LOVE it and the journo’s do not have a clue

OK I think Mat Kendrick does and Tim Abraham maybe.

However the rest are in as much the dark as we are.

Martinez turns down a ‘chance’ to speak to us, he never HAD the job offer but someone has I am sure of that.

All this has been a great cover story for the real target, the one that would cause a meltdown for those not watching carefully and working out how Randy acts.

Maybe a couple of ‘ITK’ know but no one is saying and that means all we can do as fans is to guess and go through different scenario’s.

David Moyes has STILL NOT ruled himself out let me make you aware.

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136 comments on “LOVE it and the journo’s do not have a clue

  1. I have been as bemused as everyone else by the media merry-go round regarding the Villa job. I just hope that they have had their targets all along + are still in line to get their main man. Otherwise, being put off McClaren due to fan pressure along with being knocked back by Benitez, Ancelotti & Martinez suggests that the board are panicking about this as much as we are. My no.1 target was and still is Moyes, just not sure whether we could afford to get him, especially considering that we are in need of a GK, RB, LB, CB, CM, AM + ST if we are to be challenging with the top 6 again. It’s make or break time for the board IMO

  2. I know one thing. I’m very very very bored of all of this now. I’m looking forward to the new season and going to Villa Park each weekend again, but to bring a buzz to next season Randy is now in a situation where he has to get that WOW manager we want.

    We’ve gone from the average, to the amazing, to the unthinkable targets, to the bottom of the barrel, to limbo. We’ve experienced every emotion in this rollercoaster so far and if Randy wants season ticket sales to increase and a major buzz to be in place before preseason starts then I think he has the following list of managers to pick from:
    1) Carlo Ancelotti
    2) David Moyes
    3) Louis Van Gaal
    4) Frank Rijkaard
    5) Qique Sanchez Flores
    6) Jurgen Klinsmann
    7) Rafael Benitez

    Anybody not on that list of a lower calibre will either not bring that buzz, fail to attract fans back to Villa Park or put us in a worst position than we were under Houllier.

    We said Randy had to get this right, he HAD TO! So far, he has been made to look clueless by the media, but I just hope that really it is the media who are clueless and all along, Randy has had a big, BIG target in mind.

    Come on Villa! Lets put some money into this signing and get back up the league!! UTV!!

    • Agree with all that appart from Klinsmann. He is unproven at club level.

      • this qique sanchez flores has done what!???exactly:/

      • It’s a bit harsh saying he has been made to look clueless. Villa have only commented when the circumstances forced them too. If it wasn’t for Whelan the Martinez approach would have probably stayed quiet. The only thing the press is doing is winding us all up, as they haven’t got more of a clue than us. Randy is doing everything right IMO, and have faith he’ll make the right decision. Think you’re right mate, we may have someone big in mind. UTV.

        • I know he’s doing everything right but the media really are trying their best to make Randy look like he’s out of his depth. They are reporting Rafa’s rejected us because Randy hasn’t got enough money (not true), that Randy refused to interview McClaren because of us fans not wanting him (not true), that we were offering Martinez the job and he’s rejected it (not true), that we didn’t contact Ancelotti (not true), they’re really trying to make him out to be sloppy and clueless in his search for a manager.

          I think they’re doing it because he never speaks to them and gives them a story, so now they have the chance they’re going to rip into him as much as they can, but they really are dragging Randy and Villa through the mud whilst we are searching for a manager good enough to take Aston Villa forward.

          • Agreed.
            They know fuckall, so are trying to make it look like Randy’s the same.
            Let’s hope we have the last laugh eh?
            And I think we will😉

          • Agreed again. The media have been completely out of it as far as any real news goes; Whelan broke cover to make a point with his own few fans, otherwise they’ve been feeding off scraps from the blogs and tweets, just like the rest of us.

            The ones like Kendrick who have a daily print run to meet have been among the worst – they just can’t print an empty space, so anything will do to fill a few column-inches.

          • I’m afraid that it’s also the very insular London press who are incapable or unwilling to conduct proper journalistic investigation any more and so resort to cheap criticism of non London or big 4 clubs.

  3. I’m not sure I buy all the smoke and mirrors rubbish everyone is saying. I think Randy has a few people he wanted to talk to about the job (Martinez, Rafa, Ancelotti, Hughes, McLaren and Prob Moyes)… Some have had talks some have said not interested for various reasons…to me it sounds as simple as that! All I know is we can’t afford for anyone else to turn us down…..and Martinez did turn down the chance to speak to us so that is kind of the same thing. And fair play if that’s what he wants – even though I think he is stupid! I can’t see Moyes coming to us…unless we offer them serious money (which they need) – and to be honest I don’t think he will be that great. Ranieri could be likely although I don’t think a great apponitment! Rafa was the one for me but never mind. Oh well I will support anyone but I think it will be Hughes!

  4. i hear that this with Martinez is a smokescreen for Hughes’s appointed on Monday!??


  5. From Mysteryman on Twitter just: –

    “Hughes is not being looked at for #avfc there is more chance of Ron Saunders being presented to the press as the new manager”

  6. Seems most are talking about £20 million for Ash.
    Good business for Villa, but I’m guessing better for Manure.
    Shame, imo, but at least it should go towards a decent pot for the new manager.

    • I think £20m is a great deal for soneone who has reached their potential. He will never be world class, very hit and miss.

      We can use that to buy two young talented wingers and develop them.

      • I was thinking more of the back four myself.
        Not sure we need to worry about wingers yet with Albrighton and Downing (if we hold on to him)???

        • We will spend money on the back 4 anyway. If we buy 2 wingers for say 7.5 million euros each and use the rest to buy Ben Foster.

          Assuming we are still playing 4-3-3 we will need more than Downing and Albrighton next season.

          • Not worried about young going tbf ! Albrighton will Take his place next season and destroy the defenders with his i dont know witch way im going my self skills :-p hehe🙂 sometimes it does look like he is going to fall over but i love it🙂 seen him in the AV res and in england under 21 just causing havoc🙂

            Bannan got a fantastic eye for a pass yes he is a bit small but that means nothing he will run through people legs🙂 we all seen his 50-60 yard pass to albright like a young beckham🙂

            Clarke well 2 goals against chelski need i say more another fantastic young gun🙂

            Fonz would like to see him break into the 1st team more next season

            Weiman Also another fantastic ST with hugh potential shame he got injured.

            list does go on 🙂 but the young guns are coming thick and fast and really show great team bonding between them.

            Barca is built with a youth team and few people chucked in the mix🙂 And its the way forward if we can keep all are young guns i think in a few years to come we will have a fantastic team. that have a real team bonding and know each other inside out.🙂

            Laursen will come back in 4-5 years time after all his badges are done and he has some time under his belt🙂

            But for the time been i would be happy for this whole manager situation to piss off🙂 and just get maybe G.Cowans and Kev.McDonald in charge🙂 just because they know all the players really well and they are respected and we wont have to worrie about such a turbulent pre-season

  7. Mysteryman: –

    100% Moyes next Villa manager & from what I now know RL is not messing about anymore They want big compo and we are going 2 pay

    Strong rumours suggesting Moyes will be the new #AVFC manager and apparantley an annoucement tonight 8pm.

    • From H&V or Twitter, if twitter it is fake!

      • I’ll refer you to my post above: –

        According to mini_beest (www.avillafan.com) who knows the real Mysteryman it is the same one on Twitter: –

        #ff @AVFCMysteryMan def in the know – follow please #avfc

        • So why does the mysteryman on twitter have no tweets before today on his profile. I therefore say he’s fake.

          • roll on 8pm then!! …..biggest load of bollocks ive ever heard, mysteryman my arse!

          • In fairness, he’s said he can’t see it happening by 8pm as it’s too tight.
            Moyes odds are dropping across the board too, according to oddschecker.

            Still not massively convinced myself.

    • IF true, there had already been a public story last week claiming that Moyes had 28 months left on his contract at Everton, and that Kenwright had supposedly slapped a £10m value on that before they’d release Moyes.

      Odd thing is that story was in one tabloid last week – pure ‘noise’ on their part, or had someone said something before it all clammed up? At any rate it never spread beyond the “Star” as far as I could find.

  8. Why are my replies not working?

    MJ, re: Mysteryman, cheers.
    and re: the £20 mill, I was thinking more about the defence.

  9. As far as I am aware The Villa have issued only 2 statements since GH was politely shown the red card and that was to state that Mark Hughes was NOT in the running and 2nd that we wanted to talk to Martinez, and that old egotistical testicle (no not HDE, but DW opened his big cake hole and again like HDE just wanted to hear his own dulcet tones) ( I Bet he cums in his pants when he see’s himself on TV or radio..again like HDE).
    So at least in one respect we are keeping our cards very close to our chests and not spouting off like the cockney spiv ‘Arry the crook who can’t keep his cakehole shut the windbag.
    A bit of decorum and etiquette is the order of the day and although we are all desperate to get a new man in and more importantly the right man just bear with RL & the old No2 (yes No2) CEO Nob Faulkner to deliver the qual;ity man we want. Remember RL has pumped the best part of £200m into AVFC and a lot iof it was pissed against the wind by MON with some quite awful buy’s… This choice has to be right it has to be quality and with the class and nous to bring in top quality players and the odd bargain here and there.
    So just calm down and let the club continue to play it quiet and not shout from the roof tops about all the nobs being bandied about who have never heard of the Villa and wouldn’t come to Birmingham (would you unless like me was born there) bit of a ???????????. & I’m a true Brummie..
    Have a bit of faith in RL cos if he cocks up he has lost a helluva lot of his $$$$$s


    • It was becoming embarrasing how many £££’s MON was wasting. I don’t think that the next manager will be that profligate and that this is a priority on the attributes list.

    • agreed. Dave Whelan is a self publicist buffoon. Every time he opens his mouth some idiot sticks his head out and mutters crap.

      I’m just looking forward to seeing who the manager is and the let the transfer merry go round get going properly

  10. i have a feeling this is all heading towards a very unsatisfactory ending, that ending is the underwhelming appointment of a certain miserable welshman!!! :(((

  11. Mark Hughes is superior to Roberto Martinez is every way.

  12. Except that his real first name is Leslie, then again its better than Aidy

    • you do make me laugh jpa. clearly no one is really called aidy, its a nickname/abbreviation, almost like what you use, except yours is fucking ridiculous and has massive bummer connotations!!

      now jog on and tickle your dads tallywhacker before he spanks you.

  13. Well if its an abbreviation of Adrian you have my deepest sympathy.

    Did you know adrian is an anagram of wanker? I didnt until just now

  14. jpa u nob lol

  15. and whose 1st name is leslie ??….girls name ( I know the girl is lesley incase some twerp comes and spanks me) aidy is a bummers name i agree

  16. Most journalists and pundits talk bollocks. Nothing new thee.

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