A Open Letter to Randy and a call for Houllier to GO

Monkey on VT has written this open letter to Randy Lerner and I think it neatly expresses the now majority view.


Dear Mr Lerner and members of the board,

I am sure that you are fully aware of the fans feelings at present and I hope behind the scenes you are equally angry and frustrated at the way this season has panned out to date.

Looking at the season to date as a whole, there are clearly a number of factors in finding ourselves in a genuine relegation battle. There are a number of people who take a portion of the blame, and without being privy to the conversations and relationships behind the scenes it is guesswork to attempt to accurately apportion blame. All that said and acknowledged, we are where we are and while it may be admirable to stay loyal and urge supporters to stick with the team and manager, I believe you are taking a huge gamble with the future of the club in appearing to have blind faith in Gerard Houllier.

I know you would not come out and openly criticise the manager but the situation is serious and while behind the scenes this may be being acknowledged, the damage being done on a weekly basis by the managers flippant and rose tinted view of the situation is embarrassing.

I have supported the club since the mid seventies and seen several highs and lows, part of which makes this club the great sporting institution that it is, but in my memory I am struggling to recall another manager who has so badly misjudged the fans, shown so little passion, or sought to blame others so blatantly for his mistakes or inabilities. Gerard Houllier’s failure to even appear bothered in the slightest only adds to the frustration at the situation, yet he seems oblivious the impact his interviews and comments have. He is simply a public relations disaster. Liverpool, Man City(twice) and now his comments after the Wolves match show how out of touch this man now is. To say we played well and deserved an equaliser is not a true reflection.

To put it into context, with the squad we have, full of internationals, playing at home to a Wolves team who have only won one away game previously this season, and fighting relegation themselves, playing well and deserving an equaliser is way below what realistic expectations should be. If and it’s a big if, we had played well and lost to a better team then fair enough but despite it being a derby game this is a game we should have won. I can put up with losing, it happens, but to then have the manager try to defend it and himself by claiming again we were unlucky is just too much.

We were meant to be well rested and all working together and pulling in the same direction after waving the white flag in the FA Cup( a disgrace in it’s own right) and our team bonding session, but we weren’t.

On the whole we are playing in a negative fashion, yes we pass it about well in the middle but we have lost our cutting edge, quite how is beyond me given the attacking talent we have, and our defence has gone from being one of the most consistent and organised to the shambles it now appears to be. Certainly players have to take some responsibility for this change and some need to take a look at themselves more than others, but ultimately the manager is responsible. The manager sets the standards, expectations and culture at the club and right now that seems to be falling apart in front of our eyes, with no sign of it improving.

Given how much you and the fellow board members have done for this club, and I for one am delighted to have you at the club, I urge you to think long and hard about the future of this great club. I believe you have the best interests of the club at heart, I fear however that you will be left picking up the pieces of Mr. Houllier’s legacy while he saunters off into retirement without a care in the world.


Disillusioned, angry,frustrated and most of all a worried Villa fan.

Dave Woodhall on ‘The Birmingham Press‘ has called for Houllier to go

Houllier, as with all managers, bears the ultimate responsibility. Whether Villa stay up or not (and with the players we can call on, irrespective of our seemingly never-ending injury crisis, that shouldn’t even be a matter for debate) matters seem to have gone too far for his presence as Villa manager to be anything but a divisive influence on the club. Whether he should go now or later is a separate matter for debate, but the noble idea that he can lead us into an era of success built on promising youngsters and stylish football, is a flawed one. The experiment has failed; time for a re-think.

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147 comments on “A Open Letter to Randy and a call for Houllier to GO

  1. How can almost the same team as last season(only Milner and Warnock diffrerent on the whole) go from finishing 6th, to a relegatioon battle and an embarassment in a year. One thing, the manager. The way he just sits there during games shows there is no passion from him. He is quickly ruining the club. He has to go before its too late. Great letter to the chairman. BTW Gabby is a striker!!

  2. […] A Open Letter to Randy and a call for Houllier to GO Monkey on VT has written this open letter to Randy Lerner and I think it neatly expresses the now majority view. […] […]

  3. I don’t believe if MON was in charge with the same team we would have finished 6th probably mid table, MON did well getting more out of Fringe players, and we had plenty at Villa in the team, but some of those players were well past their best, Carew, Warnock, Luke Young, Heskey, Petrov. Also Gabby is a decent player, but he isn’t a prolific premier league striker. MON was just has narrow minded, and played the likes of Ashley Young and Petrov week in, week out even when they were not playing well, spending the clubs good money on players he was never going to play, and paying well over the odds for fringe players like Curtis Davies and never pick them. Houllier for me would have been the right AVAILABLE choice if the team was stable, but we have players in the squad who are only playing for themselves and not the club, and this has been evident even when Kevin McDonald in charge at the start of the season. Ashley Young, Richard Dunne, Warnock, Carew, Gabby and Petrov all need to stand up and be counted. Ashley Young shouldn’t even be in the team now, am I the only one that thinks he is overrated, and is living on his first full season at Villa in which he had a great season, last year and this he’s been way below what people think he is, and hope he goes in the summer. If Houllier goes now, who would you suggest would change things enough to beat the drop with 8 games to go. I think the summer will be the chance to change things if the owners deem this is what needs to happen.

  4. I think all this talk about how GH conducts himself after interviews, when speaking to the press is a load of old tosh to be honest. Yes, he could say we’re in deep shit, act all passionate and transmit an urgency to fans and players which would create a nervousness on top of the nerves we’re all already feeling. He chooses to appear calm, as if he knows it will be OK in the end. Not saying that it’s working, but it’s the way he chooses to play it. Appear as if he’s in control, knows what he’s doing, that the position we are in is not insurmountable, and hope that everyone else picks up on this way of thinking. It’s called a positive mental attitude.
    I also think he’s had more crap to sort before he was even in the job properly than any other manager I can think of, so don’t believe he can be fully judged at this point in time.
    However, he has lost the dressing room it appears, and if this is the case, the board need to have a good look and decide whether he has the ability to get the players at his disposal to pull in 7-9 points minimum. If they’re not fully convinced he can, then they need to act.

  5. He’s quitting !!!!!! – has talked it over with family – and will request a meeting with Faulkner today – having been taked out of resigning saturday evening – but there is no going back today. expect an announcement at 4pm

  6. We’ll see shall we. Shameful support from the majority. Fans who quite frankly know fuck all about football. Never happy. Criticise everyone. Who would take the job on.
    I was (am) a huge MON fan, and Houllier may not have been my choice, but if he is forced out by yobbish supporters it’s a sad day for our club. If only some of you had to perform to such high standards you’d all be unemployed, and un-employable. Mass hysteria rules the day yet again…so sad, so short-sighted, so immature.

    • oh wise sage of the football. Please tell me about why Houllier is good then?

    • Steve they are absolute scum, mate; no better than the worst of the Noses but in different colours.

      Dunne and Collins were injured, Clark was suspended. And Luke Young who had come back in against Bolton was also injured.

      So in defence, Carlos stepped in alongside Nathan Baker, 19, (subbed after half an hour) Kyle Walker, 20, Chris Herd and Fabian Delph both 21.

      And in a fierce local derby against relegation rivals when the team (especially these young lads) really needed support…..right from the kick-off they had their own fans constantly booing and screaming and groaning.

      It was like a kick in the guts for me and many other Villa fans like me.

      Still stunned now.


      • The hardline fundamentalists are in the house. “the greater good”

        If people pay to want to enjoy themselves at a football match and are not enjoying themselves they can do what they like to try and rectify the situation. Now if after Months of trying to cheer it becomes obvious that isnt working because the manager has decided to annoy a chunk of his first eleven and play some out of position all the time, do you:

        a) let your feelings be felt

        b) keep cheering

        now if you answer b) i’m fairly certain your a sadist…..

        • Because obviously booing them worked so well, didn’t it?

          Plus, playing out of position? Agbonlahor rarely plays and Houllier plays Young where he wants to play. Couldn’t name another played out of position.

          • Cracks knuckles.

            No one booed the players you tard, watch the video on here. ITS HOULLIER> you deaf? EH?

            Gabby out of position, Delph, Baker, Herd, Albrighton on the left isnt effective. Young isnt an attacking midfield and should be told to his face. loudly.

            that enough people out of position?

            go on. go down, cheer loudly. Houllier is thick enough to think its for him. He will go “qui they like pires coming on”

            i said on twitter, an i firmly believe Villa fans are like the priests in father ted when they have dougal stuck on a milkfloat of doom… they just want more mass.

            Anyone paying Houlliers wages deserves to see us go down.

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