An abysmal season ending with an ABYSMAL result

A good exciting end to end game should have seen Villa with all three points and yet all the old faults there.

Actually to be honest we dominated most of the game and yet somehow contrived to lose a game. the derby record this season has been SHOCKING with both West Brom and Wolves ending long runs of not winning.


All season our achilles heel has been poor defending and that clearly cost us today yet again with two shocking defensive goals and against 10 men. Yet not really surprised by that given how the whole season has gone and you must really question the subsitiution of NRC for Pires, totally unconvincing.

For one player the result was totally unfair, downing had a total stormer all game and deserved to be on the winning side and he did not deserve this.

I have never seen us lose to West Brom and to have that run ended is not pleasant at all and shows the work that must be done in the summer to ensure we never see this again. Randy has to make some big calls and how he does these will shape the future for our club.

Bringing Pires on was the nadir of our whole season, total changed the game, he gives us nothing and Albrighton was left on the bench until far too late. Started the game off pretty relaxed and now pretty angry.

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173 comments on “An abysmal season ending with an ABYSMAL result

  1. I think GMAC proved yesterday he hasn’t got a clue so something needs to be done at the end of the season, If we have another season like this one next year, that’s it for any ambition. No players will want to come to villa. This transfer window is huge but it needs to be a long term manager to have a crack. With or without the help of Houllier, but why would anyone want to come when they don’t know that the manager is going to be here. We can’t afford more upheavel in the middle or just before the start of the season.

  2. What has Houllier done to prove he deserves next season? I’d love to know. He should of been sacked months ago.

    Why are people loyal to him? Are you Gerard in disguise, his love child or gay lover?

    HOULLIER OUT! (And slaphead!)

    • I agree with your first point. I would like to know what people have seen that I haven’t that is so positive. He has had enough time to prove his worth.
      No one on here today has been able to dispute any of the facts I put forward.
      GH has had 37 games as manager including a transfer window and lots of money, and we end up in a relegation battle. How can anyone dispute that he hasn’t done well enough? how can anyone be happy with that?

      I think some people just like to feel they are right and enjoy disagreeing for the sake if it.

    • Because he would have purged the squad of the MON flops in the summer and brought players more accustomed to his style of play. The one good thing he has done so far has been signing good players. So most people were excited to see who he would have bought in the summer. Anyway, he will probably retire in the summer now, so why are you still moaning about it?

      • any body with half a brain would of signed Bent. Makoun is shit, Im better than Bradley and Walker is a defender that doesnt defend.

        Gerard Houllier – Management God

        • MON didn’t sign Bent when he had the chance did he? He fooled himself into thinking that Gabby was going to eventually become a 20 goal a season striker. Face it, Bent has probably saved us from relegation.

      • did you ever see the shite Houllier purchased at Liverpool or have you forgotten about the likes of Le tallec, Pongolle, second raters from a guy whose so called world wide scouting extends no further than Le Havre.

        • We are judging him on his Villa record. Until he signs the same flops for us, then we can’t justify criticising him for something done at a former club.

          • FFS mate, Bent was a desperation signing to save us from relegation. Now I don;t know if Houllier started it but I really doubt it.

            He takes credit for the signing but it waa as safe a signing you could make

            but tell me this why did he get in two frigging central midfielders when we had plenty of those !!

            and NO LB ????

          • What top LB is going to come to Villa, who were fighting relegation, in January?

            Bent said before going to Sunderland he wanted to join Villa and O’Neill never went for him and Makoun wanted to rejoin Houllier…

          • so no LB out there at all who would not come to us ??

            not a single one with Houllier’s so called massive world wide contacts

            since he came he knew Warnock had to go , he had 3 months to target a LB and get one

          • Clark was playing well enough at the time so he probably didn’t feel we really had to go for one. It hasn’t been the absence of and out-and-out LB that has been our defensive concern, it is our two buffoons of centre half we have. Obviously, GH has to take some of the blame because he should be playing King Carlos. But the way some of the MON loyalist players have acted this season is shameful. I think [certain] players and manager are equally to blame.

  3. He spent £30m in January and we are still not mathematically safe. (dont forget he already had a squad of players that had finished 6th)

    He is a disgrace.

    People need to realise we are supporters of Aston Villa and not Gerard Houllier.

    I want what is best for Villa and Gerard Houllier is not what is best for us.

    We are not some Mickey Mouse outfit that should accept second rate shit.

    Lerner grow a pair of testes and act now, sack him and appoint a REAL manager

    • he won’t JPA because the reality is, we can not afford a CL team now, that chance has passed/wated depending on your viewpoint.

      I hate saying this but we seem to be heading towards Ellisan area of thinking 6-10th is financially stable for the club

      • Well with the manager we have now we wont be reaching 6th – 10th for a long time.

        Very dark days ahead

    • Bloody hell! I have said he should go in the summer because of his health risks. So why are you still going on?

  4. The last few posts typify the fickle bollocks I was talking about!

    Comparing Lerner to Ellis, you fucking dumb bastards. Go and start a petition or something you wasters.

    You rants aren’t about the predicament we’re in but for you own self-fulfilment so you can justify fucking moaning.

    When Houllier comes good I hope this blog dies a very slow death because everyone will see it for what it is, a commonplace for negativity that has no end.

    • If it wasn’t for the health scare I would have completely agreed with you. But the fact it is the second time it has happened, we just cannot risk it. So I am 95% sure he will go in the summer.

  5. I agree Houllier has to take it easy and have a long hard look at himself where his health is concerned but from what is being muted around Villa Park, they desperately want to keep him at the helm if he can continue or wants to continue.

    As Mac said in the interview before Albion, we already have moves in place and deals on the table, this points to the fact that he will not be going anywhere, no sacking, no resignation.

    So people should except that and man up instead of finding every negative fact, quote or result to back up your own hindrances.

    • TMAN. Go away. Go to Vital Villa or something. You fail to see the wood for the trees. Get real for Gods sake! Struth!!!!

  6. When Houllier comes good?

    Hahahahahahaha. What a penis

    • I agree, Anus…it’s shit city at VP, our temple…those who defile it do so at theier peril and will get a smacked bottom and go to bed with no tea… Randy needs to sort this fuckfest out asap…

  7. There is a reason this blog is negative. Its because we are SHIT and have a MORON as manager. Pretty simple really everything about the club is negative right now

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