Is King Carlos STAYING

Is the decision by Cuellar to post this blog post today a co-incidence ?


The great mystery is why Houllier never played him, was it personal, was it some kind of reasoning that Carlos’s passing was poor, was he even told why ?

Anyway Houllier is going and from this piece it is obvious Cuellar is speaking of nothing other than staying at Villa which for the new manager is EXCELLENT news.

16 comments on “Is King Carlos STAYING

  1. In my book, Cuellar is soon to become a defensive legend like Mellberg and Laursen (And im from scandinavia). This man is a real gentleman!

  2. He’s said nothing in there to say he is definately staying though. He’s said numerous times this season to all of us that he’s staying at Villa. The man is a legened, our best defender and now should (hopefully) be fully fit and raring to go under a new manager next season.

    I don’t think we should read anything into him blogging today though. But I’m extremely glad he’s staying!

  3. cuellar has been my favourite player for the past couple of seasons now, last season mainly as a bit of a joke but this season ive realised just how good he is and its clear to see that he and the fans have a great relationship and he has a genuine love for the club, much like laursen and mellberg. That is the difference between club legends and people who see us as a stepping stone to greater things (young)

  4. what makes a legend at vp ? The bloke is an average dude nothing more nothing less. Legends are players who have notably done something to achieve such accolades not being run of the mill. I can’t think of anyone in our current squad who are true aston villa legends. Legends is an over rated phrase, our 1982 team are legends ian taylor is possibly our last notable player & that’s only cos he was one of us and still is.

    • paul mcgrath, legend, mellberg and laursen for his short time , legends

    • Legend is a big accolade Charlie Aitken, Brian Little, Cowans, Mortimer, Gary Shaw, Withe, Evans and McNaught (as a pair.) Morley possibly on his own, but of course definitely with the rest of the 82 legends as a group, McGrath and Taylor.

      Mellberg and Laursen the nearest thing in modern times. The one recent player who could have gone down in history as being right up there among the best of them effed it up for money. Gareth Barry.

  5. He said on Twitter even when Houllier was in charge in April (I think?) that he loves it here and would love to sign a new deal.

    So yeah, it is a coincidence, cut the bullshit.

  6. mcgrath, mellberg laursen yes I agree, but cuellar isn’t in the same mould as these players who are great players who all showed something they had in abundance ‘class’ carlos is I hope staying at vp purely as a squad player.

  7. Hmmm; i always found him a bit of a ticking bomb, decentish for 90% of the time but a shambles for the other 10!

    More importantly not even in the same league as Olof, Laursen or Paul Mc

  8. He’s staying coz he’s injured only villa buy injured players who themn turn out to be scum

    Love you Carlos and the next manager moyes will too!
    Young cueller Cahill baines


  9. Met him last year, nice kid but no way a Villa legend.

    Can be a very good defender and also can be a liabilty

    If 3 years at club and not a regular makes you a legend, I suppose Luke Young and Guzan can join the Villa hall of fame aswell?

  10. another pearler jpa,

  11. never in a million years is he a legend more a bell end, legends are like posted above the 82 team and then oooh arrr and I agree the next legend should have been gareth barry but he truly fucked up huge style, mellberg and laursen great villa men but not ‘true legends’ but very close, .

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