Were Young or Downing sold to pay off a loan

Andrew in the post yesterday – LINK found something vital out.

Before I continue, to explain Andrew is an expert in mergers and acquisitions so knows exactly what he is looking at. In the article linked above he stated

Unfortunately, at least £15m of the loans had to be repaid by 31 May 2011

This is new news to myself and someone else I have contacted and of course this money is exactly the value of how much Ash Young was sold to Man Utd for or the majority of the money Downing was sold for. I am not sure how Randy originally expected to pay off £15m at this stage, maybe CL revenue ? but with another £3m due next year it is a great cause for concern.

We all know we have large loans to pay off for the money spent since Randy came here but even if we got £15M from CL qualification that money had to re-invested in the team to actually make an impact. I have no doubt that with money Randy knows what he is doing but it seems we have some holes to be filled. That is irrespective of what MON may have done or not because that £15M would have been very difficult to get anyway.

For sure the 2011 accounts when released in Feb/Mar 2012 will be very interesting to read to see what has gone on.

22 comments on “Were Young or Downing sold to pay off a loan

  1. He was sold cause he wanted out. What you mean is ‘Did the Ash money get used to pay off a loan?’

  2. randys a fukin wanker.

    he wont even pay up for zog, now we want fukin mgeady

  3. have we got any more massive lump sums to pay, the 3 mill isnt bad next year, tv revenues rising hopefully kids coming through and touchwood they get better as time go on, meaning wage bill might get a little bit smaller …. theres a little bit of room for some wheeling and dealing and thats what this club has needed to do … instead of the past …. luke young could have had for 2mill or so 1 yr later we pay 6+mill, faulkner has said we could have had bent before .. no a few yrs later 18mill-24mil …. i hope we are now working the transfer market right, instead of just throwing cash at it

  4. There is a lot more money Involved in running AV than 15m to pay off a loan. Young wanted CL football and downing was the worst sort of scumbag mercenary the Sky money has bought about. We got the most we could, but if memory serves our last accounts showed a loss of over £90 million, this is far more likely the reason for the firesale. IMO.

  5. It appears it did.


  6. With all the Yanks in the Prem nowadays (Randy, Glazers, Short, Henry and Kroenke) I wonder how long before there is an EPL lockout to go with the NBA and NFL ones that are taking place now. The level of spending is unsustainable and all it would take are the 16 other Premier League clubs to call for a salary cap. Saying that though, the ‘Greed 4’, Barca, Real and the top Italian, French and German clubs may just break away just to get out of implementing it.

  7. We all know the wage bill was spiraling dangerously out of control. This new debt merely emphasises that. And with all the players recently released and Young’s departure it is being brought in line with our revenue. But it seems Downing will be replaced on the payroll.

    But our wage structure is still inhibiting transfer activity, We still have at least half a dozen has-beens/mediocre/average players earning £2m to £3m a year each. They won’t move; so the manager has no choice but to either play them or leave them out entirely (and pay them mega-bucks for doing nothing).

    Last season we tied down a number of home-grown young hopefuls with long term sensible contracts. That at last showed foresight.

    The signings of Bent on top wages has shown ambition. And that is the way it should be; proven quality players (and those coveted by other teams) should be the highest earners at the club

    I am not a fan of McLeish but (like the Villa fans) he is stuck with the likes of Dunne, Collins, Beye Warnock, Ireland Petrov L Young, Heskey etc. Having said that he did not have to let Cuellar go, but then again its possible no club was interested in buying any of those others. Maybe they will all come good this season; we can only hope they do.

    • The signing of Bent was desperation to prevent the disaster of relegation. Ambition would of been signing Bent and keeping the rest of our top players.

      But that is not how Aston Villa operate is it, a joke club from top to bottom

      • As usual I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Whilst we have been stupid and short sighted in the transfer/wage market, we are also conscientious as a club of administration, and debt and the associated risks that come along with it.

        We could do a lot worse, randy backed Martin to the tune of millions and he failed. Now we need to sensibly repair the damage, and clearly we are. Judging by the new sustainability methods that are in place and also the commitment to developing the ground shows ambition is not dead at villa park. They realised they made BIG mistakes, that’s why they are not still spending cash like water.

  8. our debt is due to totally inept spending by MON. He wasted millions and millions on average players on very high wages and then sat them on the bench! Even if this is true, its not really Randy’s fault, except in the fact that he gave MON too much freedom!!

    • Of course its Randy’s fault, he gave MON full control of the club we finnished 666 which in Prem is a great achivement. when MON left he should have appointed a director of football because no one in control of the club had any idea about football instead he appointed GH as manager which meant we still had no one in control of the club who had any idea about football. I have been a Villa fan since 1964 when my brother took me to my first match, I love the Villa, but Randy wanted to appoint a manager with Premier experience and he appointed Mcleish who’s experience is relagation, i’m sorry but that is not exceptable for me and i will not go to Villa Park untill this wrong is put right

  9. what was the loans used for ?
    if this is true the randy has got to go.
    we need to buy players before villa are in a problem

  10. I keep reading people who want Randy out but who the hell do they think is going to come in and do a better job than he has done?????? The world is not full of multi-billionaires that want to but a PL team! let alone a PL team in Birmingham! These so called fans were so happy when we were throwing money at crap players but now RL is looking after the club and its finances people want him out.

    • Actually mate Birmingham is Englands second largest city, so I don’t see why maybe an oil rich sheik wouldn’t want us. Considering a oil rich sheik bought Man city in a city only beaten for grottyness by Glasgow then your RL arguements are toss.

  11. My source claims there are more feelers out for sale of our players than there is interest in anyone else’s players. Very shocking news in my opinion, but by the time this window ends you’ll of all made RL’s excuses for him and he’ll be sitting back laughing. Defo feelings of the Deadly Doug days.

  12. I don’t know anything about loans etc but

    I knew Downing would be on his bike as soon as I heard about the court case against his agent who’d ripped him off 1million.

    Same as Brad Freidel who was bankrupt. These guys needed quick lump sums so what you gonna do when someone waves fat signing on fee in front of you.

    I think Young was an obvious move.

  13. They were sold as they did not want to play for the club anymore, Young would of left on a free next summer, any club would have sold him when they did. I honestly believe if Utd did not come in for him he would of stayed at Villa.

    Downing wanted to play for Liverpool before he signed for us, we are not in debt we have a squad of 24 players, there is 25 squad rule, thus meaning we will only at this moment in time sign one more player.

    If another player decides to leave or be sold then we will sign another player.

    Its not rocket science

  14. Haha … I just surf around and see these comments. I can not believe there is still

    so much fascination. For the production of this article, thanks.

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