N’Zogbia not gone to Austria – Is the Saga over soon

Well is it going to be all over soon enough ?

News is coming out that Dave Whelan has confirmed that N’Zogbia is not going on Wigan’s pre-season tour of Austria (SSN). Now of course he could have gone on strike of course and it is a sensible step to make from Wigan’s point of view.

Whilst Whelan has stiffed us over this and I can totally understand why he would do, if the gap is really only a Million pounds why not pay. OK it means we have paid more but we need N’Zogbia and Whelan is not the kind of person to back down so what else could we do. I doubt that there is any better target out there for us to go for and thus we will have to pay it anyway.

Dave Whelan had to thrown in that Everton are interested, he needs this concluding as soon as possible. Who leaked the Everton interest last week, we now know !!

For what a friendly is worth there was some encouraging signs, add N’Zog to the squad and the season looks a bit better than it did a few weeks ago. However lets not thing he is better than those two that left. That is only kidding ourselves no matter how many OPTA stats someone will produce.

So will it be over this weekend as some have said, lets hope so !

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56 comments on “N’Zogbia not gone to Austria – Is the Saga over soon

  1. I would prefer Vargas, but he is a bit hot headed and I really dont think he would come to anyway, one more thing that seems to be overlooked quite a bit, Zog is not really a wide player, he prefers to cut in off the wing every chance he gets! would he stand on Irelands toes? would he supply the crosses for Bent? Can we adapt to an entirely new central game rather than using speed on both wings?

    • ALbrighton is the crosser…even with CNZ I would think we need some other kind of cheap/freebie backup winger…

      Juventus have allegedly bid 30M for Vargas…so there goes that idea..he IS better than Downing and Young…too bad..

      • £30 mill, damm I didnt think it would be that high, maybe £20. Stupid Copa Am.
        Still He was never gona come.
        Maybe its time we really tried to turn Gabby into a wide player, he would need to work on those crosses, and not the ones he uses to sign his name with!
        but we do lack a little speed now.

      • We cannot put all hope on Albrighton this season! What I saw of him against Walsall last night (all be it a friendly and first game of pre-season) he looked very average. I think there was a reason Albrighton was dropped for alot of games toward the end of the season is because he has not reach PL standard just yet. I reallly hope Albrighton is going to be the promising player we all hope but it maybe a few years before we see his full promise therefore we need another winger along with N’Zogbia.

  2. Give me nzog over downing any day of the week.

    • Agree! I know Downing was our player of the season last year but if I had turned up at VP with my boots I think I would have been in with a shout of that accolade. We had a lot of poor performance last season and Downing looked better than most. £20m we got, we should be laughing.

      • What utter bollocks.

        Downing was head and shoulders better than anyone else in the team over the whole season.
        And that includes Ash, who was crap.
        His consistency alone proved that, as much as Albrighton was the early shining star and Bent the latter one.

        It’s really quite strange that even Villa fans don’t see it with Downing.
        I’d rather have kept him than sold at £20mill, myself.
        He’ll be ace at Pool, I have no doubt.

    • One thing that stands out about CNZ is he much better than both Young and Downign at dribbling. The stats show he did something like 140 successful dribbles last season compared with about 40 for Downing and just 16 for Young. Given Bent generally prefers the ball on the floor, having someone who is clearly so good at beating his man will obviously be benefitial and may suit Bent more than both Young and Downing.

  3. its not us.

    AM said we wont be getting anyone before hong kong.

    its sunderland,everton or newcastle.

    we take to long and this is what happens

  4. Could be Blackburn

  5. Blackburn have no money either.

  6. I hope we sign NZog, he looked one of the most exciting players on the ball in Prem (judging on highlights) last season. One note of caution, when he played at Villa Park there were a couple of occassions when he was too greedy and a couple of his team mates were pretty frustrated. So, definitely a talent, but hope he is also a team player.

  7. N’Zogbia is a far better player than downing.

  8. I think the question over N’Zogbia is will he fill our left wing void, and I gotta say no. Majority of the time I’ve seen him play he plays as a Right Forward. More wide but constantly cuts in. And lets face it Albrighton’s Left foot is mediocre. So signing him might help with the whole wide play but it doesn’t solve our left side when in fact he rarely played there for Wigan in the first place.

  9. We should meet Whelan’s demands halfway – £10m plus Heskey?

  10. Steve Bruce know N’zog is a big bargain and problem of wage could resolve if we still waiting .they have money of Bent , Henderson .
    maybe 10m good for sunderland .

  11. N’Zogbia won’t be at villa next year! we will settle for mcgeady! if we wanted him so bad, we’d of paid that extra £1million, always has been the same with the villa will never go that extra mile, how the mighty has fallen since MON left and people on here know thats true!!! cus if he was here, so would young & downing!!!

    • It’s because of MON spending the extra millions on shit players we are in the mess we are in now!

      • but, we was europe, we was beating the lesser teams, beating some of the top 4, actually looking like a force, if lerner had backed him with milner money, we’d of been in europe again this year!!

  12. He was better than Downing and Young were last season so there is nothing to suggest he can’t go on to become a better player!

  13. Cnz is off to Sunderland. I’m not an. Itk but know someone who is connected to Sunderland and apparently just holding out for Bruce to sell a couple of players. But he is not coming to us end of.

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