Corsica, Sardinia and ANCELOTTI

Right I will get slagged off for this piece but I have to post it, I am very excited.

Basically I have been thinking WHY CORSICA for Randy’s plane. He could be taking Houllier to his holiday home, but the coincidence is too much.

so I searched for Moyes/everton/Kenwright links to there and found nothing.

Then I searched for Ancelotti links and nothing. Then a brain wave …

Are you aware of how close Sardinia and Corsica are, Sardinia is a playground for Southern European Footballers, search Ronaldo and the place.

So then I searched for Ancelotti and Sardinia and BINGO

This from the TIMES just before Ancelotti joined Chelsea

Ancelotti will continue to take language tuition during a three-week holiday in Sardinia beginning on Thursday, but he has impressed his new employers with the extent of his English.

Must like the place, then searched Italian papers and two links stood out

One from an Italian forum

Beware google translations

The Alberto Gilardino AC Milan could yield a possible divorce but do not depend on the willingness of the player.

He said the Rossoneri coach Carlo Ancelotti at the workshop organized by the Via Turati club in Villasimius, Sardinia. Ancelotti said he was “surprised” by recent statements of the attacker:

So when at AC it appears he has been there a bit

and then this from a local Sardinia Paper in an interview he said

“I’ma professional, I make a simple reason: I live in London nabob, I envy the British respect for the rules that we Italians are dreaming, they leave you quiet if you behave in polite way. Fans are exemplary, are at the stadium with his family, live football as a spectacle, as if they were going to the theater. In Italy this return if there were conditions. I just age and maturity to succeed in small teams. ”
– Even at Cagliari?.
“Why not? Sardinia intrigues me is an hour’s flight away from London and twenty minutes from Fregonara. A serene old age, deserve it. By the way, congratulations to Bisoli, a special person, full of good will, will do well in the league. But it does not strike the Rome next Saturday, otherwise my friend Bruno Conti gives out and begins to head snuffed

Basically my theory is this, backed by a lot more little bits showing a lot of interviews with the local papers.

Ancelotti is a country boy, Sardinia is a place he either has an holiday home but for sure a lot of links, he takes holiday’s there, he has visited as AC manager and he seems to want to work there.

Randy knew where he was, he knew at Houllier’s place he had somewhere to speak to Ancelotti with, maybe Houllier was there with him ?

for Ancelotti a short trip across a little bit of water, nice and easy to be met by Randy and maybe Gerard ?

OK maybe getting way above myself but there are definite reasons to believe this.

Who knows maybe Martinez is being linked to work with Ancelotti ?

go on then, slag me off

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116 comments on “Corsica, Sardinia and ANCELOTTI

  1. I hate to worry you guys but Alex McLeish has just popped up on the betting from nowhere at 6-1

    • With which bookies mate?

      • Oh never mind. He is 5/1 with Ladbrokes too!

      • William Hill. He’s 8-1 with Victor Chandler. He just popped on the betting from nowhere as I was watching. It would certainly be gobsmacking and open a can of worms!!

        • I think the bookies just place any name up when another falls down. Martinez is out of contention, so they have lowed the odds of the next name they could think off. I wouldn’t read too much into it yet.

          • Maybe but he wasn’t anywhere on the list before so somebody has enquired about him!!!

          • He’s not on Skybet (I know you people don’t like it.) In fact, Mourinho’s on there and he’s not.

            Hughes is now leading at 6/4, Moyes down to 4/1, Coyle down to 5/1, McClaren for some reason drops to 6/1…

  2. Official about Martinez now.


    • its all a fucking bluff lads i can say without reservation that sparky is the next villa manager all this tripe about sounding out other managers is a smoke screen

  3. Moyes is now 7-2 with Bet 365. He was 10-1 with them this morning

  4. It’s gonna be Steve McClaren isn’t it? He’s the only one who will want the job! hahahaha….(inserts pistol into mouth…)

  5. I wish I could just stop looking at this. Someone just let me know when its done.

  6. Mysteryman apparently claiming that Villa made contact with Moyes last night – and prepared to pay £7m to get him…

  7. “MysteryMan is this morning reporting on his Twitter page that Roberto Martinez has already turned down Aston Villa or the other way round.

    And Randy Lerner made contact with David Moyes yesterday, and will be meeting him in the next 24 hours.

    He is also reporting that Randy will pay up to £7million to prize David Moyes away from Everton

    MysteryMan has also stated that if the David Moyes deal doesnt work out then it will be Frank Rijkaard by confirming it will be one of the two!”

    sorry it’s second or third-hand, couldn’t copy the original tweet.

    • Prefer we didn’t spend the 7m and go for Rijkaard.

    • Would gladly take either!

    • Not the real MysteryMan!

    • Not sure this is thje real MM though….if it wasn’t posted on H&V it might not be him.

      • http://www.avillafan.com/villa-in-moyes-talks/

        That blog was running the story at 10:55 this morning, before the papers confirmed the Martinez ‘no’.

        If it’s bullshit then my apologies – just found it through NewsNow..

        • The real mysteryman says he doesn’t have a clue but I say again, the meltdown he was referring to, he said already, was Moyes. But we won’t speak to him unless Everton let us. He said.

          • so no Moyes will NOT come then ?

          • He just said, I think, that he was the main target and we wanted to speak to him and he didn’t know what has happened from then on. He says he only has scraps of info now as if he was in the dark as much as anyone. He also said Martinez was just on the list for interviews and not the number one choice, which is probably just down to Whelan spouting what he spouted and the bookies anyway.

            Seems nobody knows but I don’t doubt Randy is still trying to be ambitious for the club.

          • I posted all this on this site last night. Don’t remember which thread though – I copy and pasted his posts.

  8. Get Moyes in, Pay what it costs. SHOW SOME AMBITION

  9. he rejected us FML lol !!! HAHA hmmm Dark times maybe ahead😦

    • He can only reject us if we offered him the job and as we didn’t speak to him I’m not sure how we could have done that??? If you wish to speak to an under contract manager you have to ask the clubs permission which is what we did 10 days ago. Who’s to say that we didn’t approach other clubs at the same time. The only difference her is that Dave Whelan, not Villa, has revealed our interest to the media, whereas other chairman may have not. It’s been a pretty good PR exercise for Dave Whelan because I’m pretty sure he already knew Martinez’s answer before todays meeting with him. For the cameras maybe???

  10. anyone going to apologise to Talksport then ??

    and forums are down I see

    something happened ?

  11. Moyes is on Holiday is Barbados Rooney tweeted that he seen him this was two days ago check he’s tweets if you don’t believe me he was tweeting to phil nev

  12. […] Corsica, Sardinia and ANCELOTTI Right I will get slagged off for this piece but I have to post it, I am very excited. […] […]

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