Joey Barton, is he worth the risk

I find Joey Barton a weird mixed of a player.

Off the field he comes over as well as player out there. Bright, funny, no ego and yet he has this very dark side to him that we all know about. On the field he is EXACTLY the type of player we require, agreesive, decent tackler, decent pass and a a great shot.

So today on his Twitter account he has gone off one again against Mike Ashley and rightly so


If only we as players could tell the fans exactly how it is, without them above fining us lots of money. There will be a time and a place.

If it wouldn’t effect team morale and cause unrest within the dressing room, am certain Jose’s comments would be the tip of the iceberg…..

Therefore surely he is gettable for any club willing to take the obvious risk on him and he is quality. However should we take the risk ?

Because of his record you would be taking on someone who could explode at any moment but are the benefits of what he would bring to us worth it ? A fully fit and fully motivated Joey Barton would lift us, the fans, players and club but do we want him associated with Villa ?

Tough call and one I just about say yes to as a viable option for us in a position we need to fill badly.

and besides that, peeing off the Newcastle fans would be worth it !

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87 comments on “Joey Barton, is he worth the risk

  1. Geordie lad here … its been common knowledge up here for a few days that he’s been in talks with Villa reps ! More than a decent player – albeit one with a chequered past !

    Oh and one more thing … we’ve all done something in the past we’re less than proud of .. question is would you like to have it hanging over you for the rest of your life or would you prefer to serve your pennace and move on – none of you see the Joey Barton we’ve seen – the one that spends alot of his time a various charities etc etc but hey that wouldn’t sell newspapers would it !
    Good Luck Joey … you’ll be missed ! and well done Villa – if you’re luck enough to land him !

  2. One of lads i drink with works for the Chronicle … our version of your B’ham Mail ! Said you’s / Spurs and QPR had been in touch but he feels You’s are in the boxseat ! Thats all I know !

  3. Why not take the risk? Watching the chelsea games and other games during the season i have time after time seen our midfield over run and pushed off the ball. Barton is the exact type of player we need(been saying so for a long amount of time). he will put strength in our squad and boss the midfield, while also he is a very good player!

  4. Be interesting to see if McLeish sticks to his ‘no more deals, even if they’re free’ view.

    Personally, even on a free, I would find it extremely difficult to support someone with a history like his. I understand Geordie Lad’s thoughts, but I just don’t know if I could overlook them.

    But, should he sign, I guess I would have no choice but to reluctantly offer my support.

  5. The lads a total fruitcake but he can play and is vastly superior to any thing we presently have in our midfield. On a free??? I don’t think we could afford to say no, yes he has a checkered past but he has to be in the top 5 midfield players in the EPL.

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