Closing down sale at the Blues

It is delightful to see the events at the Sty eh ?

So I think this picture as seen on VT is very appropriate eh ?

Whoever did it, congrats, so spot on !

10 comments on “Closing down sale at the Blues

  1. Brilliant…..Why do the dudes who do this never stand by their art work master piece’s?

  2. Have you seen their new Shirt Sponsor announcement… fucking hilarious.

  3. I know… it’s desperate!

    • their whole situation is on the verge of collapse. When they got relegated they need £40m in sales and Johnson, rated at £8M or so, went for £4M, no chance of getting that.

  4. First game, their kit sponsor will be ‘Cash Convertors’


  5. I am actually thinking about sponsoring them for a day with a mickey mouse company! Something to do with pigs!!!!!!

    It would suit the sty!!!!!!

    • I was thinking sponsoring them with fake company called ‘Big Dildo’s LTD’ with a picture of a dildo above the writing? It certainly would be worth the twenty odd pounds they would be asking for!

    • Read somewhere that Butlins were interested in sponsoring them, because their season’s over by October too…

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