44 comments on “A big NO to McLeish

  1. Don’t think Martinez was ever our first choice tbh. We approached Wigan for him just a day after GH’s resignation. Yet it is known we had also made contact with Ancelotti, Benitez and McClaren in that time. Perhaps there really is a big name in the pipe, who knows?

  2. I am worried as it stands, because the plane trip to Corsica, it happened, we speculated why and did we get the answer yesterday.

    I have not renewed my Season ticket (deadline is for Friday) if we do not say we are NOT interested in McLeish I will not renew.

    As Tim in the E&S reported, no comment is very worrying.

    forget Moyes …

    • Can you really see Randy tapping up another team’s manager though? After the professionalism during the Martinez affair? Just doesn’t make sense.

      • nope makes no sense at all but then again few things do.

        If we had approached Blues I am 100% sure that we would have known, they are very leaky

        We would not go behind chairmans backs which is a great thing to do but in some ways is naive.

        so why not rule him out ?

        So McLeish makes no sense so why not just rule him out

        • Just judging Randy on his form.

          Anyway, TA just tweeted:
          My gut feeling is #AVFC are letting the McLeish saga take the spotlight while they work away elsewhere.

          We have been talking about smokescreens for a while now. Another one perhaps?

        • “so why not just rule him out”

          I’m hoping we don’t need to because something is imminent.

          But if it drags out and Villa say nothing, it would get seriously worrying.

        • Remember the General’s piece- about NOT doing buisness in public? As far as I can see the club haven’t made any statements about any of the potential candidates, except when Whelan blew the story and they had to issue a bland response.
          Would seem totally out of character if they issued a denail against any name that happened to be linked.

          • we denied Hughes when he left

            McLeish same situation

          • Ian – who released the Hughes denial?
            I can’t find any official statement from the club – the only info I can see through a search is Hughes’ agent issuing that denail and it being picked-up by the papers.

          • I am sure we issued, ah well if not, that this is consistent

            however being linked with McLeish is different, rather than say Hughes, Martinez et al

          • At no point have we ever said anything about Mark Hughes. The only reason we said anything about Martinez is Whelan announces it once he knew he was staying anyway; good publicity for Wigan. That’s been it.

          • Exactly AV. There was no official statement of the website like there was for Martinez. Also, Martinez actually refused us, thus the need for a statement. Hughes hasn’t (as far as we know) so why would the club need to release a statement for Hughes or even McLeish? Or we may as well release a statement saying we are not interested in everybody who gets linked with the job.

          • I’ve searched the OS, and Googled – can’t see any press release or other statement direct from VP about Hughes.

            The only reference to Hughes and Villa was from Hughes’ agent the day after his resignation; just as there’s never been a statement that we had McLaren on a list and/or ‘snubbed’ him asa result of fan pressure.

            Other than a brief acknowledgement of Martinez, the club have said nothing at all about any of the names bandied around, so a denial about Big Eck would be completely at odds with everything else they’ve done so far.

          • Yes, very true.

    • Why we forgetting Moyes? This because some fat bald nose has offered an opinion! Until AVFC and EFC come out and deny it then its possible!


      • Most people expected him to resign this morning I think. If this drags on another day then I will probably rule him out also. Still possible some developments could happen later on. If the ITKs are anything to go by.

  3. I just don’t see it.
    The vast majority of us like Randy because we think he understands our history and heritage.
    That’s reason enough in itself imo.
    Then you look at the way it’s happened and it’s just not the way Randy works.
    And while the General hints that they won’t be swayed by the fans’ opinion, it has to have some bearing.

    McCleish will not be coming to the Villa, simple as.
    I hope!

    • that last line is what I think as well but no point pretending it is worrying

      • Yes, it is worrying.
        As it happens (prepares to be shot down) I don’t think he’s necessaily a bad manager.
        I just think he was working with a shower of shit.

        But it makes no odds.
        He’s coming from the noses and the backlash would be horrendous.
        It’s a worst case scenario, when you consider I’ve read of at least one long standing ST holder ringing up the office to see if they’d be able to get a refund if AM is appointed (you can apparently).
        I just don’t think Randy will risk that.
        And Hughes would be a better choice anyway, imo.

        • I think his record has something to do with it. If he had taken the Blues to the top-six every season, then we would all be quite happy with his appointment. In fact, stealing him off the Shit would make it even better. As I said before, he isn’t a Blue Nose and has no real affinity with them other then them being his employers. I think most people are completely appalled because his record isn’t that flattering and his playing style makes MON look like Pep Guardiola.

  4. If McLeish or any other in-work manager comes to the Villa, there is no need for a resignation.

    We all know that Villa do things by the book. That means approaching the club and asking to speaking to their manager, then ultimately agreeing compensation, exchanging contracts and installing the new man.

    Birmingham are taking legal advise about McLeish walking out; that suggests they expect him to take a new job and them not getting any compensation; ie tapping up. That is not Randy Lerner’s way.

    McLeish got Blues back up at first attempt, so I’d guess it’s a big Championship side, possibly Cardiff. Or maybe Grayson at Leeds or Holloway at Blackpool have offers to move up in the chain if Villa appoint a current Premier League manager; and McLeish has been contacted by one of their clubs.

    • Once this is over, then once the name is known we will have the answer !

      BTW, noticed that this site has now dropped off the newsnow feed totally, anyone else check if they see the same ?

      • Yep. I see that too. Even they are unimpressed with the pessimism on here lol. But seriously, your pages are not even on the previous stories section which at least one of them always is. Strange!

      • It’s probably because you posts have been showing up with really weird times which will mess up Newsnows feeds. Suggest you ask your host whats happened to the post timings.

  5. It’s weird that the whole country is saying Moyes isn’t leaving Everton except a few guys on a Villa forum and a bloke calling himself Mysteryman?
    If Randy pulls this off and fools the whole country it will be nothing short of astounding!

  6. Mystery Man tweeted 15 minutes ago that it is Moyes. Can anyone vouch for this twitter account?

    • He has got a few things right before apparently. Although he isn’t really acting like a typical ITK at the moment. He keeps repeating himself every five minutes and looks like he is interested in getting as many followers as possible.

      P.S…SSN have also juts reported that we are going for someone who is employed. Backs up the Moyes arguments.

      • I don;t think they or anyone knows, but moving away from McLeish, feel much more confident now

        • Well some people do know but they are keeping it to themselves.

          • Funny how everything seems to have gone deathly quiet today!
            There don’t appear to be any ‘new’ rumours [let alone facts] started so far today – the media just recycling or still catching up with yesterday’s news.
            Calm before the storm?

          • I believe it will help all parties if the next manager is not a subject of fevered speculation. In other words, the first time his name is mentioned will be by AVFC. Obviously the attention on Moyes, McLeish etc is helping make that possible.

            I don’t expect to hear anything until next week at the earliest and the following week at the latest.

  7. Never understood why we would go for someone employed when Benitez, Ancelotti, Rijkaard and Flores are all unemployed. Higher wages but no compensation.

  8. theyre definitely going after mcleish, unfortunately!
    look at what we know…..lerner was in corsica where mcleish was on holiday, mcleish has handed in his resignation( why do that unless summats in the pipeline, especially when you’ve already started preparing for the new season by buying players?) and then villa go and make an ‘unofficial’ enquiry about him. And i tell ya who’s to blame for all this……………..Fergie!! He’s the knob who’s recommended him to us. Thats what happens when we dont have a football man at the helm, he has to rely on other ppls advice, and god help us he’s listened to the wrong bloke!! (a fellow scotsman i might add!)
    Lets just hope Randy does a huge U-turn and changes his mind after seeing how much the fans are against him coming over to the light.

  9. I expect Mcleish to be announced before the weekend. I think the fact he managed the blues is the least of our worries, the style of football he plays won’t suit our current squad and then there are those he will bring with him, fergurson, mcfadden!!!! etc,

    Surely we would have been better looking at a good young manager who might have brought some new ideas and a better style of play, maybe even poyet.

    I think if this happens we will be bored senseless for the whole of next season

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