SPECULATION : Villa look Green

Another link to another goalie.

This time the Mirror linking us with Rob Green


The report says it would be available for around £6m as wages for West Ham are a problem. Not sure on Green at all, hardly a keeper to install confidence in a defence.

12 comments on “SPECULATION : Villa look Green

  1. As an American, I will always think fondly of Robert Green.

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  3. On his day can be unbeatable, others he looks the worse keeper in the league

  4. Didn’t believe the Piquionne link, didn’t believe the Barton link and I certainly don’t believe this one!

    Houllier has a scouting network going world-wide! I doubt from a scan of the globe that Rob Green is the best keeper he can find!

    Rubbish story, rubbish player, never gonna happen.

    Now then, moving on to Saturday ….. COME ON YOU VILLA BOYS!!!!!

  5. He is very good keeper, on par with Paul Robinson, who for me is another good keeper, i mean people go on about Cech and Van Der Sar, yh ok there decent keepers but the defence infront of them plays a major part in there clean sheets, stick em in a lower side, like wigan or west ham, us, everton etc Van Der Sar struggled at Juventus and was for me suspect at Fulham, id say Green wud be good signing, West Ham are poor and leave themselves open for waves of attack after attack, where as Villa dont and Green is good enough, mind u of course if this rumour is true! but who knows🙂

    • Green is good, Green is poor very, very poor. Also Villa leave themselves open for attacks, have you read the goals conceded column??

  6. I would be HORRIFIED with this. As it is, I think there is about as much truth as there is in 99% of the M*rror’s stories – a big fat ZERO

  7. I could name 50 keepers I would take. Why not look at a few of the youngsters in Belgium. De Wolf, Courtois… Great young keepers.

  8. He’s wannok!

  9. Hull supporters reckon they have a good keeper, named Guzan. Apparently he had one poor game for some EPL club, having previously saved the team purely by his own efforts. 26 years of age, ideal age for a keeper perhaps we could make a bid!!!!

  10. No thanks to green crap keeper we should go for shay given once he s back from injury

  11. We don’t need a new goal keeper. Shay Given, no thanks. Friedel’s still one of the best in the league. What we need is a whole new back line, or at least a CB and LB. I’m confident that Luke Young and Cuellar (if they both stay) can fill the RB spot, if we sell one of Collins or Dunne, Cuellar, Collins(Dunne), Clark and a new CB would be great and a new LB.

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