MASSIVE blow to Villa and Randy

It is the only way we can describe Ancelotti’s NO to us.

clearly a world class coach, clearly the best option by far for the club.

You could speculate that this is part of some great game that showed Villa’s ambition which will attract better quality than either Hughes or McClaren.

Rafa is still available does this make him look the best option and more saleable now to the fans ?

What this will do though is to deal a great big blow to Randy and one he does not deserve in this instance. This news about Ancelotti and the subsquent Telegraph report from a respected journo about McClaren is not what we wanted to hear after last night.

Please let a real good candidate who has not been mentioned yet please step up.

BTW, I expect to hear soon that Young will go, Ancelotti was the only one he would have stayed for IMHO.

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147 comments on “MASSIVE blow to Villa and Randy

  1. I think the key to this is that not one single manager will make every fan happy, even ancelotti didnt make some people happy, being labelled as short term. what we need to do as fans is unite behind whomever is appointed, as they are now part of our club, show any other managers that there is no divide, show future signing that the club is one, and that there is not a war raging between the fans/board/manager.

  2. Don’t be surprised if we appoint Klinsman, or Coyle, wouldn’t want Rafa. Would love Villa Boas or Van Gal.

    • Why would Klinsmann be in contention? He has had one good tournament for Germany and that is about it.

  3. HIDDINK HIDDINK HIDDINK HIDDINK. He wants to get back to club management. Simple as…

  4. Amid the grinding and gnashing of teeth, it’s worth remembering that Ancelotti said in April 2009 that he would definitely be staying with Milan. Five weeks later he was at Chelsea.

  5. Let’s all get a reality check – this is not a massive blow to Villa – this is complete rubbish. OK – he is a big name manager, but I have several friends who are Chelsea fans and in particular my friend Adam who is a football coach and season ticket holder at Chelsea and he would have sacked Carlo in January. The football played under Carlo was dire, he simply couldn’t believe how bad his tactics were, no plan B, he even went to Old Trafford needing to win an played two holding midfield players – negative boring Italian football, Ancelotti never had a plan B and when Wilkins left it all fell apart.

    Villa need a good honest manager who understands the Premier League and how to build a football club from the grass roots – David Moyes would be a perfect candidate.

    • There football wasn’t that bad mate. Last season they scored over 100 goals. They spanked us 7-1 beat Stoke something like 7-0 and whipped Wigan 8-0. They started this season playing great stuff too before that terrible run.

    • V[illa] for Vendetta – get your facts right – that was 2 years ago not last season – I believe it was 3-3 at Stamford Bridge. Before that terrible run when Ray Wilkins left and Carlo was in charge on his own. They guy didn’t have a clue how to incorporate Torres (50 million) into his team, isolated Drogba at the cost of their Champions League exit, persisted with Malouda/Kalou -dross, played dire narrow football. A team with nearly a billion pounds worth of investment. Yep we really need Ancelotti.

      • Bad wording. I am still thinking of the season just gone as this season and therefore the season before that as last season. I don’t think Torres was his signing also. In the end he had to try and find a place for him and it didn’t work. Also, I don’t think Torres can be excused of any blame. He has been rubbish for the past two years now.

  6. REALITY CHECK NEEDED! A big blow for Randy-rubbish. All these Ancelotti rumours were started by a sudden rush from Villa fans & people ITK-which stands for Idiots Talking Kack! It was & never will be a realistic appointment. We aren’t in the position to finance the size of transfer budget he would demand. He would have never been a long term appointment & he doesn’t have his own backroom staff-the thought of seeing Ray Wilkins on the touchline sickens me more than Gary McAllister!
    David Moyes is the man to lead us-he hasn’t ruled out taking the job this time as he did so quickly when O’Neill left last August. With a significant transfer budget-something he has never had at Everton-he would slowly rebuild the club up again-which is what is required. We need a long term goal & Moyes would help achieve that.
    So come Villa fans-cut out all this negativity-the press haven’t a clue who we will get. DAVID MOYES IS THE MAN.

  7. Ashley Young has no intention of staying, he wants to play at the highest level.

    I’m realistic enough to concede that we cannot offer him that.

    Get good money for him, spend it wisely and give some new signings and emerging youth a chance.

    Mark Hughes all of a sudden looks a good shout.

    I wouldn’t be too upset with Martinez either.

  8. This is from a Liverpool fan on VT in response the the following quote.

    Villa fan – “I don’t understand the Benitez claims to be honest. Good manager perhaps a while ago but has completely lost it since then. He also has no charisma.”

    Liverpool Fan – “You’re doing the guy a massive injustice but I won’t go into it again.”

    Villa Fan – “Hardly his record pretty much shows that. I’m not taking away from him what he has won as a manager in the past.”

    Liverpool Fan – “He was managing Liverpool with his hands tied.

    Madrid, Juventus, Bayern all approached him at one time or another. He could have gone and maintained his record. But he didn’t – he stayed to fight for Liverpool.

    And this is his reward – his record is tarnished and now not even Villa want him (no offence but you’re not Madrid, Juventus or Bayern).”

  9. Not that massive.

    He’s not the messiah. That’s the whole point of Lerner’s revolution. He’s putting the pieces together to create a great legacy for Villa rather than relying upon one character to make the big change.

    The fans got over excited because they want something immediate. There will be a new manager soon & they’ll be great.

  10. I think rafa would be a fantastic appointment if we cant get carlo in. We need someone that can take us to th next level n i dont think half th managers being mentioned have th experience to do it. Mclaren, moyles, coyle, martinez these are managers who have done sod all and are unlikely to take us to th next level IMO.

  11. Not saying im ITK, but heard he is staying at a hotel near Coleshill.

  12. Well I never expected us to get Ancelloti and Hughes is being talked up by Terry so he must have something about him.

    I would really like Hughes and he would definitely be the best choice, however what is very interesting is hearing all the football players saying what a great coach Mcclaren is and it would be redemption for him to come back and be successful a PL club.

    Also Rafa wants to leave a legacy with a club and build it from the bottom up, very much in the way a certain Barcelona works.

    With the best will in the world lets get a reality check for the manager and the sort of players we can get it.

    Hughes, Rafa or Mcclaren I would be happy with.

  13. Can we PLEASE stop talking of yet another Liverpool cast-off for the Villa job. I remember Rafa in his last days / year at Liverpool all he concentrated on was feathering his own nest.
    Please correct me if I am wrong but as I remember it he made sure he got a new 5 year contract for himself and was gone with plenty of compo 12 months later.
    We need a manager with the future of Villa as his main objective not how much he can make when he ’leaves on mutual agreement’ in twelve months time.
    This appointment at this time is the most important for Villa for a very long time. It will mean premiership survival as I feel we are in a downward spiral. A club top managers don’t want to come to, and top players want to leave.
    If Ancelotti is too good for the Villa well lets just pack up now, what’s the point? With no ambition to sign the best, no ambition to be the best, why bother ? Just build flats on Villa Park. Or are we to be content at being second best, a feeder club for the ‘real’ big clubs! I’M SICK OF IT !
    Its no good splashing out on one very good player and let others go, we’ll never build a great Villa side.
    I’m not Young and this is getting me Down-ing , I’m not saying I’ve been through the Mill-ner and I’m not any Tom, Dick or Barry. But this has to stop, we can’t go on bringing virtual unknowns to Villa making them into better much players, to form a good Villa side, then selling them on.
    If we are not big enough for these players ‘wanting CL’ why did they come to Villa in the first place?

  14. I’ll just light the blue touch paper and run off but …

    Is Steve McLaren that bad a shout? He did exceptionally well at Middlesborough getting them to a European final. He was the coach at Man Utd when they won the treble. Twente won the title in Holland where he is up against much bigger budgets at PSV and Ajax. Wolfsburg was a club in turmoil and the following manager has already left. Aside from the Wally with the Brolly is he that bad a shout?

    I’m intrigued to know why people think we’ve got a huge transfer budget. We’ve just had to pay off MON and GH and I bet neither were cheap. We may get a bit for Ash but I bet there’s some kind of sell-on clause for Watford. He cost 9.5 to start with and I can’t see us getting much more than 15 with only a year to go on his contract.

  15. If Villa go for McClaren, I wouldn’t set foot in VP. If this is the direction we want to go I would’ve lost all faith in the ownership of OUR fine club. Do think we need to make our mind up pronto. Clubs are already starting to reinforce for the new season and as per normal we’ll be playing catch up. Again no manager in place so no players coming in only out. People must laugh at our club!

  16. I bet Villa will just appoint McClaren showing the leadreships wisdom. Carlo say’s no, Jol goes to Fulham … Its like nobody wants the villa job so I’m worried that we’ll be left with that muppet McClaren – He’ll be more unpopular than GH on his appointment. Randy pull your finger out! Why do we take so long in getting things done? He says he’ll take time … did that with the last manager and cost us a whole season even if his hand was forced

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