SPECULATION – Young to Man U in 48 HOURS – madness

This is such a weird time, nothing should surprise us but for some reason this does, IF TRUE of course.

Daily Mail are saying

Ashley Young’s £15m move from Aston Villa to Manchester United is expected to go through in 48 hours

Stuck away in THIS ARTICLE

Now of course if the new manager has already signed up without us knowing and given the OK, then that is OK and we can debate whether we have had enough, how we will miss Young (or NOT).

However we would not know that and therefore this would be the worse kind of PR the club could do to confirm the sale of Young without a manager.

The clear accusation about what Lerner is doing is obvious.

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47 comments on “SPECULATION – Young to Man U in 48 HOURS – madness

  1. Looks like we can strike Martin Jol off the list too now!!

  2. Some on VT (hippo) has posted that Randy is looking to sell villa within 12 – 18 months.
    Would explain alot

    • Actually, if he wanted to sell the club he wouldn’t sell all the assets 1st. Managers rarely get a say on who clubs sell otherwise no decent player would ever be sold. Young has 1 year left on his contract, clearly doesn’t want to say so the chairman is ensuring we get cash. Tough pill for us fans but its how the world of football revolves these days

  3. Graeme Bailey from Sky has just tweeted this:-

    Randy Lerner will jet in today to sort out new #avfc boss,still no McClaren approach but that may change shortly, dont rule out Moyes…

  4. Randy to sell?? Behave.

  5. He is going to leave. This is almost a certainly.

  6. Lerner is flying in from America to meet two managers the board have earmarked as the leading candidates

    Read More http://www.birminghammail.net/birmingham-sport/aston-villa-fc/aston-villa-news/2011/06/07/aston-villa-randy-lerner-jets-in-to-birmingham-for-manager-talks-97319-28832342/#ixzz1OaBVVnYh

    Why do I get the feeling it’s Hughes and McClaren?
    The latter of whom, I wouldn’t be averse to on a short term contract to see how he does.
    That view seems contrary to most fans though and I’d agree both names show a lack of ambition.

  7. I’m not sure on this one but does the transfer window open on the 1st July?

  8. no to mcclaren plse
    come on randy do the right thing
    nobody wants mcclaren leave him where he is

  9. no, no, no, no,no,no,no,and fucking no to steve mac. Where our great club going to end. Relegated by christmas, gates of 12 000,all our quality player leaving. It will be a nightnmare that will not end untill the twat leaves.
    Randy must no that we don’t want him and he must have a plan c

  10. let young go, he deserves a bit of champo league football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and hope maclaren is true

  11. Nob Off Billy you moronic twatstick!!

  12. As a chairman, im sorry but you cant expect to sell one of your best players, with no manager in charge and then expect top managers to join.

    THEY WONT!!!!!

    There not stupid enough because this means if a player is top quality randy will sell with or without managers permission. We Saw this with milner and now with ash, who next, downing, bent?

    • OR welcome to Villa Park Mr. new manager. Here are you players but don’t get to know Ash too much cause he’s leaving. It’s not a secret is it.

      Randy will have more pull with a new manager if he has a hefty transfer wedge to offer him and the £16m (or whatever it is) will go a long way to that pot. Very few of us want Ash to leave but its football. Very much catch 22. We need Champions League football to keep our best players but can’t make the step as our best players keep leaving.

      Get the money and move on, nothing more we can do

  13. […] SPECULATION – Young to Man U in 48 HOURS – madness This is such a weird time, nothing should surprise us but for some reason this does, IF TRUE of course. […] […]

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