Goodbye Ash, I will miss you

A medical confirmed at Old Trafford and a matter of days if not hours before the best player we have had for a decade is lost to Villa.

The revolving door of our best players continues to go, we were told bright future by Lerner but every time we had a top player, they went you know the list, hardly have to list them here. There is no point hiding how disappointed I am to see Ash go and how much I think we as a team and club will miss him.

Some fools of fans somehow think we should get rid, somehow think £20m is more than enough for him and they all miss the point. They miss the point that for every summer of the last three seasons the best players have gone and not been replaced and I have no faith it will happen now. They miss the point that players of Ash’s quality simply can not be replaced by buying cheaper.

We are losing a player that OK was a bit of a moaner but unlike some who will be given a ‘second chance’ gave every minutes he was at Villa Park to our cause, Ash played nearly every game he was here and not once he went missing, who else could say that ?

Ash gave us hope when he had the ball, gave us hope something special could happen. IF Downing stays he will never have that feeling about him and the likes of N’Zogbia are not fit to lace Ash’s boots. Football fans can be fickle, some of the comments about Ash on forums and here have been disgusting.

So in the very small chance Ash reads this blog then all I can say is Thanks for memories, good luck at Old Trafford, you deserve better than we can deliver.

Thanks for THAT goal at Goodison, thanks for the two against Blues and thanks for setting up Bent for the winner at the Emirates, Bent may miss you.

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127 comments on “Goodbye Ash, I will miss you

  1. Ashley Young , famous in his own mind !! One trick pony . Man U for years have played a right footed player right side ( Kanchelskis, Beckham,Valencia) and left footed left side ( giggs ) problem is young is right footed and his left foot is for standing on !! If he’s giggs replacement , ferguson is changing his style of football he’s played the last 20 years or he’s keeping the bench warm as he’s not as good as Valencia !!

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