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Introduction: Sam Tighe (stighe90)

Hello all!

SPIN, LEAKS and cover stories, for what reason (may have an answer)

What a day we have seen and Mat K has blown things up a lot but was it a surprise to anyone ?

Hughes – A coincidence or NEW manager

Posted earlier about who I would want but as the day has gone on it is appearing a long shot.

Is King Carlos STAYING

Is the decision by Cuellar to post this blog post today a co-incidence ?

Failing to Understand the Fascination of Walker

Sam Tighe has written this piece about Kyle Walker on his blog, he has OK’ed it to reproduce it on here.

MOYES for Villa

Despite what some think I think that Mat Kendrick’s report is 100% correct.

What a MESS over Houllier

First day back into full blogging mode and I thought it may be quiet, nope, not the Villa way.


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