What a MESS over Houllier

First day back into full blogging mode and I thought it may be quiet, nope, not the Villa way.

After seeing reading all the reports over the past 10 days I really thought Houllier would be staying, the wrong decision given his health but too much stuff going on indicating he would stay.

Then this morning we see that Mat Kendrick has said tomorrow Villa will announce he will leave by ‘mutual consent’ and not even stay on in a DoF type role which was expected by most he would do.

So now we have a strange situation where player transfer talks have been undertook as confirmed by McAllistair over McGregor and players released but it appears the team who made these decisions will not be here. Now unless these is a choreographed move and Moyes will be announced in the next 48 hours this will leave us vulnerable to further accusations of dithering because IMHO and none medical knowledge, there is no way Houllier could have continued from the time he took ill.

So it looks a mess, UNLESS, any moves were sanctioned by the incoming boss because he has known for weeks he would be the new manager (my betting being Moyes).

To prevent a repeat of last summer’s fiasco, we have to see a new manager in place within 7 days.

This is simply one summer that can not be compromised by boardroom dithering.

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51 comments on “What a MESS over Houllier

  1. its people like you that clutch at straws and are to scared to slag off something to do with the club.

    I wasnt moaning when were finishing 6th, i was happy then.

    Houllier was a second rate appointment, i dont settle for second rate in life, so why should the Villa?

    • JPA we finished 9th and 10pts off 6th after playing the reserves for half a season. I just hope the next guy has the same view and implements the same style of playing football and not hoofball. We may actually win a trophy then.

  2. We were only safe with 2 games to go, you find that acceptable do you? Finsihing 9th does not paper over that we spent most of the season around the relegation zone.

    The season was a disaster, hopefully he will be gone ny tomorrow and we can forget 2010/11 ever happened

    • JPA I hope he has stepped down too, its just too risky for the club. Now we have the chance to get someone in who is right for the job and get a proper pre-season in for the first time in years. We may even be able to play a whole season without fading aswell. Good times.

  3. You get me wrong JPA. If you look at the other recent thread on this site you will see my comments are the complete opposite from “being happy” with 9th.

    I firmly believe we should be aiming for 1st every season, I state my reasons in the other post…But why bother playing the the self proclaimed “best” league in the world if we dont even bother competing? 6th isnt an achievement, neither is 4th. Unless you win something, or finish in 1st place, then you have failed, in my opinion. I am a winner, and only winning will suffice.

    • that was aimed at astonmilan about being happy with 9th.

      I agree about aiming high, but personally I would happily take 6th place because we cant compete with the money spent by the top 6 of this season, unless Lerner is going to give a new manager £200m to spend which is about as likely as Houllier winning a popularity contest

      • I wasn’t happy at being 9th, I’m not happy with this season. I agree with pretty much everything you say on that. I don’t agree with you on the reason we failed every year and the reason we have had a poor season this year. Martin O’Neill. One dimensional and no squad fitness, its why Milner left and why the squad broke down when they had to train like the rest of the Premiership does. If Moyes, Hughes or even Mancini had took over in September it would have panned out the same, because the squad was very average, unfit and tactically inept. They would have broke down the same. Why do you think we had hardly any injuries under O’Neill ???? because they never trained properly. This is why we failed every year in the second half of the season and why we bombed this year. I’m no Houllier fan, he has has spouted some crap and made a couple of major gaffes, but this season wasn’t his fault.

        • …….. and only Chelsea and City have spent big, we can match Spurs, Arsenal and Liverpool financially if we want to.

          • How long for though, our revenues are of course way lower

          • I agree Ian, but when the fair play rules come into force it will suit us and IF we can build the right squad with the right man from this summer onwards we can compete at the top of the league. The club is in decent shape to be fair. Wages will have to drop sooner or later to reasonable levels, and now FIFA is in the spotlight with money and corruption etc … then I hope the Prem start getting their house in order.

          • How will it help us, we have one of the worse situations at the mo

          • Can’t see it helping neither. I think the new rules will only help keep the richer clubs richer.

  4. Ah well fair enough then, I have to say though, you have to see it from AstonMilans point of view here…After the disastrous start of the season (O’Neill walking out so close to the seaason, the team already in disaray, the massive injury crisis we had x2) I think on the whole, to finish as we did and in the top half of the table was decent, look at the form table since January, we were 6th, if you take the points we gained from the last 16 matches, and take that form inot the first half of the seaason…we’d have finished with 62 points I believe, or thereabouts, which is proof that, given time, after some nurturing, the team improved under Houllier.

    Dont get me wrong, my world wasnt set alight by his appointment, but I respect the man and his ethos, he wanted us to play nice football, to keep the ball, which the players we had this season just werent able to do, come on, think of it logically, as players if youd spent 4 years playing hoof football and regularly getting 30-40% of possession every game, youd find it difficult to then revert to a possession style of play too…

  5. What possessed the club to offer Houllier an £8,000,000 contract over 3 years!

    A bloke that was basically in part time and hadnt managed for 3 years and we offered him that!

    Really makes you wonder what planet Lerner, Faulkner and Krulak are on.

    Personally if Faulkner is responsible for it he needs to be removed aswell

    • Again JPA …. I totally agree with that … but again, its not Houlliers fault is it. Faulkner needs to take the blame for the season and step down, bring in a proper football man to oversee the club.

      • Totally agree with that statement, there is, in my opinion, no football man in the boardroom, and there needs to be.

        I actually thought Houllier could be that man, I think itd suit him far better than being manager, less work, just as much pay, he can relax alot more

        • We dont owe Houllier a living, he obviously wants to remain as manager so having him in any role at the club would be a disaster. A new man would not want to work underneath the ex-boss who still wants the job.

          We should we carrying on paying his shocking salary to do a mickey mouse job such as DoF

  6. The only reason I can see that we waited was to be able to terminate the contract on medical reasons. There is no way Villa will want to pay out compensation unless absolutely necessary. This sounds harsh, but I think that is the reality when there is so much money involved.

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