Sat Night Speculation – DJ Campbell, Warnock

So yet another weekend, don’t they come around quick ?

First speculation tonight is that the Mirror report we are hijacking the £1,25M move by QPR for DJ CAMPBELLLINK. This is sure to be one bit of speculation that with many fans will not go down well at all. Is he really the quality we need as backup for Bent say above Gabby and Fonz ?

The Daily Mail have reported a Sunderland enquiry for £3M Stephen WarnockLINK. OK that makes sense in terms of wages but in this case we 100% need a LB to come in as soon as poss. So if true who would his replacement be ?

32 comments on “Sat Night Speculation – DJ Campbell, Warnock

  1. Scored 13 Premier League goals last season though in a shot team. How many did Gabby, Fonz and Heskey get between them? At that price not much of a gamble

    • Im with what he said

    • one season wonder, remeber Michael ricketts ?

      at Blackpool the whole system was set up to create goals, players would score.

      he never showed any potential anywhere to justify buying him

      • a million quid is worth that gamble to find out.

        • It’s not about 1 million pounds really is it, all about salary. If Bent gets injured our season would IMO be in real danger, so any amount of cover AM feels he needs should be supported.

      • For once I’m with Robo. Massive waste. Gabby is better as back up.

      • Robo,

        ‘at Blackpool the whole system was set up to create goals, players would score’ – is that not what we are trying to do?

        ‘he never showed any potential anywhere to justify buying him’ – doesn’t the 13 goals not suggest potential, and as such justifying perhaps an interest?

        • the name MArlon Harewood, remind you of something ?

          • Im not sure Gabby is back up, gabby is flexible and a lot different to bent and campbell, Bents back up would be heskey or delfouneso in my opinion, so cant see why not take a 1 mill gamble.

          • Harewood barely scored the season before he signed for us, and didn’t we pay £4m for him? Not exactly similar situation

  2. And of course this speculation is true despite McCleish sayin no more signings this summer!?

    • He never said any more signings this summer, read his words and not the journalists words

      Mcleish said he might have other things but nothing major this means (e.g. anything above 5mill) + he also said he doesnt think there will be anything done before season starts, transfer window still open once season starts.

      Don’t just jump to conclusions. Think about what HE SAYS (these are usually in the middle of an article in speech marks) the rest of the dribble in the article is journalist views.


  3. DJ is twice the player gabby is.

    get campell,that CB for what, 2million. bargin.

    Get a tall dm and a winger,keep warnock, happy days

    AM did notsay there would definatly be anymore new players. he said he will see first and i dont think he would be to impressed

    • DJ is twice the player Gabby is…

      Don’t talk such twaddle.

    • Absolute garbage. Better than Gabby…don’t make me laugh!

    • Better than Gabby??? Are u fookin’ kidding!!!!! Eejit!!! Forget DJ, he’s shite…

      • Whether DJ is better than Gabby is debatable, but the fact remains that he hasn’t been good enough for a couple of seasons. Agree with some of the posters here – the kid is brainless. His decision making when in a one on one situation is piss poor – I’d back the keeper every time. Yesterday showed us that without Bent we’ve nothing in the way of a goal threat.

  4. Warnock aint going no where, so no need to speculate on a replacement.

  5. oaks- gabby is a shite player. has been for years.

    has no brain, no skill and lost alot of pace.

    DJ at least know how to put a ball in the back of the net unlike the gabby. terrible player

  6. The Warnock story is absolute rubbish. It states he’s angry with the board for ‘backing Houllier’ when he banished him to train with the youth team…

    What the hell are the board gonna do, tell GH how to pick his squad?

    I refuse to believe Warnock is THAT stupid, so can only conclude it’s the Daily Mail talking absolute shit again.

    DJ Campbell? I’d prefer Alastair Campbell !!

  7. McLeish turned Ridgewell into a decent left back so why not Clark? Clark is already a far better all round player than Ridgewell and he would also add some height alongside the centre-backs when it comes to defending set-pieces.

    Clark did better much better at left back than Warnock did last season, and against some quality wingers. I hope McLeish has a look at him there before the season starts so he can compare the two.

  8. If you look at the game to day and some of the games last seasion, Warnock has not been playing well, he seems to get found wondering and then the CB has to cover. Villa really shoud get a LB or move Young to LB and get a new RB.

  9. Does every1 forget how bad a LB Warnock really is? His positioning is all wrong all the time. He’s shite!!! Let him go. We have young Baker and Clarke to cover there if needed. We need to keep the youth coming through now because we’re done with spending big sums on plyrs for a while. Darren Bent must be wondering what the hell he came to Villa for, eh lads?? We sell the players he signed to play with. It’s laughable that no fans on here are wondering what the fuck Lerner is up to. We got battered by Chelsea tonite aswell?? only 3-0 btw..hahahahahaha! What a fucking right joke teams are gonna have at our expense this season..We’ll be lucky to stay up this yr if we’re not careful..I wonder how many will sit quietly and say absolutely nothing about the shite Job Lerner and his 2 twat ladyboy lackies, KRULAK and FAULKNER are doing..

    It seems MON knew more than he let on, eh? The football may not have been what we wanted but at least we were shooting for the top4. Now we’ll be lucky to stay in the top10 again..LERNER IS A MUPPET!!!

    • I despise fans like you, we lost a pre season friendly 2-0* (not 3-0) to a very good Chelsea side. Get the fuck over it and support the team! Lucky to stay top 10? We finished 9th last season. Lucky to stay up next season, pha get some positivity for once jeez.

  10. Warnock has been great in pre-season, especially against Blackburn. Makes brilliant tackles and backs up his centre backs. I hope we keep him! Anyway they’re arent many decent left backs for cheap prices around nowadays.

  11. We need suring up in all areas. A friendly match yes but that was worrying. We spent the money on Bent and look what happend! He is brilliant. I’m afriad lerner will just have to spend the money or fuck off now! That was a joke last night.ireland piss off! Petrov piss off! Delph piss off! Dunn piss off! We didn’t have a midfield yesterday and chelsea pissed all over us! we will be relegated if something doesn’t change. On the bright side we do have a quality winger and attacker come in with nzogbia

  12. Im probably going to get slated for this but what do you think about moving warnock to the centre of the park as a DM? we all know he’s not scared to put a tough tackle or two in. This would then leave LB open for say clark as some have mentioned above. might give us a bit more stability.

  13. do you think Aston villa should sign Shaun Wright Phillips

  14. Warnock should be sold he is a liablity and it will be a disaster for us having him in with the two other clowns.

    SWP isn’t good enough for us and sorry but Campbell is twice the player Gabby is.

    Without pace Gabby wouldn’t even make it the prem, Walcott mk II, though Walcott atleast has a good work rate.

  15. why is swp not good then wright phillips on the right and nzogbia on left thats good

  16. Sat Night speculation….. he wouldn’t be bad cover at centre back…

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