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63 comments on “Pre-season, is it a sign of things to come

  1. sleep or no sleep I could have shown more interest and enthusiasm than every one of the villa squad today excusing the likes of Given and Collins who I feel put in a great effort.
    The introduction of Bent, Bannan and Gardner completely changed us 20 minutes from the end and gave Chelsea a few things to think about. Gardner and Bannan showed more want and determination in the few minutes they were on the park than the likes of Ireland and Petrov did in the entire match. I am not saying it is the end of the world, I just felt we had no passion with people like pretrov thinking they are guaranteed a spot in the team and don’t need to prove anything. sorry but in my opinion mcliesh needs to take action and clamp down on these so called big names. in future I would like to see us playing the 433 with nzogbia bent and agbonlahor upfront despite gabby’s lackluster performance in todays game.Also I do not understand this theory to play obvious strikers out on the wing. Hopefully we can pick ourselves up from this and show encouraging performances in the future.

  2. It was pre season, the heat in Hong Kong is horrendous, Chelsea have been out in the Far East for over 2 weeks, us 6 days, no wonder they looked better! I agree we were not great, although Gardner and Bannan made a big difference with 20 mins to go. I refuse to criticise Delph and Ireland, but if they play like that for “real” I wont hold back then!

    It was a fitness exercise, let’s leave it at that!

  3. Dudley, yes he would see it as a useful exercise, also on some of the players attitudes. OK chelsea were fitter, maybe decent excuses for that but attitude there is not and one or two players showed poor attitude and they would not surprise any of us.

    every chelsea player on the pitch showed a very committed attitude, look at how we went out for the 2nd half, that is not excusable is it and not what I would expect from a McLeish side

    • Can’t argue with any of that, Ian; Like you say there is no excuse for the obvious poor attitude from certain players and I hope McLeish is not falling for his own press-speech about us being tired. If he genuinely believes that rubbish (when there were glaring lapses from the very first second of play) then he has closed his eyes and learned nothing; but I suspect (and hope) deep-down that like most of us he could see faults and intends to put them right.

      But at this stage I’d rather he be honest and say to the Villa fans ‘this is where we are in our preparation, some players did not stick to the plan, we will work to get it right, we will improve etc…’ than trying to kid us as if we are fools just to protect individual egos. I half expected him to take his sock off and show us an injured toe.

      • One little problem Dv, If Ireland is going to act like this, 1) he can not get rid of him and 2) money pressures means he has to use, in effect to replace young.

        The big question McLeish has is how long does he have to let Ireland either prove himself or as more likely not.

        • Chelsea looked together and professional in every moment of the game, we did not.

          • thats is the worrying thing, they took it as serious as you would in that circumstance, we took it as a jolly, until three players came on, prob with points to prove.

  4. We did actually put a few passes together in the last 20 mins. When we actually put players on who can pass and control the ball….Bannan, Makoun, Bent…etc

  5. He was experimenting. U cannot even nearly jdge from today. When we areregularly watchin bent, NZo, ireland, dunn, warnock, collins, albrighton, delph, makoun together it will b different. McLeish probably knew we were unlukely to win today so used it as an oppertunity to see how we would do if bent were to be unavailable. Not an inspiring game by any means, but the optimism remains in me.

  6. we need aer cb, a tall dm and another attacking play

  7. what a load of shit today we would might as well put tamworths team out against them.gabby fuck off now you useless bag of wank

  8. I dont understand the negativity? It was a pre-season friendly, a game to get players fit and we lost 2-0 to Chelsea! Who are probably going to be 1st or 2nd in the league next season, we did not lose to Bolton or Wigan we lost to Chelsea. They are simply a better team than us, we cannot complete with the likes of them.

    • You don’t travel half way round the world to get players fit.

      We were isolated in a training camp in a serious competition. It was an ideal setting for the manager and players to get some understanding and continue with preparations for the new season ahead.

      The defeat to Chelsea in this competition does not matter one bit, even the manner of the defeat does not matter if the manager and players have taken things from the game that they can improve upon as they continue preparation.

      This is what having a pre-season is about for a new manager, he can look at players and formations without the consequences of any points at stake.

      But rather than say to the fans there are things he has picked-up on today and things he can work upon to make sure we are right for the kick off, McLeish has said they were tired, he is proud of them all etc…

      Apart from that being patronising to Villa fans; it makes the whole trip out to be a pointless exercise for the poor little mites.

  9. Gary Gardner is a class act and he needs to be given a run in the team not just a preseason game and then left to rot on the bench, the kid has no fear who ever he plays against and you could see today that he is defo a star player, well done gaz. UP THE VILLA……………..

  10. Well well well . I know it was only pre season but the game against chelsea was well worse then any game i had seen last season. but then again it was only pre season. I thought given was fantastic in both games and looked very sharp. Collins looked solid. Dunn once again few silly passes and always make me hold my breath when he is on the ball. I think in the 1st half against chelski we strung together maybe 4 passes??? every other was boot it long boot it long oh look the ball is coming back at us again.
    Now i have to also ask. The paper today saying how marc albrighton was a big hit in hong kong ?? WTF. Against chelsea he looked like a lost little school boy. not following his runner chasing the ball like a headless chicken at witch point they passed triangles around him. he looked like he has put weight on and look very unfit and slow.

    Gabby not to bad but he needs to work on his 1st touch. he has a touch of a rapist.

    Overall i think a lot of effort and a huge amount of training needs to be done in the next few weeks before the season. Fitness, passing and 1st touch needs a big improvement

  11. How can some people say gabby needs to F#@k off? Petrov never gives the ball away just need someone next to him to create. Poor display but its pre-season, rather shit now than in 2 weeks

  12. We probably were happy to go to Hong Kong once Genting expressed an interest.

    It was an opportunity to try and reach a new fanbase in an area that will take notice of us because of our sponsor.

    With regard to the ‘tournament’ itself, we beat Blackburn and lost to Chelsea.

    Chelsea are a couple of weeks ahead of us in the fitness stakes because they are going to be playing a lot more matches this season than we are.

    Our preparation is for a league campaign commencing in a fortnight and two domestic cup competitions.

    I only saw the start and some of the first half as I was at Trent Bridge, I can’t understand people reading so much into a warm up friendly.

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