SPECULATION : Scousers in double swoop for Young and Downing

And so it continues, despite Downing saying he is happy to stay.

Now the Mirror link Young AND Downing to move to Liverpool


The one thing that worries me is that Daniel Comoli does like both of them and certainly whilst at spurs wanted both of them.

Also it does seem Liverpool have the cash.

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51 comments on “SPECULATION : Scousers in double swoop for Young and Downing

  1. to buy both Downing and Ashley Young,it would cost us more than 25+ million.so even if you lose them,you can replace them with some other ones or invest in positions you want most.i am a Liverpool fan but really i consider Marc Albrighton a great star for the future and he could become even better than Young.i think Downing if wasnt so injury prone,he could have become one of the greatest wingers.and if the Joe Cole rumours are true,Villa fans better pray that someone else buys him,cauz he is s**t..i am saying that because i like Aston Villa very much.

    • downing injury prone??????? you must be flippin bonkers mate

      • i thought he was injury prone.sorry then.reason i said it is because when he signed to Aston Villa for Middlesbrough he was injured and i thought that he was injury prone..well then my mistake

    • Thanks for that mate. But Downing? Injury prone? I don’t think he’s missed one game for us this season so I don’t agree on that. But if you were to buy Downing alone it would cost you £25M+ considering we paid £12M for him on crutches, healed him, then made him twice the player he was and he’s now getting into the England side again.

      Ash is rated at £15M too now he’s in his last year of his contract, so if you want both it would cost a minimum joint fee of £40M. Will you pay that much? Probably not.

      Downing is in contract talks anyway and wants to stay and Ash has his heart set on United so I think you will bid but unfortunately for Liverpool, Downing will stay with us and Ash will join the league champions.

      • totally agree.

      • hmm in Manchester United,Ashley Young wouldnt have the playing time he would have here at Liverpool.manchester united have nani,valencia,park,giggs while our wingers are Maxi,Joe Cole and Jovanovic.since Maxi been playing greatly he’ll stay but the other two will be sold(hopefully there’ll be a team paying their over-wages)..Ashley Young would be a starter at Liverpool and he could fancy his chances at Liverpool where we are creating something new from zero.at Manchester United,he would be treated like Berbatov is lately,playing mostly from the bench.and a player wants to be playing a lot,otherwise it’s boring for him.but comparing United to Liverpool,yeah United are better right now and more mature.like i said,we are creating something from zero.we’ll see.at least if he doesnt come to Liverpool,i hope he stays at Aston Villa.

        • Ashley Young has playing time at Villa and is one of our star players. He’s in the England team regularly starting now. His career has took off, he’s already on decent wages so if he is leaving, it won’t be a sideways step to Liverpool. It will be to a big name club who is currently winning things. It’s well know now that Ash has his heart set on United and Fergie is expected to make a £15M bid. The only question mark is whether we will ask for more or accept the offer. Ashley Young isn’t going to Liverpool mate, I can see why you would want him but he won’t go there. Money and medals come above playing time in modern football.(It’s something Villa fans know more than well enough now e.g. Yorke, Milner, Barry).

          • then no problem..Ashley Young aint the best and neither the last winger out there.there are better,there are worse,there are more expensive,there are cheaper….etc..Navas,Hazard,Sanchez,Hulk,Dzsudzsak,Marko Marin,Podolski,Arda Turan…to name a few.and i doubt that United would pay 15 million for him as they aint in a need of a winger right now,whereas they are in a need of center midfielder like Wesley Sneijder.we’ll see,the transfer market opens soon.and buying Young doesnt make success sure but is a player with great skills.and Liverpool is one of the greatest football clubs in the world,to remind you people.cauz it’s a bit disrespectful talking like Liverpool aint gonna challenge for trophies the next seasons.it’s like Ashley Young is too big for Liverpool???relax he aint the new Maradona!!i love Ashley but i wont be surprised if he joins us..

          • I’m not disrespecting Liverpool, I like Liverpool! But the choice between you and United now is a massive difference. You’re starting to bounce back but United are going to be League and possibly Champions League winners this year. He’ll go United but hopefully stays with us

          • Sorry you didnt disrespect Liverpool or me in any way..i just got a bit angry because TJ called me “moron” and i just wanted to know your opinions on these rumours.

          • To be fair mate, I don’t think a Uefa Cup team will be able to attract Sanchez, Hazard or Marin. You’ll have to break into the top 4 again for that to happen.

          • i think that you would have said the same for Luis Suarez in january where almost every club in europe has checked him at Ajax.and Marko Marin is playing in Bundeslinga(way lower league than Premierleague) and is at Werder Bremen where their position is 12th,13th???he can stay there if he wants!!we’ll see soon enough.and dont think that the clubs in europe have money to spend.23 million for the impact Luis Suarez has done is a bargan.but he was still courted by Chelsea,Barcelona,Real Madrid,Arsenal…etc

          • and no one made an offer for him..meaning the clubs in europe dont have money to throw away.everyone is having a difficult time spending money.Liverpool have new owners and we have to invest to get back where we belong.

          • If all the top clubs in Europe were in for him then we would have known about it. It is not known that any club made a bid for him in the summer despite his good WC performances. As you also rightly say, nobody else would have spend that much on him. Because as we know, the top scorer in the Dutch League is a risk (think of Kezman or Huntelaar).

  2. moronic Liverpool fan above.

    Downing £20 million+
    Young £18-20 million
    Albrighton £4756389573 billion million (you see what i’m driving at anyway)

    to tempt us into any kind of sale.

    In any case we won’t let both of them leave, especially to the same club, unless its silly money. Like £50 million for the pair. If they can bring that to the table, fair enough. They do need 2 wide players (assuming Maxi’s 2 hat tricks aren’t just massively lucky and he’s actually good again).

    • i didnt swear at anyone,on the other hand you call me “moron” without knowing me.in this case,who’s the moron??and because you dont like my opinion,you dont have to call me “moron”..and i didnt say that to tempt any sale,lool!!what i said is that i think Albrighton has talent!!and if your club doesnt want to sell these people,even for huge money,i’d respect that..i wouldnt call anyone “moron”!!

      • Pwrsonally I think if we don’t receive an offer of at least £15m for Ash then we won’t sell him and take the potential risk that he may go for free (unless the management – Houllier or ‘new’ don’t want him which isn’t the case with Houllier at least).

        So if United, Liverpool whover want him next season they will have to pay.

        Downing i don’t believe we would even consider selling unless someone offers AT LEAST 25m, but i think (hope) he will sign a new contract.

  3. whys he a moron? but dude I really cant see you getting both not happening and there probably is more chance Young going to United because I believe they will sell nani but thats just my opinion

  4. WHAT?! Liverpool leaking stories to the press about our players whilst we still have 2 games to play 1 of them “as it happens” against them?!.. & to think i thought Benitez had left the building? lol!

    • Glad you reminded everyone of that!

      I doubt if this particular old chestnut would have surfaced again before the end of the season if we didn’t still have a game coming up against Liverpool.

  5. Ha Ha Ha absolute twaddle.

  6. […] Posted: May 10, 2011 | Author: ianrobo | Filed under: Aston Villa Blogs, Transfer Speculation | 16 Comments » […]

  7. Think people above have been a bit harsh to the Pool fan, though they do point out something I’ve said multiple times. Liverpool are a sideways step. They’re not getting Europe and they’re going to invest to try to get CL football next season, as are we. They have a good first 11 squad, though the defense could need a boost, as are ours. Our back up is mainly youth and players that are leaving, just like there’s. They’ve spent the money from Torres and Babel already, and sold there best player. We’ll be selling our best player and still have that money to use (as we used the money from our best player last summer in January). Will they beat us? Most likely, would probably be easy for them. Though Maxi is on a good run, his usual average a season is a goal in every four games, and after 7 goals, that’s what he’s at again, 1 in 4. So I highly doubt he’ll continue. While Liverpool can use there position and ambition, we can use Houllier and our ambition and next season we’ll be fighting for the same position they are.

    Plus, Downing said he wouldn’t leave as he owes Villa.

    And to the Pool fan. No one said Young’s the best winger, but don’t get angry that he doesn’t and has never wanted to go to Pool even though Pool fans want him and speculation has said he’ll be joining by naming Wingers that could or could not be better and wingers you most likely have little chance of getting.

    • Wouldn’t our player of the season now be considered our best player? Agree about Maxi though. If he were on modest wages they would probably keep him. But he is supposedly on 90k+ from what I heard.

  8. they will both go and we will crumble.

    again we sell our best players summer after summer.

    we will never go anywhere

    • Wow, you’ve been listening to that trip to the gallows bell sound thing that Villa come out to these days way too much mate!

  9. I’m a villa fan & have felt sick watching us play some utter shite this season & I feel almost as sick reading the crap posted by some villa fans who are also massively disrespectful to a Liverpool fan who has not only made some valid points but made them showing a great respect for our club. Yes its a shame Liverpool as a club don’t show us any kind of respect as they always seem to be talking about our player but that is not the fault of the Liverpool fans. Big changes needed at both clubs over the summer if we are to get anywhere near man u, chelsea, arsenal, man city or even spuds! Villa’s task is the greatest as we seem to have some lazy bast@rds willing to sit on their fat wages and don’t give a shit if we win or lose but are more than happy to whinge about our club. I agree that if young moves to man utd & they don’t sell nani or Valencia then he will be the next James Milner but if that his dream then bye bye!

    • The thing is it is more appealing to be a squad player at Man United than be a regular for Villa.

      Sadly there is no reason for a top player to snub a move to Man Utd, Man City, Arse, Chelsea, Spurs or Liverpool.

      We couldnt compete with them when was a decent side, what chance we got now when we are a very poor side.

  10. Andrew thats one your best ever cmments! Liverpool a sideways move and with our ambition and Houllier we will be fighting for the same position of as them next year. What ever you are on can you send me some. It must be strong stuff to make you think such utter testicles.

    They will both leave and who can blame them. Why stay at a club in terminal decline and waste their careers, when they can join clubs with real ambition and a chance of success.

    • Pool still have players remaining from when they were a top 4 club. We haven’t been a top 4 club for many a year. So to compete with them is actually still difficult and will take time. If we could get top 7 next season that would be fantastic.

  11. a shame to loose downing, fingers crossed we dont! i have to be honest i think ash going wouldnt be the end of aston villa. a great chance for albrighton and it really would bring out the best in him! we really do just need to buy 2 or 3 defenders and another mid

  12. I think some people need to realise where we are as a club now, a sideways step would be to Newcastle or fulham.. Some people are still living off the past, when we finished 6th. Liverpool would be a definite step up, sad but true..let’s be honest if the money comes downing and young would 100% go.. No matter how cushty they are at the moment.

  13. We are a selling club so this is totally possible. Hopefully we will have a manager in who can get us new wingers to compliment Marc.

    To be honest im not of Ashley Cheat so im not that bothered he goes, i always said Milner was better than him and i stand by that. Downing is lightweight as well, but we would need a replacement in before sellign him.

  14. They would have to come up with about 40m at least for both of them. I doubt DJ Stu will leave this summer though. He said he wasn’t earlier this season and there is no reason to not to believe him.

  15. I don’t think a “double swoop” will happen, but if it does we just need to make sure we are compensated. £15 mil for Young is way too low as he’s the ‘star’ of our team. All the talk is about him in the big conversations, even when he doesn’t do shit on match day. I would rather keep Downing for what it’s worth. I can’t see either one of them leaving for less than £20 mil.

    I want Downing, but more than that I want some good veteran leaders to shape our kids WHILE THEY PLAY. Play Albrighton, Bannan, Weissmann, Fonz etc. Give them a chance, but back them up with some solid vets who will keep their cool unlike Dunne. UTV

  16. Now this is great news;


    This is blatantly coming from the heart and not PR.

    Nice one Disco Stu🙂

    And kills all my cynical thoughts about him.

    • The maddening part is that it sounds like yet another player/agent tack to get a pay rise – even with two years still left on his contract.

      I’m glad if he really is staying – but if it was really ‘from the heart’ then a simple, public, statement to all the media along the lines of ” I’m going nowhere, end of story” without any talk of pay or contracts would have done the job far more simply and clearly.

      • I thought I was the cynic😦
        You can’t blame anyone for chasing the money, imo (I do it) but there has to be some loyalty (I have that too).
        But you balance it out and it seems that as long as Villa can reasonably stay in the ballpark, he’ll sign.
        He’ll do for me and it’s been a long time since I thought that.

    • Shit.
      Just as I was so elated, I had a mooch on the net.
      And someone hints that it’s just to jack his price up😦

      No, I’m not having it.
      For once I believe it🙂

      • Anon3 – sorry, I’m just cynical about every player and their bastard agents!

        These people already get paid far more in a week than most of can make in a year, but never seem to miss an opportunity to squeeze a few more grand per week out of their employer. What’s the point of a ‘contract’ when just a few words in the shell-like of some journo can panic their club into agreeing another rise…

        • That’s just how it is mate.
          And we can’t do much about it as long as we watch the game and pay the dough.

          Whatever, I’m seeing this as a big positive.
          I quite simply need one.

          And with that, I’m off.

          Later mate🙂

  17. The guy says he loves it at Villa and praises the club. He has consistently said he wants to stay and mentions that he/his agent and the club are talking about extending his contract.

    What is there to find negative in that?? He’s been our best player this year and wants to stay here. If he was trying to talk his price up then he’s a better footballer than negotiator!!

    I hope some of you lot never volunteer for the Samaritans, they’ll be hanging from every lampost. Cheer up boys!!

    Villa ’til I die

    • You may be right – but if I see anyone badge-kissing in the last two games I’ll know they’re off…!

  18. http://www.avfc.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10265~2358275,00.html

    Also wants to commit till 2015.

  19. Lets just hope all these stories are true.

    Didn’t Young say he was going to sign a new contract in September then suddenly change his mind?

    Until its breaking news on Sky saying “Stewart Downing signs new deal at Aston Villa until 2015” I wont belive a word of it.

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