Shut up POTATO HEAD you hypocrite

When players leave clubs there is always rancour and bitterness. We saw it with both Barry and Milner and fans are always angry.

However to see Steve Bruce rant and rave just takes the irony biscuit.

Remember this is the guy who

  • At Crystal Palace – where Simon Jordan had put him on Gardening Leave due to him attempting to walk out on Crystal Palace to manage Small Heath Alliance ….
  • At SHA when walking on them to join Wigan
  • I wonder how Dave Whelan was feeling when he did the same to them to go to Sunderland….

    No one in football is loyal, everyone has their price or leaves for bigger and more successful clubs. Holloway should learn that However unlike Steve Bruce hs is not being hypocritical of actions he did in the past.

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    57 comments on “Shut up POTATO HEAD you hypocrite

    1. ha ha newsnow took the story off the feed !

    2. I thought adam was suppose to sign

    3. Anyone else read the Sunderland tapping up allegations. What a bunch of jokers. Has it all come from potato heads comments, cos that s the impression I thought he was trying to relay without actually saying it. Fucked off with the negativity the press like to smear, so not going to say anymore on the matter. Bent is a great signing and will score many goals for us. I’m feeling pleased with Lerner at the moment, considering I’m not his biggest fan. This whole move shows intent, so I’ll lay off the anti-Lerner stuff I usually spout for the foreseeable future. Onwards and Upwards. UTV

      • The press are only slagging this deal off because they have looked at a map and realised that Aston Villa is not in Manchester or London and they cannot understand that a team in the midland has money! Bunch of W**kers the lot of them, I wonder if it was Chelsea that made this signing the press and pundits would have thought it was a great deal!!!!

    4. Weimann gone to Watford, on loan for rest of season.

      • Will be a good thing for the lad, I think he has promise for the future and theres no point in hold back he progression as a footballer sitting on the bench!

    5. People: His name is Charlie Adam, not Adams. If we want him to come here, the least we can do is spell is name correctly.

    6. Ianrobo are we going to get a keeper , left back and Adam ? Love to know

      • A keeper? Friedel’s been amazing this season and has saved our shit defense a lot of pain after their multiple screw ups. We don’t need one.

    7. “Darren Bent is magic, he wears a magic hat, he heard of aston villa and he said I fancy that, he could of stayed at sunderland, he didnt cuz their sh**e, so he came to aston villa cuz their f****g dynamite”

      What a chant! Courtesy of Van_Heskeyrooy on Teamtalk.com..

    8. MM and and SellyOakVilla talking about another signing inbound “Meltdown Mk2” so must be signficant!

    9. quick update for transfers, weimann has gone to watford on loan


    10. Ian’s blog is being cited in one NE newspaper comments section as proof Villa tapped up Bent last week.

      • How is earth does it prove that? All it proves is the ITK knew we were preparing a big money offer last week.

      • You guy’s serious? Where is Ian’s blog being cited as proof? Mr Potato Head is clutching at straws a bit methinks. TBH it would take an admission of guilt from Bent or his agent or AVFC to prove this nonsense and as there will be none of those things happening we should not worry too much. We’re not exactly known for dealing like this anyway and the one time I recall us doing something so underhand was during Ellis’s Reign and his manager was O’Leary pursuing James Beattie. We’re a different club now.

    11. I hope he dies of aids so I can fick his ho of a daughter,get married to her and spend all his money

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