SPECULATION : Heskey to Newcastle, got to be £20m if Carroll is £35m

Will try and keep up to date now work is over !!

So the latest are rumours mentioned on SSN but dismissed that Heskey is a target for Newcastle

makes sense we actually have a forward too many for the 433

but doubt they will use the obscene money for Carroll for Heskey🙂

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48 comments on “SPECULATION : Heskey to Newcastle, got to be £20m if Carroll is £35m

  1. http://yfrog.com/mweqxz Bradley on the Holte end

  2. Looks like Ireland deal will still go through hope he picks up abit of form n comes bck a new player fornext season

  3. what have newcastle ever won?????????

  4. While Heskey has come around somewhat under Houllier; I’m glad to see him off. I don’t want him taking away time from our other signings. Would love to see Bradley stay permanently and Ireland go. We could recoup some of the money and use it to bolster our LB situation if another answer isn’t found before summer. Either way, it looks bright for Villa again! UTV!

  5. Why sell Mr Mule.?……He’s a new man since playing for Hools…..scoring goals and his overall game is excellent.We should keep him at least til the Summer and up front with DB could be dynamite.

  6. Located your blog post through Google. You already know I am signing up to your rss feed.

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