SPECULATION – HUGHES, Sturridge, Collins

Busy busy night.

The People have three Villa related stories.

The first is the link with Mark Hughes, where friends have said he is interested in the job. General Krulak tonight has also said


“I know it is a waste of my time to ask for patience and calmness over the next week or two…”

All pointing towards Hughes ?

They also mention in passing that Pellegrini refused a job offer.

Also they mention Chelsea are asking £20m for brummie Daniel Sturridge and we have been linked.


Finally they mention that Blackburn are interested in James Collins after Samba and Jones will leave.


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90 comments on “SPECULATION – HUGHES, Sturridge, Collins

  1. AVFCMysteryMan tweets. 1st july… Hughes likes toffee.. Is he a trusted itk guys?

    • What does this mean?
      Does it mean Hughes to Everton?

      • Thats the way I read it – Doesn’t MH have a clause in his termination from Fulham that says he can’t speak to another club before 1st July? Putting a temmer on now before journos get hold of story

        • *tenner

          • I hope your right.
            If you are I will quite happily say I got it wrong BUT article in the Sunday MERCURY staing Moyles ruled out yesterday. Haven’t seen it myself, looking for some confirmation from Ian.

  2. I asked yesterday where was the general, it looks as if he has apeared.
    What nonsense lets look at what he has said takes time? fulham did ok, they had a plan, we have known suspect for ages GH would leave, where is the foraward thinking?
    No denial re Martinez, our club has been didiculed and laughed at over the Wigan mangers refusa to talk.
    He mentions whats the difference between one manager and another? THIS REALLY DOES CONCERN ME, we have the future of our club in the habnds of such people.
    If the most ardent Lerner fans surely can not be happy with that comment.
    The general seeks to define ambition or does he, NO he simply plays on words and denies confirms nothing.
    We have waited for this drival, looking for reassurance, instead we get a collective lot of dross that points towards our next manager being Simpon Grayson or Alex Mc, IS THIS AMBITION?


    • Good article well evidenced in the independant, VILLA LOOKING ON THE CHEAP.
      Explains we have no money, ambition has gone, we are a selling club, so come Mr Lerner be honest, tell us how it is.
      If you are unable to move the club forward and infact you are dragging us backewards, LOOK TO SELL, SEE IF THERE ARE BUYERS WHO CAN.
      I bet either way Mr Lerner makes money.

      • But look at when he bought Bent – he always said he would spend big on one player and he did. He has been good to his word and there is no need to believe the press when the press constantly get it wrong. That article suits you paranoia, that’s why you like it.

        • Be realistic, read my comment above re the generals statement.
          Bent was a panic buy. Lerner bought Bent fearing relegation, he would have lost more if relegated.
          January was the first time in aklmost two years we bought a player. the facts speak for themselves.

        • I love it how you’re just quoting the headlines and getting worried about them.

          • “January was the first time in aklmost two years we bought a player”

            Do you remember our out of control wage bill? And who caused that? MON? Who was in charge last summer? MON? Why would Randy let him have even more money on players he wasn’t going to use when he had spent so much on bench warmers and let the wage bill go out of control?

            The facts speak for themselves? That is the idiot argument I’ve heard so much in this last year. Sensationalist bullshit. Bent as a panic buy? Really? Or was it the fact that we needed investment in our strikers? What about Makoun? What about how we were definitely in for Adam – and all the other transfers that might have happened in Jan once Randy had a manager in who was willing to run the club within the absolutely necessary wage structure (no bad thing considering our weak squad was over 10m more a year than Tottenham’s champs league qualifying squad)? We didn’t buy anyone not because of Randy but because of MON.

            I feel like I’m responding to Houllier era JPAnus and I’m going to stop and let you wind yourself up.

          • And one more thing MON was infamous for being a last minute man in the transfer window and he left about 2 weeks before it closed.

          • Father Ted, the statement from the General is the most settling article we have seen since Houllier went — and yet you still find fault with it.
            All he says is they will do it their way, not through the press, and as I have said to you before I am glad it is that way — we demonstrate class whilst idiots such as yourself drag us down.
            You Ted, are a complete neg-head — the sort that should never be allowed into VP. I bet you even moan when the game is on

  3. Happy with either Moyes or Hughes….. Villa starting XI for next season will hopefully be :
    GK – Given
    RB – Walker
    CB – Samba
    CB – Collins
    LB – Johnson
    RM – Albrighton
    LM – N’Zogbia
    CM – Downing
    CM – Ireland (if Hughes takes over) if not Makoun
    CF – Bent
    CF – Sturridge

    What are peoples thoughts??

    Also anyone seen about Frank Rijkaard wanting the Villa job?? Thoughts??

    • We have n money read the independant.
      All clear now about what has been happening.

    • Ermmm this is why fans don’t pick the team and this is why they should all shut up, and let the manager get on with it instead of thinking they can choose a great team. You have Downing and Ireland in centre midfield? Please explain who will control that midfield and hold? Ireland and downing will both want to get forward and midfields will crush us so please stick to the day job or to football manager. And Johnson LB? What johnson is this? Please not Glen Johnson because i cant imagine why he would leave liverpool to us.

  4. nice team CR1 but a few things stand out…. Chelsea reportedly want £20mill for Sturridge doubt we’ll spend that on another striker! Would love him though… Also N’Zogbia can ya see us getting him with all the teams linked to him?? What Johnson you got in defence? We’ll only get Samba if we px Collins for him as Blackburn r in 4 him. Great team though i for one would be very excited with a team like that.

  5. sorry i just seen ya question about Rijkaard…. Big name but i worry cus i believe we need someone with Premier league experience! Also alot of our fan’s r screaming out for big name appointment but even Mourinho had to start somewhere and some one had to give him chance! Not all foreign managers do well here. I.e Capello, Scolari, Ramos etc. So overseas success doesn’t mean success here. I believe we need a young ambitious manager like Chris Hughton… Did a great job at Newcastle a well known hard club to manage but in his 1st year he destroyed the championship with them then got them well on there way to premier league survival before strangely being sacked by the idiot who own’s the Geordies. Anybody’s thoughts on Hughton?

    • Hughton, not a chance.

    • I can see why Prem experience would be an advantage, but it does restrict you to a very limited (generally modestly successful mgrs) as can’t see Fergie, Wenger, Mourinho, Benitez or Ancelloti coming and they have won 90% on the major domestic trophies since Prem formed.

      Is the Prem so different? Mourinho, Ancelloti and Wenger all had early success because they were good managers. So Prem experience would be good, but managing and being successful in Italy/Spain would be fine, too. If Frank R is interested, he would do for me.

  6. We’ve got no manager and yet we’re still being linked to players!

    Ridiculous! You’ve got to love the media!

  7. yeah i’d be happy with Rijkaard definately give him a chance and he’d attract top players but i look at the likes of Ramos who had loads of success abroad and was terrible in the prem! I know we cant tar all foreign managers with the same brush! Im hearing alot of talk about Ranieri what are your thoughts on him?

    • Shit yesterdays man who’s English is weak. When he trys to do interviews he always comes accross as a clown.

  8. IF Rijkaard has made it clear that he’s interested (and I haven’t seen or heard anything confirming so, just reports in the press) then surely he has to be the number 1 target? He’s out of work so we wouldn’t have to pay compensation and there lies a major advantage over Moyes. Hughes would be a decent manager but I can’t see him turning our team into one better than MON’s sides that finished 6th.

    I have to say though, as much as I’d love Rijkaard to take control at Villa, surely he’s under consideration for the Chelsea job?

  9. read between the lines its hughes.

  10. Villa fans stop threathing about mcleise I close contact that carnt be named suggests that blues x manerger is heading to everton and moyes is heading to villa with 5 mill comp witch will come from young when he goes to man u,

    • Hop ur kontakt cun speel

    • Not the only fake ITK person to spout this, not even the first.

      Question is, Everton have consistently done better then us for a while now. Why would they stoop so low as getting McLeish but we wouldn’t?

  11. Mark Hughes and Danny Sturridge detest each other. I won’t go too deeply into the details but it was one of the biggest talking points for City fans a couple of years ago. Danny was young and talented but egotistical, arrogant, and only made himself available to play when he wanted. Mark Hughes didn’t rate him as much as most in football to begin with, stopped picking him and was against offering him a better contract.

    Same thing with Dunne. Hughes had made it clear off the record that thought Dunne had become far too comfortable at City. Although his sale was publicly blamed on Garry Cook, it was just window dressing. By that point, Hughes had bought three central defenders, even tried for a fourth. It’s safe to say Dunne wasn’t in his plans and that he made no effort to keep him at the club.

  12. After reading several post logging in every 10 minute reading all the comments i really doent know
    what to think .Surely the RL must have a plan/vison to work after .You just doent buy a club and let it fall apart when you get some fuckin jabs after all we didnt get ko´d .we actually played very well at the end .
    after rain comes the sun .

  13. […] SPECULATION – HUGHES, Sturridge, Collins Busy busy night. […] […]

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