We were looking at the wrong man on holiday, confirmed permission

All today it was rumoured we were waiting for a manager who was on holiday.

We thought Moyes

but it was Martinez and Alan ‘Nicko’ Nixon reporting in the Mirror he is flying back to basically take the job, as if he would turn it down.


I do wish Roberto a lot of luck, he will need it as it stands we need 7 players and now Young and in my mind Downing certain to go and others linked as well like Cuellar and Dunne.

That means a young inexperienced manager with a young and inexperienced CEO will have to get between 9 and 12 players and I suspect that we will not be seeing dream names but a lot of cheaper unknown players.

I wonder how many will be off the ‘Houllier list’ ?

Dave Whelan has confirmed Mat’s report

‘Villa have acted above board and in a totally professional manner throughout. They wrote to me asking for permission to speak to Roberto. He was on holiday at the time and I granted Villa permission.’

but said he expects him not to go, yeah right.

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204 comments on “We were looking at the wrong man on holiday, confirmed permission

  1. The villa job is too big for Martinez, we will struggle yet again this season. UP THE VILLA……

  2. Calm Down, no one appointed yet, Monday Carlo, Tuesday Maclaren, Wednesday Benitez, Thursday Martinez who tomorrow? Everyone is just guessing., Yes we have approached Wigan to talk (Last week) but for all we know we have approached other managers too. Unyil we hear anything from the club just Calm Down.

  3. Hey at least he’ll keep us up – JUST!!!!

  4. i dont understand all the negativity about Martinez. Fans have been moaning about our style of football for years. Martinez played the best football in the championship with swansea, and played good football with limited players at Wigan.Hes a young manager, with new fresh ideas.After last summer and everyone starting the season on Houlliers back before a ball was kicked, lets try and give martinez (if he takes the job) a bit of fcuking support

    • It is not Martinez that is the problem.

      It is Randy effectively saying his ambition is over and he is content to be middle table cannon fodder while the value of the club rises due to ever increasing TV and sponsership money.

      • Why does appointing Martinez conclude hes happy with mid table. Surely the signing of Bent shows his ambition, a striker we’ve been crying out for for years. Hes looking at someone who can build something over a number of years, someone young with fresh ideas. You think if we got Ancellotti (never going to happen) he wouldnt jump ship in a year when someone bigger and better comes along? Moyes is out the equation as it would be a sideways move for him, so who does that leave?

        • Martinez does not have the profile to attract the kind of young talent this club needs to go forward. The Eden Hazards, Lukuku, Neymars would never sign for Martinez. If we have Ancelotti, we have a better chance of attacting this calibire of player.

          • The only way this might work in my opinion is if Houllier stays on as Director of Football.

          • Are you being real here???? get your head out the clouds, these players wil sign for the best teams in europe, no manager could persuade these players to come to Villa. These are the delusions of grandeur that get talked about in the press all the time

          • I mean this calibre of player not these ones in particualr. There are only so many premier league clubs and lots of exciting young talent. The PL is almost as big a draw as the CL. So Villa with an Ancelotti or Van Gaal would tempt all but the most sought after young talent. Villa with a largely unknown young manager will not have the same appeal.

        • The signing of Bent, IMO was purely to stop us being relegated & it worked. If we were in mid-table mediocrity in Jan then Bent wouldn’t have been signed. I agree with you in that he plays good football and has worked on a limited budget at WIgan, which perhaps is why Randy wants him here. However I cannot see how Randy is being ambitious if we continue to sell our best players

      • I feel it will be the idea of a promising young manager building a legacy, a manager that is in for the longhaul. I’m fully behind roberto if appointed.

  5. Thats some ‘Bent like meltdown’ …… lmao …………… seriously though I think he could be one of the best around with the right backing, at Wigan he kept losing his best players, so give him a chance if he comes.

  6. I wouldn’t be against Martinez joining the club. I was at university in Swansea when he managed there and he did a good job. I’d hope he could do the same job for us as David Moyes has done for Everton.

    But either way I just want a manager appointed soon, it’s starting to become a bit farcical. I don’t blame Lerner for this. As far as some of our fans go, he is fighting a losing battle. One way we appointment a manager the fans moan about but is able to give him money to spend, or he appoints an ambitious manager (on a sizeable salary) but then has fans on his back because he can’t spend big in the transfer market.

  7. From BBC SPORT:

    Losing Martinez would be a big disappointment for Wigan but Whelan expects his manager to stay.
    “Aston Villa have acted above board and in a totally professional manner,” he said.
    “They wrote to me asking for permission to speak to Roberto. He was on holiday at the time and I granted Villa permission.
    “He arrived back yesterday [Tuesday] and I presume he has spoken to Villa. I have made it clear to him I will be extending his contract.
    “I have never let him down on anything and he has never let me down. I know I can never say never in football, but I would be very surprised if he is Aston Villa’s new manager.”

    • This is not a done deal. All we have done is ask permission to speak to him.

      He could just be back-up for all we know.

  8. wish everyone would calm down we are making our club look like a joke


  10. Face it we are a mid table team now and no new manager will improve that without stubstantial investment..

    Martinez will be good for us…

    So Rangers are looking at CarlosC….
    Champions league football !!! Well maybe but only for 6 games of the year !!!! LOL

  11. As we have seen every time a name has been mentioned it is denied almost as soon as it comes out. Lets see how this develops before making any rash judgements.

    If he does get the job. shouldnt we at least give him a chance before poo pooing his potential as boss.

  12. Face it; we are not a big draw to the top managers. We can only attract Steady Eddies or promising young managers.

    2 League Cups in 28 years. The last one was 15 years ago!

    It’s time to make a change from appointing Steady Eddies.

    This young man could be like a breath of fresh air. He could put down roots at the club. It could be the dawn of a new era for Villa. If he comes aboard, let’s all get right behind him from the very start and see where it takes us.


    • Well said we sont need big name managers that think they are bigger than our club. if martinez was at chelsea or man u or top teams in europe he would do jusy a.good job as the old established managers. give the bloke a chance if he does join us. how can anybody say he wont do a good at villa and others managers will do a better job wen anything can
      happen.i donr think carlo or rafa could of done a bettet job at wigan that roberto has.

  13. Ok lets but it plain and simple.

    We have lost allot of out key players – Fact

    With pretty much 50% of the team Gone/Going to other clubs around us. Next season will be a massive uphill Struggle. Unless randy Re-injects the money from A.young & Downing and some of the money saved on wage plus another 30-40 million on top to get more players in and build some depth into the squad of equally good quality players Next season will be a case of sink or swim.

    The point im making is the new manager has to be in by the end of the week who ever it may be. That manager then needs to get the new players in so they have time to settle and bond before the season starts.

    Tbf im Think A.young is a good player gets us lots of freekicks but im ok with him going🙂 . The main reason is i think Super Mark Albrighton will take his place next season and stride along. I also know the likes of bannan, Clarke and a few other have all grown over the last season and will be very good🙂. We also have Weiman another good young striker who is a great player.

    No mater who goes we will still have a great squad. But we will lack the depth.

    ive looked at all the comments on this topic and well im rather amused at the amount of disagreement.
    Its pretty clear we all have the same passion some greater then others. If someone says they dont want to re-new there season ticket so what!!! that well within there rights to say so. It does not give the people the right to call them a Wanker, Fickle, Idiot and so on! Not everyone will agree on a manager.

    Tbf i Could not give a crap who the manager is and what style we play. All i care about is winning. If we win kicking the ball long then great. if we win by playing like barca then great. But at the end of the day all that matters is winning . I think that is something i would hope we can all agree on.

    So lets trying something new from now on. if you dont agree with what someone says then ignore it how about that. Really what good does starting a argument among fans really solve . Ill tell you what it solves F-ALL. What happen to some unity and togetherness amongst the fans. Because i’ll tell you this right now. What goes on with the fans outside the stadium and inside rubs off on the players. And if this next season is tough witch it will be. We need to be together through think and thin. Support the team untill and after that final whistle blows. stand on your feet from start till the finish and sing your hearts out till your voice gives in. If we are 1-2-3-4-5 or 6 down. You have to get behind your team and Lift them up. Booing, sighing telling them they are crap does not lift them but only puts them down. The player share the fans frustration. It does not give us the right as fans to take it out on the players just because you buy a ticket.

    So come on guys and girls Show some real support next season. Not some half assed silence with the sighing and booing non stop. This is OUT CLUB and we have to play are part. Because no matter what we will always be Claret and Blue. Quote (tom hanks) “Scarlet & Blue”

  14. Whelen obviously does not want him as manager at Wigan and to save him sacking him and paying him off he is trying to sell him to us and claim some compensation. When have you ever heard someone talk their own manager up for another job lol its unbelievable. Jewells record at wigan = 43.64 win percentage. Martinez 26.44 win percentage and some shocking trashings. Says it all really. Martinez is the worst manager of any that have been favourites so far.

  15. Wigan chairman was on talksport 20 minutes ago and said villa contacted him 9 days ago to speak to martinez and he will make a decision by 1.30pm tomorrow.
    So martinez might have been 1st choice if he was contaced 9 days ago!!!

    He will get my support and hopefully do a good job at villa

  16. Wigan’s results, this is what we have to look forward to:
    Wigan (0) 0-4 (2) Blackpool
    Wigan (0) 0-6 (1) Chelsea
    Spurs (0) 0-1 (0) Wigan
    Wigan (0) 1-1 (0) Sunderland
    Wigan (0) 0-2 (1) Man City
    Birmingham (0) 0-0 (0) Wigan
    Wigan (0) 2-0 (0) Wolves
    Newcastle (0) 2-2 (2) Wigan
    Wigan (0) 1-1 (0) Bolton
    Fulham (2) 2-0 (0) Wigan
    Blackburn (0) 2-1 (0) Wigan
    Wigan (0) 1-1 (1) Liverpool
    Wigan (0) 1-0 (0) West Brom
    Man Utd (1) 2-0 (0) Wigan
    West Ham (1) 3-1 (0) Wigan
    Wigan (2) 2-2 (2) Stoke
    Everton (0) 0-0 (0) Wigan
    Wigan (0) 1-2 (0) Aston Villa
    Wolves (0) 1-2 (2) Wigan
    Wigan (1) 2-2 (2) Arsenal
    Wigan (0) 0-1 (1) Newcastle
    Bolton (0) 1-1 (0) Wigan
    Wigan (0) 1-1 (0) Fulham
    Arsenal (1) 3-0 (0) Wigan
    West Brom (1) 2-2 (2) Wigan
    Wigan (1) 4-3 (1) Blackburn
    Liverpool (1) 1-1 (0) Wigan
    Wigan (0) 0-4 (1) Man Utd
    Man City (1) 1-0 (0) Wigan
    Wigan (1) 2-1 (1) Birmingham
    Wigan (0) 0-0 (0) Tottenham
    Chelsea (0) 1-0 (0) Wigan
    Blackpool (0) 1-3 (2) Wigan
    Sunderland (0) 4-2 (0) Wigan
    Wigan (1) 1-1 (0) Everton
    Aston Villa (1) 1-1 (1) Wigan
    Wigan (0) 3-2 (2) West Ham
    Stoke (0) 0-1 (0) Wigan
    Lets hope he stays at Wigan.

  17. […] We were looking at the wrong man on holiday, confirmed permission All today it was rumoured we were waiting for a manager who was on holiday. […] […]

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