Football has gone MAD when BENT is a BARGAIN and Carroll is £35m

OK I thought we over paid slightly for Bent but wow his transfer now seems a bargain.

£35m for CARROLL – what the hell is that ?

He has potential but £35m ????? in these harsh economic times, madness of the highest order.

Makes Bent seem the steal of the century and you have to ask will the journo’s now say Liverpool have vastly overpaid and are panicking ?

Or will King Kenny be said to be getting a bargain ?

Can guess the answer to that !

25 comments on “Football has gone MAD when BENT is a BARGAIN and Carroll is £35m

  1. Pure inflation… one major reason why England will never win a world cup.

    I mean Carroll is good and all, but with 35 million it makes me wonder how much Liverpool will offer for Ashley Young

  2. Ridiculous money for a player who has scored 11 goals in the PL. Almost double the price we paid for the 82 goals of Bent – proven.

  3. its f**king mad, bents a bargain😉

  4. Charlie Adam to Liverpool £14m, for a player with 6 caps for a poor international team like Scotland! What a joke!

  5. 35 mill is pricey but i honestly think andy carroll is a future england star, he has bags of potential.

    on another note, any news on wht ireland failed his medical, was hoping he was gonna be off today.

  6. 35 Mil for someone who scored less than Chopra last year. Brilliant for us. Mental money for mediocre, temperamental 80’s throwbacks and can only serve to further weaken liverpool.

    Very good points about inflation of english stars hampering the national side as we can never export our players either.

  7. I think Carroll is quality and realistically it was going to take a bid like this to prize him away. However it is loads of money but then again liverpool have it now with their new owners and the Torres money. I just hope from an england perspective it doesn’t ruin him because he COULD BE brilliant

  8. Ridiculous and you’re right, will the journo’s be talking about panic? Probably not, they’ll be jizzing all over Dalglish.

  9. Well im fed up now of all this transfer talk its SOOOO BORING !!!

    so lets move on and talk about the Villa match tomorrow🙂 !!!!! and talk about how we are going to put an end to Man u’s current unbeaten run !!!!

    • Totally agree, Im not interested in other clubs signings but out own! we are not signing anyone apart from Micheal Bradley so lets get our focus on beating them Manc b**tards tomorrow🙂 2-1 the Villa……

  10. I think you’ll find it’s £35mill plus addons Ian!!
    Unbelieveable money.

    I know he is young and a big prospect, but he was outscored by a few in the championship and has only been in the prem for 6 months.

    No wonder I’m so pissed off with the game.

    • personally I think this is football imploding, millions have no money, millions worried for their jobs and £35m for a fucking thug of one fluke season ???

      More expensive than David Villa, total effing joke

      money is short and they will want the fans to pay even more …

      fuck em

      villa put one single penny on the ST price and I will go on a game by game basis

  11. It’s insane, when you think about experience, goals scored, ability and current quality level you have to say Bent is better than Carroll too.
    If you follow Houllier’s rules, both a PL quality, Bent is International quality but Carroll has only played once for England in a friendly. £35M says he is World Class, when in actual fact he is not even International class …. yet. He will be, but £35M? If he exceeds everyones expectations then a club might look to buy Carroll in 3-4 years time for £30M.

    £35M is just stupid, they will not get any money back from Carroll at all unless Man City show up in a year or two …

  12. hey everyone !!!

    VOTE for your PFA FANS Award !!!

    I gave my vote to Marc Albrighton hehe

  13. ..crazy money, but if you consider they will sell an underperforming Torres for 50m and get Carroll and Suarez in for this money, then its probably good business. But anyway, future will tell us if it was so. What I have seen from Carroll he is the greatest striker talent in England at the moment and has a lot of potential. Could be the new Alan Shearer.

    • no no, torres was just not trying. he was surrounded by dour players. when chelsea came to town he turned it on big time, then went back to not trying. clever boy, he realised liverpool are shit and he turned it on the right game, this transfer proves that.

    • 11 goals in top flight football (6 in two games against atrocious defences), Chopra scored more than him last year, can’t cope with newcastle fame let alone liverpool, more like new mike newell. To compare a 26 year old with 200 first class goals to a guy only four years his junior with 31 is well ludicrous. Lets see if he gets 45 goals a year to make up the difference in the next four

  14. …maybe Torres didn´t try, maybe he is not at his best. But as said: 50m is also a big gamble. We will see who has done clever business.

    • liverpool def have not done good business by spending what they have on adam and carroll. its absurd!!

      also offering 20m for micah richards, wreaks of desperation

  15. Absolute classic quote from a L’pool fan of F365 today: –
    “…Excuse me? £35 million pounds for a thug who has had one decent season in the Championship and scored half a dozen goals this season before getting injured. Am I reading all this right. Surely this is some sort of joke? Right? He scored less goals than Peter Whittingham and Nicky Maynard last season for the love of Christ.”

    Sums it all up. Next Alan Shearer my arse- just the next Joey Barton.

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