SPECULATION : Ancelotti MAIN Target, Rijkaard Young & Downing

Two pieces tonight so far on managerial position.

Both the Daily Mail and Mirror report Ancelotti is the top target, the Daily Mail’s report is more certain the will become the manager without quite the report details backing it up.

However the Mirror’s report I feel is more realistic in saying Ancelotti is Lerner’s top target without saying he will accept the job.


Going to be a LONG week I think because Ancelotti is I feel the main target but a LONG LONG way to go.

There is an headline on the Sunday times that says “Rijkaard wants Villa post” but beyond firewall so no details.

Is this the ‘Houllier moment’ when someone from totally left field appears ?

The Mirror claim Man U will complete £15m deal for Young to replace the outgoing £40m Nani (£40m ???)


They also claim Downing is a top ten target for Arsenal


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71 comments on “SPECULATION : Ancelotti MAIN Target, Rijkaard Young & Downing

  1. I still the appointment of Carlo Ancelotti is something of a pipe dream. While he may be the number one choice of Aston Villa,I think it’s safe to assume that Aston Villa may not be his number one choice.

    Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Rafael Benitez and would prefer that he wasn;t appointed as our manager.

    • I wasn’t keen on him either but a supposed ITK said that he sees Villa as a long term project whereas he has always been under pressure to deliver straight away at his other jobs he sees Villa as trying to build towards champions league football and winning things and creating a legacy.

      If this really is his attitude, I like it and it may be better than getting Ancelotti who might leave if a better job came up.

  2. Martin O’Neil will be back.
    Wait and see.

  3. just hope young and downing stay ancelotti wud be good for us

  4. We want doug ellis bk he was our best manger bring him bk

  5. i would actually jizz if we got ancelloti but being realistic i cant see him at villa. Not to make us sound shite or anything but come on u dont go from milan to chelsea to villa its just not gonna happen lol,

    but we can all dream:-/

  6. I don’t think the club have the ambition to go for Ancelotti. Some people also think there are money worries and that rumour gathers pace.

  7. I find it interesting that while Moyes and Hughes have distanced themselves from the post, Ancelotti and Benitez have been quiet.

    I don’t think Ancelotti is a pipe-dream – it could happen. The man wants to stay in the Premier League and Sir Alex, Arsene, Kenny and Mancini aren’t going anywhere, nor is Redknapp. We’re probably the best team he can join, although I do agree about the longevity of his appointment, but I think it would be the same with Benitez.

    It would be a real statement of intent for us!

  8. […] SPECULATION : Ancelotti MAIN Target, Rijkaard Young & Downing Two pieces tonight so far on managerial position. […] […]

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