“Our best chance of staying up is with Gerard.”

So after last nights leaks, finally Faulkner had to come out and say something to try and calm things down.


Faulkner has to realise that leaking through the press and blog sites is no way of conducting business and yet even though the BBC are reporting the words above, we have not heard the voice of our CEO. This is not surprising is it ? How many people really thought that he would be sacked, we have no choice but to pray he gets the three wins from 8 we need so much.

I have seen links to facebook sites regarding possible protests at the Newcastle game and I plead with the organisers NOT to do this, it helps no one at all. Houllier is here to stay for this season, accept this and concentrate on the games to come.

GET BEHIND the CLUB for these games, no one is asking fans to support individuals but the club we all love. Villa is about the fans and the fans only, not any passing manager, fan or chairman.

EDIT : – On Radio 5 just Pat Murphy has just layed into basically Houllier and repeated the mantra Houllier said on his arrival

“we have an excellent squad”

How he phrased his words after speaking to Faulkner may give you the impression that Houllier may have just the Everton game to save his job.

29 comments on ““Our best chance of staying up is with Gerard.”

  1. propaganda

  2. Every 1 is on houllier back n it’s the players that ain’t fucking trying with the players we have, we should be top 8 at the least. The players GH brought in are top class n more of that in the next transfer window we should be challenging for the chapions league again next season so instead of bitchin about GH support our club

  3. Houllier, Macallister, Ashley Young….PLEASE FUCK OFF!!!!!!

    • I’d love to go into some long winded speech about how , why, what but it’s got that bad that i can’t be arsed!!!!

      • And you can’t because you’re too thick. Read what Ian just wrote… Houllier is staying. Your silly little marches and frankly worrying anger in the ground isn’t going to change that. It’s only effect is to destroy the players confidence, divide the fans. FFS pull it together and support your team, not your individual hatreds.



  5. There is no other choice. SUPPORT THE TEAM! We cannot sign new players, we cannot change the manager, we must give our heart and soul into supporting the club and hope that the players reciprocate on the pitch. Forget what will happen in the summer, the need is to support anyone who plays for or manages the claret and blue. UTV.

    • the team is making it hard to support them, hence support the club if you are finding some of the individuals difficult to support

    • Just like Houllier supported us fans at Liverpool & Man City..The man is a disgrace and will never get my support i care for him exactly the same s he cares for us fans. Lerner has made a massive mistake in letting this Lunatic keep his job & that mistake will eventually turn us fans against him and his board. He’s been here 5 years and needs to act quick to sort this mess and save his investment!!!!!

  6. To those saying it is the players fault, they are better than relegation form, I agree. So why has Houllier managed to knock the stuffing out of them to such an extent they are playing so badly? Houlliers job is to get the players playing as well as they can do and if he cannot do that then he should go. Of course I will support the club, of course I will still follow them if we get relegated but if “Gerard is our best chance of staying up” the God have mercy on us all.

    • Agreed the bloke called a team bonding trip and fucked off to watch Spurs which says it all for me the bloke is clueless only here because of the stupid money he gets paid.

      • I mentioned that as soon as the story came out, it showed how little he cared for the club he fucked off to watch a meaningless game instead.

        I think faulkner may have said that as well to Murphy he had read my comments :-))))

        • Ian when i heard he wasn’t even at the team bonding i thought it was a wind up. What was he meant to be watching at the Spurs game that was so important?

  7. He won’t be sacked even if we lose 10-0 vs everton because there are how many decent managers out there that ain’t with a club theres (jol,Mon n big Sam) n I doubt they will want to come or come back to the club atm because they will have there name in history there the manager to relegate villa

    • If we lose 10-0 at Everton the bloke will be lynched there will be no need for a sacking!!!!!

      • So I was right. Jonksy is a despicable idiot. Mate don’t you have old men to falsely accuse of paedophilia and murder? Or maybe a police van with a criminal inside to throw stones at? Wanting Houllier dead you fucking moron. I think you are wanted back in the American deep south for a team bonding of your own, don’t forget your white hood with eyeholes cut out.

  8. I will always support the villa no matter what but unless you can convince me any half decent manger would take the job changing that Fool Houllier will change very little, support the club not the individuals because Aston Villa is our club and always will be

  9. If anyone needs sacking I’d start with Richard Dunne and Ashley Young. Dunne for very obvious reasons….in any other job his feet wouldn’t have touched the floor ! As for Young all of this crap put around by his agent is unprofessional and unsettling ….he is being paid by Aston Villa and he needs to remember it is Villa that have given him the opportunity to wear the England shirt. He is a prat, he thinks he is bigger than the club, the sooner he goes the better.

  10. Ian, I did hear right didn’t I? Richard Dunne was “fit and willing” to play Saturday but Houllier didn’t consider him. Also Stewart Downing has said he wants out. I did hear that right didn’t I?

    • I heard the Pat Murphy interview & that is what he said. About £2m to get rid of MrH, Dunne was just about fit to play but was not asked, Young will go in the summer & Downing is disaffected. It will cost the club £40m if we go down. Thought it was an extremely interesting & enlightening interview with Pat.

  11. We need to stop all of this now. We are a laughing stock, we are divided, we are going down. We can’t blame anyone but ourselves if we continue to fight each other at the expense of the Villa Park atmosphere and support of players in claret and blue shirts… fuck Houllier, fuck the players, support Aston Villa before it’s too late…

  12. I’d like to know which 3 games GH thinks AV are likely to win cos after wigan on a bad day i’m struggling !!!

  13. Will everyone shut up n get behind Villa n the GH a chance for next season n go on from there. Its not doing for players any good if we r not behind them

  14. I agree we’ve had it good in the prem for a very long time and apart from the main big 4 most teams have there bad seasons and chances of relagation. Now its our time WE WILL NOT GO DOWN we are Aston Villa Football Club whoever plays or manages us our famous club needs our support now let’s support the players who where claret and blue and push us to safety! Slating the players will see heads drop and no passion so come on lads support the Villa they need us!

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  16. You can still support the team but still want that FRENCH CUNT Out!

  17. General Charles Krulak.
    “We need to kick the crap out of the teams we play until the end of the season!”
    This is the kind of spirit the whole club needs to have and this applies to our supporters yes thats right our suporters who at the moment seem to be kicking the crap out of their own team, make no mistake houllier is going nowhere this season so it is now time to channel all your frustration and hurt into supporting the villa, i know at times we get frustrated but just bite your tongue and think can i make a difference by cheering or booing my OWN team.
    ianrobo i know you want him out but it’s not going to happen so i think the best thing now is for all villa fans to unite as one and try to help keeping us up, 4 massive home games and we need to treat every game like a cup final with loads of positive support if someone next to you boos fucking tell them what they are doing is wrong in the situation we are in as i know i will be doing just that.

    • I hope more people read your article, too much bandwagon ranting going on right now, “I want this to happen”, “I want that to happen”, moan moan moan, we just need to channel our energy into helping what tools we have available to get a job done, be a 12th man, not be some anarchic bunch of fools ripping our own club to bits, I bet Wolves, W Brom and the Blues are loving our self combustion right now, personally i think its embarassing! we are the pride of Birmingham, top of the tree historically, right now some of the fans are acting like we are bottom of the pile and we soon will be if the banners, chants, constant witch hunts and ongoing moan fest continues. Rise up supporters, support the team!!!!

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