Deano the Manager

This excellent article was on the Wrexham site – Redpassion about Dean Saunders and gives an interesting insight into a former hero.

enjoy and forget the transfer stuff for a while


Dean Saunders took his first managerial role at Wrexham Football Club in October 2008 and began his maiden voyage with an impressive set of results. This backed up his claims that he was the man to lead the club out of the conference and back into the Football League where they belong.

“I’ve come to get the club back in the league because Wrexham should not be in non-league, it’s a joke and I am determined to succeed for the good of Welsh football”
Since that point there has been a series of ups and downs both on and off the pitch which have served to test the managerial abilities and mental strength of the Wrexham manager. This article will attempt to look at Dean Saunders progression as a manager through his three seasons at the helm.”

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5 comments on “Deano the Manager

  1. This is also the man who was assistant manager at Newcastle under Graham Souness. The man I saw watching a reserve game at Newcastle against the Villa, when Luke Moore and Peter Whittingham were the outstanding players on the pitch, and helped Villa to a 4-0 half time lead, I think a young Gabby scored one of them. Also watching were Souness and Terry McDermott.

    Did they stay watching after half-time to give encouragement to their team? No they bloody well didn’t. A Liverpool European game was on the TV so they retired to the bar upstairs at Kingston Park to watch it. I was disgusted, and you talk about his attention to detail? His team made a little comeback in the second half and eventually lost 5-2. Did Saunders and co learn anything at that game? I doubt it.

  2. So it would seem he has the know-how, but can’t make it happen?
    That’s the difference after all, isn’t it?

    So basically, he’s not going to suceed at top level.
    And certainly not at the Villa.


  3. Dean Saunders! The reason i became a Villa fan back in my day 🙂


  4. Hope he does well.

  5. Hi

    Don’t know if you got my tweets. Is there any chance you can amend this so that it just links to the site it is on and maybe just the first few paragraphs. Also maybe amend the title as I didn’t get to interview Deano I just wrote about him.


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