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  1. We can all disagree about who would make the best appointment.

    But this much should be clear: the options now look much better than the options looked when we opted for Houllier.

  2. it does matter who we get in i know us as villa fans wont be happy for some reason we have ago at our mangers what do you expect to win the league it wont happen i want carlos anceloti and ray wilkins at the mo we are a joke players wana leave umm wonder why who ever is in charge back him.

  3. big news any1 with any money put it on carlo and ray i seen them both leaving a car park in a place called chadwick end at 11pm

  4. quique sanchez flores or why not look closer to home ,someone who is villa through and through with history and a brilliant player Mr Gordan Cowans please step forward , little risky i know but like i say a true villain!!!!!!

  5. for me ancellotti – big name who will comand respect and you may even see young and downing (although not sure i want him to after his recent behaviour) stay

  6. Latest odds show Hughes weakening and McClaren coming in fairly sharply.

    Ancelotti now 4th favourate behind Hughes, McClaren and Martinez. Would not want any of the top three favourate and think they would send us back to mid table obscurity.

  7. Ian is it still madness now, Kendrick, the man you trust is reporting (Ancelotti) this?, answers on a postcard.

  8. Ancellotti is the man, anyone saying he is no good at buying players knows nothing. His record is top notch at all the clubs he has worked at. At Reggiana and Parma he build good sides, at Milan he had a mixture of younger players and mature players, he knows how to mix it and his tactical awareness is second to none. He brought through Kaka, Tiago Silva, Bonera, Pato to name a few younger players. I spend a lot of time in Italy and have watched AC for over 20 years now at the San Siro and he was one of the best managers they had. He will take Villa forward as a true challenger to the CL places given the right support and I believe Lerner would back him to the hilt if he can convince him to come. As for living in Birmingham, Carlo lived on a working farm all his life, even when managing AC, so he wouldn’t have any qualms about moving to Warwickshire. Come on Randy, time to aim high. UTV

    • Mirror and daily mail both saying Hughes about to quit fulham

      • I was told Lerner is in London yesterday and Today. A family member who works for the stockbrokers Fitzgeralds text me to say ‘your chairman is in Canary Wharf today’ yesterday. So he is up to something.

      • Hughes was sacked from City because his ways and his profile aren’t top notch Ian, he is a mid table guy, safe, gets results. I would like to see us aim big, its the only way to challenge at the top. I’m not saying he wouldn’t do a good job Ian, but if Randy still has his ambition, which I believe he does he should be looking at big name European management.

        • We do not have the cash nor revenues to compete at the top, any one thinking we can is deluded

          • Or you don’t know how much money the Lerner family can invest in Villa and you are deluded.

          • AC Milan have a wage cap of 80,000 euro’s …… they compete at the top …… if you can achieve a run in the CL through the group stages thats £38m in the pot, Lerner could invest another £150m and get us there, but you would need a manager with European experience to get it rolling / keep it going, look how it panned out for Redknapp, he got through against the lesser teams in the group stages, he defended for 179 minutes against AC and got lucky, but up against Madrid ran out of ideas, only one British manager has cut it in Europe over the past two decades, Fergie and we can all agree he is a one off. Even then, his so called mighty title winning team were tore apart by simple football. Carlo played a English aggressiveness mixed with a passing game at AC and it reaped dividends.

      • And Kendrick is saying Ancelotti, I know you trust Kendrick over both papers you have mentioned, any comment Ian??

  9. we know moyes isnt an option. either hughes or ancelotti, i think both of them a very disciplined managers, ok so hughes hasnt won nout where he’s been but u gone about moyes for 9yrs he won??????????? soo it bout getting the right man, my ideal man would be a respectable british manager, i think with the right money behind him hughes can bring something to our club, as long as he can get us back in europe…..

    • Its all about Ancelloti or Ancelloti or Ancelloti or Ancelloti or Ancelloti or Ancelloti or Ancelloti or Ancelloti or Ancelloti or Ancelloti lol Really why would you want anyone els at the helm. Huges has his head up his own ass and is never happy. And Moyes wont leave everton. It will be Ancelloti in charge and next season we will win a Cup🙂

      Bringing back the good times to villa park🙂

      • Well said🙂

        • and ancelotti is foreign! cannot talk english very well, would want a large amount of money, he managed milan n chelsea etc he use to champions league clubs, top clubs, with world class players, so i think if he came here it’ll b a failure a step down for him n i think his agent would be the first to tell him that!

  10. dont no about anyone else but this season has been a complete nightmare, to stop it happening again i think anchelloti is a no go. Im sorry, a good manager he may be but i would give him two seasons here at best, as soon as another big club comes a calling he will be gone? we have to be realistic here, even if randy shows ambition and gives him 100m theres no gaurantee of champs league??? a cup maybe but all top managers/players want champs league? all fans should think back to the last team that gambled (leeds. for me Hughes would be good, moyes wouldnt move. for me stability and loyalty is the best way for me? i no any manager can walk at anytime but i think bigger names are more than likely to? moing on to the, what has he ever won argument? there are lots of real top managers out there that aint won anything, and its getting harder to win something each year!

  11. Rumours Hughes has quit Fulham…

  12. At this pint, is it reasoable to look to names other than the likes of ancelotti and Hughes or would that serve to complicate matters further.

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