New Villa Scout in Holland

Massive Hattip to VT for this one.

We have a new scout based in Holland, a player many of us actually know – Arthur Numan the former rangers defender.

The original article is from NUSPORT-NL – HERE

The Google translation is this

Arthur Numan has a new job. The 41-year-old international has joined Aston Villa. For the team from the Premier League will Numan scouting for his take on the Netherlands and surrounding countries.

“A while back I was asked by manager Alex McLeish polled for this job. We know each other from our mutual Rangers period. After a few conversations we were fast, “says Numan to NUsport.

“I have to Villa’s promising players from the Netherlands and surrounding area mapping. I will visit many races and report regularly in Birmingham.”

The 45-fold international who played football for HFC Haarlem, FC Twente, PSV Eindhoven and Glasgow Rangers was last active as a scout for the Dutch national team during the World Cup in South Africa and as an assistant at Juniors. He signed a one-year contract with the club from Birmingham.

Allow for the translation of course !!

23 comments on “New Villa Scout in Holland

  1. Good move.
    There’s usually some decent and cheap players to be had in Holland.

    Let’s hope he turns out to be a decent scout.

  2. Not exactly mind blowing news

  3. One year contract?
    Blimey, sounds like times are indeed hard.
    Financially prudent though, I guess.

  4. This is awesum, who is VT? how did dey find out about dis?

  5. If you look at the link, you’ll see VT stands for VillaTalk.

  6. Hopefully we’ll find a cheap striker, I like our strikers but I think we should get another as I don’t think we should rely on Benty, Gabby, Delboy and Heskey, we can’t garuntee that they’ll be in good form or won’t get injurred, as long as we get new players in I don’t mind what position they play to be honest

  7. What about that attacking player at ajax, harry forrester

  8. Well if mr Numan has any sence he would point at new Ajax striker Kolbeinn Sigþórsson, he will in 2-4 years be one of the best strikers in europe.

    • He look like a good player, 18 goals in 43 games is not bad for a 20 year old, there are some very good player in Holland and hopefully Villa can find some Gems

  9. Great news, ive just whacked one off thinking about it

    • Funnily enough, I have too!!!

      • Bloody hell, Lerner out and Dave Scott, I don’t see how you can spin this as a bad thing😦
        Unless of course, you’re going to ask if we ever had a Dutch scout in the first place.

        Er, did we????

  10. He will visit many races. That’s good, Arthur. Try to take in some football games too, if you can.

  11. You mock, but here’s Carrie Baird on Twitter:

    @carriebaird: Good appointment & forward thinking by Aston Villa to implement Arthur Numan as Head Scout in Holland Belgium

    • Holland and Belgium, 2 of the best Countries to scout in in Europe with how they’re developing players at the moment.

  12. Why dont the club appoint Andrew as chief scout as he appears to know every player in world football

    • and why dont the board appoint JPA as chairman, so he can get us relegated and finally live happy in his own little world, prick.

  13. How many unknown players are their in Dutch & Belgian football? This is the era of YouTube, Blogging, Instant communication and web2.0 this whole “scouting” concept is very 1930’s. Hope I am made to eat my words by us signing a world class midfielder who has been missed by all the big clubs in Europe and settles in the EPL and shows some loyalty to the club that gave him his break. I mean how hard can it be to find someone like that😉


  14. CNZ is a better player than Young and Downing, good bit of buisiness for the Villa, scores a lot of goals can play either wing, gets a lot of assists.

  15. anyone bothered about n’zogbia deal?

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