Is this Kim Kallstrom at Villa Park

I was sent this picture today taken at Villa Park on Monday.

It is reported to be Kim Kallstrom being shown a tour of Villa Park as he is a ‘friend’ of Houllier’s but is there more to it than that ?

It is even Kim Kallstrom ?

If anyone knows any more, please let me know.

Oh and totally boring at the moment eh ? bloody glad it is as well, get the season over and get onto the madness of the transfer window.

Question this summer

How many current Lyon and ex Lyon players will be linked this window ?

EDIT : Just been pointed towards a VT thread on this where this is being discussed …. I have barely read a forum since Sunday so missed that !!

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56 comments on “Is this Kim Kallstrom at Villa Park

  1. Lee Lindsay what are you on about? are you bent?

  2. Is Kim Kallstrom a man? Oh dear, i had a tug over her

  3. have a look at what looks to be 3 rolled up banners or posters and the topic of the conversation. Doubt it’s anyone of any relevance. I do fancy us to make some decent signings in the summer.

  4. we have to sign HULK !

    • This is Hulk’s first good season… Falcao’s a much better consistent player, even with injuries this season his goal rate is amazing.

  5. Hulk not make grade in the premier league in FM, he flops always. Go for Diego Gonzales, he might be made up again though. Ive just had a big poo

  6. 100 % sure this is’nt Kim, I live in Sweden and know my people🙂

  7. Andrew can we chat friend, i big fan of falcao he nearly as good as angel

  8. brilliant RaP

  9. Ive been BUMMING kimothy for the past 4 years. Its not him

  10. That looks like my missus? WTF is she doing there? Said she was going out to get a loaf!

  11. 🙂
    You can tell there’s nowt happening can’t you?

  12. My mates a swede and he reckon its him (he was a turnip last week). But seriously, he was at VP but no other reason than that he was in the country and was invited to the game – but you never know. A very good player by all accounts but not in anyway would replace Ash if he leaves.

  13. Lets face it if he is availabe for 2m and we are favourites for him he is hardly going to set the world alight is he

  14. What’s that nose doing on here? Is it school holidays in the UK?

  15. No juan, kimothy great player, world class on FM06. Cant wait to see him really play football. Going to watch babestation now and have nice masturbate

  16. All done, there was nice darkie on there. Good night friends

  17. […] Is this Kim Kallstrom at Villa Park I was sent this picture today taken at Villa Park on Monday. […] […]

  18. Ian, you shouldn’t be surprised that we’re again linked to a Lyon player, who is on loan at their team from Dynamo Kiev in Diakhate.


    Some idiots are really getting desperate.

    • You really are humourless aren’t you Andrew, it’s a piss take site. So what?????!!!!!! Probably more truth in the matter as OT is meant to be Ash’s preferrrrrred destination… Cheer up!we ain’t going down!

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