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The calm before the storm

Whilst Sunderland have gone mad and Liverpool going mad for once we have stayed quiet the past week.

Do we really want Blues to go bust

The latest news around the blues is of course very funny for us all.

Lets LAUGH at the Blues – Part 5647

They never fail to amuse us and then this latest gem has happened.

Villa Park from the posh seats

Yes I did go to Take That concert at Villa Park last night.

A Villa fan worried. Put yourself in charge now

I have not felt this feeling in regards to Aston Villa since pre Martin O’Neill – but this is not just another doom&gloom article!

I have renewed, will you

There are some things in life you can not miss not matter how angry you are.

Pictures of Villa Park in a different way, Take That

Pictures of Villa Park looking different from twitter.


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