Saturday Night transfer speculation – Milner, Shawcross, Lonnegan

Decided not to do a weekly round up now as too many names and too much to type up, so will restrict to just Saturday.

Nothing really has happened during the day but continual speculation has Downing leaving us for Liverpool for between £16-20M and we have lost out also to Liverpool for Charlie Adam for around 8m. Clearly if the Downing stuff is all a media spin then this will continue until we hear something definite from Downing or Villa. However one thing is for certain is that this continued speculation is causing a lot of unease.

The Sun last night linked us to Andy Lonnegan from relegated Preston as a reserve keeper for the eventual first choice we will get. (LINK) In my view not a bad choice at all for a reserve keeper.

First Sunday story in is that Mcleish is very keen on Ryan Shawcross from Stoke (so AM I ) but Stoke would not deal for the £10m rated CB (just £10m ??) and of course Man U have first call on Shawcross.

the Daily Mirror have gone for an obvious link I guess but a £14m return for James Milner (LINK). Not sure city would sell that low but would it matter to them, so downing goes and Milner in ?

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86 comments on “Saturday Night transfer speculation – Milner, Shawcross, Lonnegan

  1. Taiwo signed for AC Milan WEEKS ago

  2. Also, with City going head to head with Barca for Alexis Sanchez, even if they lose out they will sign another dynamite attacking midfielder or winger of some sort. Milner did not play much down the stretch of last season, he won’t get enough first team action to play for England…so I maybe possibly could see him being sold.

    • It still blows me away that City insists on playing Milner as a winger rather than as a central midfielder. He become a £24m player in the center of the park, not on the wing.

  3. As much as i’d love to see milner return i dont think its likely to happen he wanted out for the same reason as young to be part of a club thats going places in the immediate future, as much as i love villa unless someone who has a spare 100 million to throw away were going to be a top half team and not much more

  4. I’d love Milner back. If I were AM I’d put in a cheeky bid for Lennon.

  5. 15 injuries at one time, had to play Delph and Herd at fullback with Clark and Cuellar at CB in a game, we sold our best player for a player that didn’t care, Houllier had no pre-season with the team, we took a couple weeks to get a manager and finally showed some heart after Janaury… We finished 10 POINTS OFF 6TH with one of the worst defenses in the league. All of a sudden we’re going to officially become a mid-table team?

    McLeish can now and knows he has to replace Young. He knows we need a keeper. He’ll have pre-season, we won’t have some interim manager that was awful, hopefully we can keep the injuries low this time and McLeish is knowing for having a good defense. I’m actually more hopeful this season then I have been in a while.

    So we have that Dutch Winger who can pick a cross just as good if not better then Downing to replace Young. N’Zogbia’s a big bonus if it happens. Reo-Coker will need replacing. We don’t really need to replace Carew seeing Bent’s already did that as we didn’t have Carew the 2nd half of the season. We might need to replace Heskey but a youngster can sit the bench and come in and not score.

    I’ve really looked and we don’t really need a large amount of players, seeing about 8 of the players released never played for the first team and Carew’s been replaced. We need a midfielder for Reo-Coker and a goal keeper for Friedel, winger for Young and if we can keep the rest of the team, anything else would be a bonus.

    • Agree, I’m thinking a top 8 finish and good cup runs is realistic, It’s not all doom and gloom at Villa, what’s happed has now happened, let back the team and have a good season, we all wont the same thing and that is success for Villa

  6. The Milner signing would reunite the club. Imagine a midfield five of downing Milner makoun Adam Nzogbia ?

  7. So we lodged a bid for CNZ, about to lodge a Milner bid. Adam and Downing are headed to Anfield and Foster really is coming after all…a midfield of Makoun Milner Petrov CNZ and Albrighton is pretty darn good. The trio of Milner and the wingerS will feed Bent nicely.

  8. Linked with Etherington. We’ll be linked to a lot of average wingers, especially English. 5 goals 6 assists isn’t all that bad when you only have Jones (and sometimes Walter’s) to aim for (not much worse in terms of stats then Downing). Though a 29 year old, would only cost 1-2m I’d guess.

  9. im not guna complain with some of our speculation seems very positive! lets get a signing this wek!

  10. Is James Milner really going to return? Seems entirely implausible

  11. Apparently KD is interested in taking Milner to Anfiled.. now thats a blow! Only good thing i can think of is Citeh not wanting to sell to a direct rival.. Go on RL bring Milner to VP pleeease 😀


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