More Managerial Speculation

There is no question that until we hear definite news on Gerard Houllier’s future we will have a stream of speculative stories.

The two we have tonight are

The Mirror saying the the French Football Federation job that Houllier did have and was still open has now been given to Francois Blaquart. This is while they claim that Houllier is mulling over his future.


and then The Sun claim that we have David Moyes and Mark Hughes in our sights if Houlleir does have to retire. Not the most difficult piece ever to write !!


33 comments on “More Managerial Speculation

  1. Interesting that MON is linked to Everton if Moyes leaves. Probably would be a good match actually (if true).

  2. So GH was sort of promised that the job would be left open, but now it’s been handed out to someone else?
    Why do I get the feeling that the club are telling us a load of pony?

    As for the Stun, I’m not in a convivial mood, so quite simply, fuck ’em and everything they write.

  3. Really hope we end up with Moyes and his staff. I think he would bring som strength to our squad and the ability to get bargains like Cahill!;)

    I dont have anything against Hou. I think he have to share the fault with the spoiled players from the MON era.

    Wish him everything good!

  4. O’neill wont go to everton, the spineless bastard couldnt work under the constraints that moyes has to.

    • Yeah you are probably right actually. I doubt MON could ever work on a shoestring budget.

      • like at Leicester or Wycombe ?

        In fact I would argue the less money he has the better

        • Then why did he walk out on Villa when told he wouldn’t get money to spend?

        • It was easier in those days. Lots of clubs had similar budgets. Nowadays most top-10 clubs spend a fair amount. So I doubt he could do it in todays market. He didn’t sign one bargain during his whole reign at out club imo.

  5. Id love to see how moyes would do with backing o’neill got from 06-09.

    • Wouldn’t we all? I don’t think that Moyes has ever really made a poor signing. None spring to mind anyway. It’s a shame that because of our high wage bill (caused by MON) and the new UEFA rules, we probably will not spend as we did during 2006-9 for the foreseeable future.

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  7. Moyes would be fantastic for us. But I think we owe it to GH to stop all the manager speculation talk until we know his health situation. I wouldn’t like to think of him reading some of these forums…in my opinion we were finally starting to look good under his management.

  8. me, ive been offered it after all i have done the league and cup double in my first season ;P

  9. Actually BREAKING NEWS!!!!!! I’ve just had a call from Randy and he’s offered me the job! I told him I’m quite happy to have Gerry as DoF!!!!!! I get £15 per hour, a free tracksuit and all the half time pies and oranges I can eat! Just about to phone ‘Stevie I’ now and get the useless cripple back in time for the weekend!!!! Hooray!!!!!

    • interesting wonder if they plan to play the kids as we are safe now ?

      • Hopefully, though we’d probably be fined due to playing a “weakened” team.

        • I can see the letter now,

          Dear aston villa
          With regards to your game with West Bromich Albion on the 30th of april we would like to formally send you a written warning about playing a weakened midfield. We feel that although Barry Bannan and Gary Gardner are clearly better passers of the ball and have more desire, playing them instead of Stiliyan Petrov an Nigel Reo Coker who can’t wait to pass the ball to an opposing player violate Rule 17.6, paragraph 11, line 3, words 2 to 19 of the Premier League Rule Book of Bollocks. We would therefore like to give you a 10 point deduction because you are not a london club, thus saving West Ham United.

          Have a nice day

        • You can play weakened teams on matches that don’t really have any importance. I remember when Man U and Chelski played a few years back and the title had already been decided so they both played reserve teams. Guess what….no fines or even raised eyebrows. I think it is a completely stupid rule anyway.

      • He wasn’t playing at Leeds. So I think it’s more the case that we may as well have him on our bench instead.

        • Problem is that he wasn’t even making the bench for us. Hopefully that will change now, because I don’t see why he would be recalled unless we wanted to give him some game time.

  10. On a slightly different note — NRC looks as if he wants to stay beyond the end of this season…

    I suspect he’s not the only one starting to realise that there may not be as much cash on the table at other clubs as he’s already getting.

  11. MoN couldn’t hack it now with no money. The game has moved on, teams scout abroad and British players are at a premium unless you really scrape the barrell. Not sure about Moyes, Everton fans have the same feelings about him as many had about MoN.

    • MON would make an excellent international manager, he should not be allowed to have an open cheque book again at any club. We were lucky we have a chairman and a club with a lot of resources or we could of been another Leeds united

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  13. The club have said they find it insensitive that other managers are/have been linked during this time, and I agree no dig at anyone on here but this just goes to show the lack of respect i feel our national press have.

    • why is it insensitive, there is a vacuum at the moment and I am 100% certain the club know the doctor’s advice on Houllier.

      If the doc said after a period of rest he could resume normal activities the club could say that and we continue with Houllier.

      So until the club issue that statement confirming what will happen the speculation will only increase, not decrease.

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