SPECULATION : Heskey to Newcastle, got to be £20m if Carroll is £35m

Will try and keep up to date now work is over !!

So the latest are rumours mentioned on SSN but dismissed that Heskey is a target for Newcastle

makes sense we actually have a forward too many for the 433

but doubt they will use the obscene money for Carroll for Heskey:-)

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48 comments on “SPECULATION : Heskey to Newcastle, got to be £20m if Carroll is £35m

  1. I think £15m is fair for a proven forward of Heskeys quality??? :p

  2. Hope this true

  3. 15m for a journeyman neverwas! Yea right that makes shola a 20m man! Also …how old!?

  4. I’d take £10m for Heskey at least.

    Then maybe Gerard will bring in one more….I feel really greedy. I still believe we are a defender short, but if report are right – and we are after Taiwo in the summer, then fair do’s.

    • i said this like a month ago he goes on a free in the summer wanting to leave france, hopefully joining villa, would also like to see timoshchuk some cruching defence.

  5. If there is a god please let this not be true.

  6. The only way he will end up in Newcastle is if he were aiming for Middlesbrough!

  7. according to SSN ireland has completed his move to newcastle and the heskey rumour is very unlikely all rubbish, i did say the Bradley deal will be our last piece of business

  8. no truth in this some burk said he saw him on toon eariler load of rubbish … why would we getg rid of him when hes scored 6 this season

  9. Im hoping Taiwo on a Free is one of the two suggested deals done for the summer!

  10. Heskeys been good this season when fit we d be silly to sell him you need strength in depth up front it only takes a couple of injuries an were fucked

  11. Peter lovenkrands part ex 12 mill and a pack of scratchings.

  12. I don’t know what’s worse news the fact that we are going to lose Carroll or the fact we might get Heskey….

  13. 10m for heskey gd deal for them lol

  14. Oh I would so love that to be true. Just recall Andreas Weimann from his loan and pocket anywhere between 20 million and 35 million (which we know they now have)😉

  15. Im not been funny but why would we sell Heskey ! I know we now have Bent . But since GH came along Heskey has been like a new player and you cant say he has been crap. Since GH has been here heskey has been class and strong and his determination has got us goals.

    and just think Heskey and Bent up front would kill defenders with the light of gabby A.young S.downing. Albrighton running in as well !!!!

    • We have Gabby and the Fonz who can cover, don’t need Heskey if we get say £5m for him and off the wage bill…… do the deal.

      • MJ – Gaby & Fonz have scored how many goals so far this season?
        What makes you think they’ll manage many more in the last third of the season?

        • Fonz has hardly played and Gabby is playing left midfield and has been out much of the season as well. They are both quality strikers and would be starting for many premier league teams week in week out. The Fonz looked fantastic when he came on against Blues and scored a great goal against Blackburn. I would like Fonz to get more starts to prove himself, he is one of the best young strikers in the country. Fast, skillful and an excellent eye for goal.

          • MJ- sure, Fonz still has potential, although personally I don’t see Gaby getting much better – but regardless of that, assuming that GH has now got a ‘formula’ that he’s going to stick with for the rest of the season, are either of them likely to score much more?

    • iThink – well said that man [again].
      BTW, where has this story come from? I can’t see ANY other website or news source linking Heskey and Newcastle!

      • thanks ! i just cant see why he would let him go tbf ! GH likes Heskey and Heskey has played very well under GH.

        And just to add to what MJ Villa said . Yes we have heskey, Gabby, Fonz, Bent, Carew loan but will go. and Wee man:-) but do you not remember at the start of the season how many injuries we had ??? If Bent, Gabby now playing on the wing was to get an injury we would only have the Fonz and Wee man left:-) so yes:-)

        • Well we are only playing with one forward normally and we would have 3 forwards if Heskey left.

          • yes but have the extra forwards still give you an option of formation change even if one gets a injury😉

            I want to see Heskey & bent up top With gabby + young + Downing + albrighton or who even is the middle bombing forward !!!

  16. Quick! Recall Big John from the potters!

  17. The way Heskey has been playing under GH, how can you say get rid? Seen him a few times this season, and he does add to the team, even if he isnt a 15 goal a season player, Im sure Bent will be able to play off his hold up play!

  18. Bradley signed!

  19. hope we sell gabby tonight hes shit

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