Introduction: Sam Tighe (stighe90)

Hello all!

Ian has been kind enough to allow me to become a regular contributor on the blog about all things football and Aston Villa which I can’t thank him enough for.

This is just a simple and quick post to say hello to the readers and I will be contributing regularly from now on! I have already published one article today on the subject of Kyle Walker and many more shall flow.

I intend to display balanced and well sourced articles that will stimulate debate – because thats what football is all about!

Regards, Sam!
twitter: stighefootball

19 comments on “Introduction: Sam Tighe (stighe90)


  2. I put this on the other post but doubt anyone has seen it so i will put it here on the most recent (as of now)

    One my trusted sources says that Ottmar Hitzfeld is having discussions with RL to replace GH.
    The reason for this leak of GH quitting is due to England playing Switzerland so therefor we have to wait for Ottmar Hitzfeld, The club will launch an official statement about GH after England – Switzerland.

    • Hitzfeld in and ancelotti director of football with mourinho as youth team coach!!!

    • Would love it to be true but even if it is there would still be some moaning……

    • Really? Or are you a total bullshitter like 90% of ITK’s?

      Why do people do this? Come out every summer with I know some stuff, it doesn’t happen then you don’t see them again till January?

  3. eric houghton or ancelotti with butch

  4. 1st 3 posts say it all dunnit. Moyes in, maybe. Houllier out, lookin likely. Anus out, nah. Mr stighe welcome.

  5. welcome to the blog stighe and good luck. you have got a tough job trying to please everyone on here so i wish you all the best! i look forward to reading your articles

  6. Is anyone else upset with Downing and his comments today. One decent season and he’s talking about “stepping up”, wanting “Champions League football” and isn’t sure if he’s staying and doesn’t care how the fans respond. Doesn’t he owe us something after we bought him injured?

    • Yea I was a bit upset to see Downing backtrack on his statement that he was signing a new contract. Bit odd!

      • No longer bother listening to anything that players [or their agents] are reported as saying, and if I see anyone kissing the badge [literally or metaphorically] I tend to reach for a bucket…

        Now I just take the view that all players are only temporary, the Club is permanent, and my alliegance is to the Club.

  7. Welcome sir. Will you be good cop and Ian be bad cop I wonder?

  8. I think GH leaving is good news.I do wish him a happy and healthy life however. i think its really hard to tell with these managers atm none the less this is a very exciting time. this could very well be the turning point for us, a new fresh start becasue lets face it we never had a fresh start last season. I personally think the likes off ancilloti and binitez are big gambles. I guess we will just have to wait and see. We just need a loyal manager who will pick us up and who can start work now!

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