banks rather than fans…

    That excitement i spoke of earlier, from a former home & away season ticket holding avid fan of 30+ years, has evaporated into a kind of dull passing glance at Final score. I have thought long & hard as to whether this is my age or something but no… This is merely a mirrored reflection of the passion & ambition that has been coming out from my beloved Villa Park for the last 15 months or so….It feels like the whole club is being “Bleached” & all the colour has now been removed!

    I would also like to add that i have absolutely nothing against Alex McCleish either & i actually think pound for pound he is at least as good as MON if not better actually. He reminds me of a George Graham type.

    The accountants may be happy though …. so thats ok & i’ll wish those of you who did get their season ticket good luck!

    George Graham was correct ..We are a nice little club.

    I agree with the above post.. If you give Villa fans mid table mediocrity they will stay away.. Why? Well because we know we are being sold short thats why.. For me we are smaller than Man U & Liverpool, behind Man City & Chelsea purely for finacial reasons though potentially bigger than both of these sides if say we got a Sheik Monsoor & slightly behind Spurs & Arsenal.. other than that we are the equal of any team in England.. That puts us 7th with at least 2 of those above us having an unfair advantage so in real terms 3rd to 6th sort of area… We are easily as big a club as Spurs though have of course fallen slightly behind them recently & Arsenal are on the way down.. So to me, take away the money advantage of City & Chelsea & we would struggle only to compete with Man U & Liverpool… Maybe the new Uefa rules will help who knows? but one thing is for sure.. We are better than mid table fodder.

    Maybe things will look better when we have finally cleared the deadwood on high wages out? They are still departing as we speak (Luke Young) & we still clearly have several left (Beye, Heskey, Cuellar) & possibly a couple where the jury is out still (Ireland, Warnock, Makoun).. well thats still over half a team so things may look much better once they have all departed one way or another as they must constitute a fair old chunk of wages!

  3. Not McLeish,the realisation that we have a board of directors who have decided they dont want us to compete in the top half anymore has demorilised much of our support,that with the fact that football is full of greedy money grabbin players has left a sour taste in the mouth of many who aint going to part with 40 quid a week to support them anymore !

  4. I had a good day out yesterday despite the game.

    Worse thing is, I’ve got a right moaning twat behind, who I wish would stay away. Everything we do is wrong, gets a tut, a little whinge, Bent, N’Zogbia, Heskey, they’re all rubbish.

    He was willing Herd to have a nightmare game, so me and my two mates went out of our way to highlight that it was a pretty decent effort for a lad coming into the team.

    A lot of people are pretty skint, genuine supporters find it hard to get to every game.

    Trying to blame McLeish is ridiculous, were Wolves fans protesting that they’re still stuck in the Premiership with Mick Mcarthy taking them to the top of the league ?

  5. Lets put this into concept people.

    If you had the chance to buy a HD TV 32″ for 200 pound and a normal TV of 22″ for 200 pound which would you buy?

    Obviously the HD tv, so how is the villa any different?

    We have sold our 2 BEST players to clubs that should be level pegging, then bought one decent player in shay given, WHO IS INJURED, and one player who to me doesnt look all that in Nzogbia, Then to top it off we made 40million off them two and spent 13million, which leaves 27million profit.

    so with this in mind, WHY WOULD ANYONE SPEND 5 to 10 POUNDS “”MORE”” ON TICKETS EACH GAME?????

    You dont pay more money for less quality, that is a way of life, just look at every day items in your home, that is exactly the same down the villa, fans dont want to pay more money for less quality

    • So what you’re saying, is that fans will only go if we have a great team that is winning every week.

      Didn’t someone call us fickle for that ?

  6. Let me get this right – people are upset because Randy IS treating Villa like a business but it isn’t – it’s The Villa – our Villa and we want him to spend his money on it.

    Then, people like andrewb are upset because Randy ISN’T treating Villa like a business (poorer quality / more expensive etc etc). Do you see what’s happening here?

    I am a Villa fan – always have been, always will be. I’ve got news for some fellow Villans. WE ARE THE BIGGEST FUCKING FICKLE HYPOCRITE FANS THERE ARE.

    Ian – above all else, THAT is the reason Blues fans laugh at us, above all else.

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