Michael Bradley – the mystery DEEPENS

Remeber the article I posted a couple of days that said we had signed Bradley from a German newspaper?

Well it made no sense that we would have signed Bradley (BTW played well for the US tonight against Spain despite a 4-0 defeat). However I have been pointed towards the team photo’s on the OS

Well why is Bradley still on there and yet the other loanee, Walker is not on there ?

A OS cock up that will be removed when they see this post or the truth about Bradley ?

29 comments on “Michael Bradley – the mystery DEEPENS

  1. Hope he hasnt signed, another disaster waiting to happen signing a player without a manager. Hopefully McClaren will rate him

    • Bradley is that shit, Maclaren would rate him.

      How long did it take him to clock Judas Barry was a class player before he put himin the England team.

      I fuckin pray the ginger twat dont get the job.

      Few papers saying it could be Ancelotti, this would be good, all coulda woulda shouda though en it.

      @Matkendrick is so guarded, I think he wants people to think he knows more than he does…End of next week, start of the one after, then he’ll say end of that week and so on untill next october when we get a new manager!!!!

      Sunday morning rant over!

      Up the Villa!

  2. Didn’t something like this happen before? Plus I read the other day they will be publishing a set of dummy fixtures on the website sometime soon to test it out. Maybe they’re doing the same with the players? Wouldn’t mind if we signed him for a few million tbh, there’s a good player there somewhere.

  3. Or you stirring it again. Fuck off to Small Heath where you belong.

    • of course could it be the German newspaper report was true ?

      • No, you stirring shit looking for attention.

        • well if you don’t like it mate, why don’t you go check the avfc.co.uk website for your Villa news and gossip. Might be something there every 3 or 4 months.

          • You think this blog is the font of all Villa logic? Says more about you than me.

          • Of course I do, you can find me quoting that above and can put it in your Villa blog thesis. What I meant was, I have found more info, transfer news etc. on places like here, VT, Vital Villa and the Villa Blog before it becomes official or is on SSN, which justifies the very existence of this site or any other mentioned. But maybe it would be better if we all shut up until we have documented evidence of events at VP. That would be more fun surely.

          • But don’t disregard the fact that through these sites you get alot more of fake leads and bullshit stories that were just dreamed up by some newspaper journalist. (Remember how they always link us with defoe, keane, bentley)

            No offence to ianrobo, i know your just doing your job and trying to uncover something. but in the grand scheme of things, the new manager, young n downing, plus where are we headed for pre-season training (other than hong kong) seems more important to me than whether we signed bradley and the club are covering it up or delaying an announcement for some reason.

            Fair play to ianrobo for spotting this.

          • Bradley has gone his wife cancelled her gym membership at the gym I work and when asked why she said moving bk home overseasx

  4. In all fairness to him, we haven’t seen that much of him yet have we?

    I’ve mostly seen him play for the U.S, and he ain’t bad. Still only 23 or something too, potential there, but not for £5m, or whatever the quoted price was.

  5. More of a mystery is how Habib Beye is still there! How have we failed to offload him!!

  6. Press here in US–Ives Galarcep–reported a few days ago that the deal isn’t done and that reports to the contrary are “premature and untrue.” Which means it definitely ain’t done.

  7. Saw him play against Spain for the USA… He did really well!!! He would be a good addition to our team…he just needed to settle..

  8. Habib is still because Martin shite deal gave him a contract paying him a mint each week, nobody will pay him similar so he sits in our reserves milking the club letting his contract run down

  9. We signed him from a German newspaper? Crumbs!!!!!

  10. i heard that there is a picture of torres and vill below an AV on the moon… we will sign them by the end of the week as long as the prevailing wind is easterly


  12. i wouldnt mind taking bradley seeing how we am short in the middle of the park with petrov the wrong side of 30, reo coker gone, makoun still needs to settle

    and like many peeps have said we aint really seen him play he plays well with USA and gladbach and they aint got half the good players we have so im happy to take him on the cheap:)

  13. Very interesting that.

  14. Im sure not many will agree, but He’s actually a very good player and I hope we sign him.

    He’s played roughly two games for us under very difficult circumstances.

    Give him a chance FFS

  15. It now says former villa loanee under the international round up. Guess that answers that one

  16. 2 League games for us.

    Are they really considering signing him for us

  17. […] questions are asked and never answered. When I posted a few weeks ago about Michael Bradley (LINK & LINK) of course some people refused to accept that we could deals with no manager. This is […]

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