Hughes – A coincidence or NEW manager

Posted earlier about who I would want but as the day has gone on it is appearing a long shot.

Mark Hughes on all the betting forums is coming in to odds on at the moment, people do believe it is looking likely and why is this ?

Well do you believe in coincidence ?

Do you like conspiracy theories ? (some say I do !)

Well I guess you aware of what happens tomorrow with the Fulham manager’s contract (from the Telegraph – produced in all other outlets)

Hughes has a break clause in his two-year deal which can be activated on June 1. He could, in theory, then leave the Premier League club as a free agent on June 30.
A number of other clubs are aware that Fulham have not yet carried out their stated intent to sign Hughes, who arrived last August, to a new extended deal.

He has now had ongoing talks with Fulham for a while now but a new contract has yet to be signed and from tomorrow is easy to get. OK we would have to wait for a month before he can officially join but that can be ‘overcome’ easy enough.

Not a bad choice at all, not my first choice but can spot a bargain, can revitalise careers, just do not want him to get SWP or Wayne Bridge !!

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86 comments on “Hughes – A coincidence or NEW manager

  1. Why are most Villa supporters, shouting for Moyes to be installed as our next manager?

    What has he done for Everton?

    He took over in 2002, and more or less stabilised the club after a shaky second near relegation season.

    What has he won with Everton? Nothing!

    His tactics are sometimes questionable, even to the point of playing stifling football, this is the manager who played Beattie and Johnson up front with no wide players.

    We keep hearing about his shoe string budget, yet he paid over £11m for Yakubu, over £8m for Johnson, £15m for Fellaini, amongst many £4m – £7m signings, so not exactly starved of transfer money.

    So if you want a manager who will keep us in the PL, win nothing, and spend a bit of cash in the process, Moyes is the man for you.

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