RANDOM thoughts – Players & Manager

I have took a few days off, if you like to refresh myself and what do I find, more unrest.


Well what can you say about him. When I first heard we had got him I thought no real big deal, he might even be a positive influence, nothing could be further from the truth.

Cancel contract and good bye to bad rubbish


The example of why you should never believe a footballer and what comes out of his mouth. Some of you say I am too negative, well Downing has proved me 100% correct to be like that. All we have coming out from our club is spin and counter spin, that new contract about to be signed, pah, rubbish.

The fact is simple, we are losing Young and if Downing is lost then unless we have massive spending money and any manager will struggle.


Looks like the timeline that was laid out for any annoucement is spot on. The rumour was a medical check shortly would have the final word however the lack of leadership is shocking from all involved. Players are running off with their mouths, we as fans have no idea apart from speculation what is going on and the club silent using the General to put out a bland statement.

However nowhere in that statement does it mention ´the manager´nor did Mat Kendrick´s twitter statement a few days ago. In fact any bit of info we do so is putting distance between Houllier and a front line manager job.

Why is Villa always a soap opera regardless of who is in charge ?

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76 comments on “RANDOM thoughts – Players & Manager

  1. Why would downing commit to the club? No one knows what is happening at the club in the next week, never mind the next few years.

    A decision needs to be made now. Either Houllier is staying or he is not. The planning for next season started last sunday night, not the middle of june.

    Juan Pablo’s an Anus, great name

    • It’s not a name it’s a statement and praising it as an attempt to show it doesn’t bother you only serves to show the opposite!!!

      • …and making the name up goes to show that you are letting his comments get to you. Every Villa fan has the right to their opinion on the club, whether you like it or not.

        • As I said before it’s not a name it’s a statement. Would you like me to type slower?

          • Sorry-change my message above to read ‘Making that STATEMENT up…’. Now do you understand…or should I type slower??

  2. Simple as this…. lerner new he had to put rangular large quatities of money into the club when he brough it. if there was anytime he needed to do this more than ever it is now! get a big manager, spend alot of moeny keep the good player. start turning the team round. champions league should always be the goal. get the right manager and give him alot of of money and watch villa play!

  3. The fact that Talksoport are saying that Young will join Man Ure “in the next few days” & the 10 players mentioned earlier have been released leads me to believe that Clouseau will return!
    Otherwise, if a new manager is imminent, why make these decisions before he is appointed?

    • I agree that GH will return as manager but as for Talksport, you’d be better off believing what Tribal Football and Caught Offside say to be honest. They are only adding to what most of the other media are saying and this was the radio station that exclusively revealed we were signing Shaun Wright-Phillips a few years ago!!!

    • Clouseau is funniest GH nickname I’ve heard yet. So lets just hope the cap fits, cos Clouseau always ends up on top eh!!!!!!

  4. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is contemplating offering Andrey Arshavin for Aston Villa winger Stewart Downing in a straight swap deal.

    The Gunners boss is looking to freshen up his squad this summer and sees Downing as the ideal player to offer more natural width down the left-flank.

    The 26-year-old yesterday confirmed he will not be signing a new contract with the Midlands club and wants to move to realise his ambition of playing in the Champions League.

    With only two-years left on his current deal the Villa Park board may decide to cash in on him now while his re-sale value is still high.

    • “With only two-years left on his current deal the Villa Park board may decide to cash in on him now while his re-sale value is still high.”

      So if I’ve got this right we are going to swap him for a player who has had at best an average season and is worth currently probably half of what Downing is worth???

      Downing also didn’t confirm he wouldn’t be signing a new contract he actually said “at the moment”, so why don’t we all calm down and wait and see what happens.

      By the way who’s your source for this news?

      • It’s just a stupid Arsenal fan blog. Didn’t read much into it, as they said it would only work if Wenger gets his way.

  5. Im obviously deeply offended that somebody has chosen to mock me and especially calling me an anus, when anus is part of my name.

  6. If Downing does decide to leave then we will replace him. Player loyalty is a thing of the past, the only ones likely to be loyal are the ones who have come through the academy.

  7. We’re fucked. Useless. I see nothing positive coming outta VP… sUch a shame.

  8. Pires is scum.

    Downing is scum.

    Houllier needs to step down, I like him but if we miss out on motes I”ll be gutted.

    Up the villa

    • Why exactly is Downing scum? Because he wants to wait and see what sort of ambition villa have before committing? Grow up.

  9. All this could have been sorted on the final day. Yet again the board are dragging their feet.

  10. Supposedly it’ll only be a couple of days until they get the Houllier thing straightened out. Could really be waiting until another manager answers the call before making it.

  11. At David villa, who you talking to you twat. Downing is scum because he spent three quarters of last season injured, whilst picking up a tidy salary, he has a half decent season and got into the england team and got player of the year. Then he says he’s staying and he’s happy. Then Liverpool bid and he says see you later!

    Definition; scum.

  12. So if i understand what some of you are saying (sure youll tell me if im wrong)after the final whistle last week lerner should have told hou thats it mate youre gone.We dont need to wait for your medical diagnosis , show any type of compassion ,or understanding we will be ruthless, out you go without consultation or decency.
    A decision needs to be made and not drag on thats for sure but one week in it isnt going to make much difference,im sure its at the very top of any agenda lerner has concerning our club,i would think houllier also is aware he cant carry on with the position he once had, but again i suggest that needs to be discussed in a humane way.I wonder how many of you would be as quick to have the deed done asap if it were infact you who had just found out youve got a life threatning disease or condition and your employer without thought or consultation decided thats it youre gone .I think it would be only right that in such circumstances you were part of the process of your ultimate demise within the organisation.

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