Savage opened his gob against Bent, will he against Carroll

When we look back at this window the issue of fees will dominate.

I posted earlier on how if Carroll went for £35m then Bent is one of the biggest bargains, so lets look at what Robbie Savage said in the Mirror about this


He’s a good player, no ­question. But I’m sorry, ­football has gone mad if a) he is worth £24million and b) joining a club outside the relegation zone only on goals scored is a sound career move

And for Carroll at a whopping £17m more on the basic price ?

And the thing that gets me is the size of the transfer fee: £18m possibly rising to £24m for a striker who could not even get into England’s World Cup squad.

Look how much it cost Tottenham to sign Rafael van der Vaart from Real Madrid – £8m – and then consider the fee for Villa’s record signing.

The world has finally gone stark-staring mad when you can buy three Van der Vaarts for one Darren Bent.

And you can now buy 5 VDV’s for Carroll who looked way out of his depth on his England appearance. So like others he had a right go at Bent and now Carroll has moved to the media luvvies Liverpool will we see the same kind of nasty article about Carroll, I look forward to them !

25 comments on “Savage opened his gob against Bent, will he against Carroll

  1. Who gives a toss what that long haired fucking ponce say’s?
    Jeesuz he only ever played at one decent club (Crewe), Manure fucked him off as a kid and the rest of his big time career moves shows what a typical ‘Traveller’ he is ….
    The man is a cretin and complete bell end.

  2. You’ll be waiting a long long time mate. Even though I think Carroll is a good signing if you look past the fee, but no way will he be called a money grabber and that he was forced out? Hang I thought the player had all the power.

    • No way a money grabber? He’s on almost triple what he got payed at Newcastle. He cost 16m more then Bent and is on 15k more then Bent is at 80k a week after being at Newcastle for 30k.

  3. Savage is a Gobshite, who is given a platform by the BBC to spout crap & talk nonsense.
    But he wasn’t the only one talking Bent down & the madness of the fee Villa paid. Talksport (Collymore) were all at it. Lets see if they question their new darling “King Kenny” & the ridiculous amount they have lavished on a half season wonder.

  4. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Dennis Jones and b6bloke, ian robathan. ian robathan said: Savage opened his gob against Bent, will he against Carroll: http://wp.me/ptkZo-2o3 […]

  5. Savage has said that if Carroll is worth 35m then he must still be worth about 7m LOL as if that gobshite was ever worth 7m!!

    24m for DB is money well spent as for Savage, he only has his mouth left as his career is over so he will spout off for attention best to ignore the bluenose muppet.

  6. Anyone who thinks VDV cost £8m is an idiot. Saggy face put £8 or 9m into VDV and his agents pockets to scupper the deal with BM.

  7. Who gives a shit what the press and arseholes like savage and the losers on talksport say. Anybody with any sence knows carroll is a 10m player maximum and that’s being generous. We got a bargain with bent, and it will be proved when he scores more goals that carroll, dzeko and suarez

  8. Savage announces his retirement at the end of this season, given his performances i reckon he retired 5 yrs ago, he is the epitome of over promise under deliver.Good Riddance!!!!!!!

  9. from now till da end of da season bent will out score da lot o dem….. that will prove his worth ! ders a goal rush coming beware all who stand before the villa !!!V T I D

  10. Shut the fuck up you Welsh shite !! Typical twat from the alliance who will spout off anything anti Villa you pathetic long haired fuck wit, go take a dip with the sheep you complete and utter penis…

  11. Savage is a prick. His name says it all. Get your greasy mop cut then you might see the open goals. Twat

  12. He is just letting off steam because he is retiring at the end of the season. He has finally realised what we have all known – He is shit!

  13. Good article Ian! Collymore, Savage, and who ever else was going on about Bent, suddenly that ‘rip off signing’ is a ‘bargain buy’ and nobody is blasting Liverpool for being stupid with money purely because it is Dalglish and everybody loves ‘The King’ ofcourse. The media are stupid, focus on London and Merseyside clubs but when it comes to other Prem teams they just cut it short. Same on SKY, ESPN, ITV, BBC and when it was running, Setanta. If Wigan signed Andy Carroll for £35M or Villa signed Torres for £50M then I guarantee we would have the main focus on SSN for the day, but just that one day. As soon as an Arsenal, Liverpool, United, Chelsea, Man City, Tottenham or West Ham small story breaks, that would suddenly become the big headline.

    Has anyone slated Liverpool yet for being so stupid? Oh and another thing, has anybody else realised Dalglish has shot himself in the foot? Any player he tries to sign in the window will have a tripled asking price when the name Liverpool comes in to enquire. Ashley Young to Man City in the summer would be £15M but for Liverpool we could easily now ask for £40M.

    Andy Carroll £35M, Fernando Torres £50M. And everybody said Darren Bent £18M was a panic buy?

  14. Good news guys !

    A.young has been made Captain again for tonights match😉

    • Where did you hear that? Unless Stan is benched again that wouldn’t happen.

      • I heard it from me😉 6th sense lol ! we shall see tonight at 7:30 whos correct lol

        • oh and just to add ! A.young got the band ahead of are vice captain NRC when he started😉

          • Yeah, NRC is refusing to sign the deal offered to him so as a result is no longer vice captain, more vice vice captain because he had the armband at the weekend. Hopefully Ash does become full time skipper though but if Petrov starts tonight then Stiliyan will have the armband.

      • I think Bradley is a replacement for Stan. Who else’s place will he take?

        • he is there to give the team more depth and help in rotation and keeping players fit ! not to take someone’s place lol. if that was the case you would scrap the 25 man squad and just have 11 players

          • True. But I think that he will be in our strongest 11 when they are played and thus take Stan’s place as a regular rather then a rotation player.

  15. Savage was on Radio 5 a couple of weeks or so ago. He was agonising publicly over whether he should go and play in Canada. It was truly pathetic, equally pathetic by the BBC to waste airtime on such an irrelevant topic.

    However there were a couple of moments of pure hilarity. Firstly his statement that in order to continue with his Radio 5 broadcasts he’d have to probably broadcast from “Dallas or somewhere”. He’s a bright boy is Robbie!

    Secondly and even funnier was this old Derby fan who came on and insisted he would pay for both, “Mr Clough junior and Mr Savage”, if they’d both go to Canada. He went on to say Savage can’t run or kick a ball 20 yards! Savage totally lost it, calling the old gent “Pal” and saying he should learn some respect! His total lack of composure and gibbering, salivating rant at the old chap was hilarious. The old fella couldn’t give two hoots and just kept having a go!

    No brain, no class, a true Small Heath legend.

    Villa ’til I die

  16. Bit of aggressiveness to Robbie? As a Villa fan I hated him when he was at the Sty BUT wished he’d played for us at the time. He is fantastic entertainment IMHO.

    Bent was expensive but we needed him (have done for a while) and with him will be challenging the top 6 again soon.

    Carroll is a gamble but looks a good buy. Is he worth £35m? Well I think swapping Torres + £8m for Carroll and Suarez will see Plop as a better and more rounded team. Unfortunately.

    The real crazy party, IMO, is Abramovich who has paid £50m for Torres who hasn’t looked the same player over the last 12 months!

    Only time will tell who is a bargain, who is good value and who is vastly overrated.

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