Dreaming of CARLO

So it appears that Mat K got it spot on again.

I never thought Ancelotti was a Target we could attract for a number of reasons. However as the day has gone on the fever for him is at full pitch.

IF we got him it would be a watershed moment in our history and expectations would be very high and rightly so given his pedigree.

These past years in our history have moved on at a great pace.

Is Carlo arriving our ‘Gullit’ moment ?

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52 comments on “Dreaming of CARLO

  1. Ancelotti would be great, but having a young manager like Hughes could also work really well for us.

  2. so got to be Hughes now ?

    • Well they won’t be getting my £550 od quid if Hughes comes, just going backwards in my opinion.

      • Same here. Oh bugger it. We’ll wait and see! It may turn out great until he’s offered the Man U hot seat when Fergie dies… (not wishing ill on Sir Chewalot)…

      • I agree !!! Going Sideways and never forward😦

        But hey lets keep up the positive talk for Carlo Ancelloti someone important may see it🙂

      • Totally agree! No ambition, don’t blame the players for wanting to leave our sorry club

        • I like the way SSN read out all the e-mails that are positive about hughes and not the negative !!! bloody wankers lol !!!

          • He’ll soon know how the fans feel after losing the first five games of the season. What a wasted opportunity to bring in a top guy if this is true.

      • lets see where randy really does want to take our club

  3. So Hughes has quit. Looks like it ain’t Carlo…

  4. Hughes? is this the next villa manager now hes resigned? great the drabbest, dullest manager in football. INSPIRATIONAL. Carlo please. Least he’s won something and has something to say. Unlike Mr Hughes who makes watching beige wallpaper seem extremely interesting.

  5. Why so negative? Up until this morning, everyone said “it has to be Hughes or Moyes” !!
    Ancelotti hasn’t built many sides from mid-table and we moaned last season about lack of passion….. We will definitely get that from Sparky !!

  6. F*CK F*CK F*CK F*CK. hughes wouldnt have resigned unles he had something else to step into.

  7. Not influenced by any outside party …yeah right

  8. I struggled to renew my season ticket under DOL, but I did, I got dispassionate under MON and the kick and rush drivel I had to watch at VP and nearly didn’t renew but did thinking maybe, maybe a cup will come but it never came, this season has been a waste due to a catalogue of misfortune, but if Hughes comes I WILL NOT RENEW, after 27 years I’ve had enough of false hopes and expectations. Villa will end up in mid table obscurity and that will be it. the man has about as much motivation as a Lemming. We are going backwards if he comes. I will just watch on ESPN and Sky as its already paid for.

  9. I can’t keep up.

    I thought that David Moyes was the ONLY choice for us ?

    Or was that yesterday ?

    Great site lads.

  10. anywhere but VP will do for me……..

  11. This is utter bollocks!!!! Randy you can kiss goodbye to any money from me!! No ambition, backwards step, soooooooooo fucking angry

  12. Completely unrealisitic in my opinion

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