Arsenal deserve a kicking, do it here

Total disgrace by Arsenal, bottlers and a manager blinded by perfection he can not see the flaws.

Did you see that today ?

The Italians in World War 2 had a better defence than what we saw today, for a so called top team that was a total disgrace and they let down the whole of football.

Great we will have to live with that forever now but at least we are not Arsenal bottlers led by the chief bottler of all – Wenger with his wanky tippy tappy football.

Oh and of course they are a cockney team to make it worse !

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88 comments on “Arsenal deserve a kicking, do it here

  1. i didnt realize blues had that many fans!! how come none of them turn up to st andrews??? They won and fair play to them, the best way we can reply is to really go for it in the FA cup…starting on wednesday!!

  2. Arsenal seemed to think it was a formality and suffered without Fab and Theo as they were too narrow with no wide attacks to speak of. That played to the Scums strengths in defence and Small Heath were winners on the day. Will I congratulate my Blue Nose mates. Not a chance it’s called banter and long may it last. Lol

  3. They dont deserve to win a trophy – wenger has never bought a decent keeper or central defensive cover. Usless and embarassing! I hope they get nothing now for years to come! UTV

  4. Fuck small heath, fuck Arsenhole, fuck everyone

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