Kendrick – Ireland could go to Newcastle and on Radio 5 – Young rumour

These will be a mad two days or so, especially with rumours.

First Mat Kendrick from the Mail has some solid news.

avfc Stephen Ireland will probably join Newcastle on loan if Bradley deal is complete

No surprise there really and not sure why we do not let go now, what is the point of keeping him anyway ?

Also with the Torres story and could well be sealed then expect a lot of news around Ash Young to Liverpool in tonight’s papers and the rest of the window.

So lets start the rubbish around Young by saying on Radio 5 tonight some bluenose numpty claimed he knew a freid deep inside at Villa and Young was signing for Liverpool. However looking on H&V this was said by manic-road

Plenty of rumours going round Liverpool that Ash is signing for them in the January window.

Total utter tosh of course !

I was close to the tunnel today and Young looked very very happy on that touchline but this is sadly inevitable in the few days left and for sure papers will claim this so do not be alarmed !

12 comments on “Kendrick – Ireland could go to Newcastle and on Radio 5 – Young rumour

  1. if they wont to give us the 40 million they get for Torres he can go think we have plenty of cover in that department

  2. Oh you understood what that piece of scum on Five Live said? I couldn’t hear him over the sound of his knuckles scraping on the floor and his brain struggling to comprehend the magical thing in his hand that made voices appear from nowhere that he had never seen before.

  3. if ur saw ur today, e aint going nowhere he was happy

  4. I heard that idiot with his Young rumour on 5live.

    In a week when they have come from behind twice to progress in cup competitions and made it to Wembley for the first time in a era, this guy gets a chance to speak on a national radio station and decides to talk about the Villa.

    I ask you… what is that about? Why are they so obsessed with the Villa?

  5. Unless its Man U/City (for the money), Young aint going any further north than the M6 toll! Anyway, why would he go to a team that will struggle for top 6 when he’s already there?

  6. If Liverpool offered us 25-30m for him then he can go as long as that cash is spent in the summer on transfers, he is one player a very good player i might add, but we don’t have a complete squad that can challenge for the top 6.

    I am quite happy with what the manager is doing so far, i can’t really fault him, he is bringing in Bradley who i was very impressed with in the world cup and he is only 23 playing for some shit german team, he is sending Ireland on loan for regular football to see if he can regain some form with Newcastle paying a fee for him and all his wages, he has got rid of Davies for 3.5m, he is turning the blue nose scum into Villa’s reserve team which just makes me laugh really, them having our rejects and looking up to our sqaud and in envy, perhaps one day they might have Salifou.

  7. Houllier is building a squad capable of challenging for honours next season, and I’m sure he considers Ash Young to be a part of that. I get a bit frustrated when I read disparaging comments about AY on forums, it should not go unnoticed that we have won three on the trot since he came back into the side. It’s a catch 22, we need AY to help us achieve something, but we need to achieve something to keep him.

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