LATEST on Charlie Adam

Blackpool are playing hardball with Villa and not clear if the deal can be completed.

EDIT : I did post about Ian Holloway’s twitter account, not relevant as apparently false one, durrrr

but then I was sent this information

Aston Villa FC have this afternoon lodged a third and final bid for Charlie Adam it contains no add ons, no instalments and no loan or exchanges
The club have made it clear they expect to hear back from Blackpool FC within 24 hours and will move on to other targets if its rejected.

MJVILLA posted this about stuff on VT

MM and and SellyOakVilla talking about another signing inbound “Meltdown Mk2″ so must be signficant!

Still hear Saphic is on as well.

Never seen times like this at villa, weird season eh ?

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128 comments on “LATEST on Charlie Adam

  1. What is MM?

  2. Cant see this one happening, although certainly not through any lack of effort on our behalf.

    Very good footballer from the extremely limited amount that I’ve seen of him, and I think that his career would certainly blossom and take off at B6, and while I’d love to see him sporting the claret and blue, I think that sadly its not to be. Not in January anyway.

  3. Talk about newcastles Jose Enrique for left back on villa talk, he is proven and I think a risk free option?

  4. Sky Sports are reporting that Wheater has agreed terms with Bolton.

    Wonder, where Gary Cahil is going.

  5. Ian the gossip is spreading like wild fire mate!!!.. everyone is saying he’s handed in a transfer request after a bust up with that knob Holloway, rumours suggest a 4.5m deal has been agreed!!.. heard anything else in the last few hours? hopefully Nicko has something to say about it tonight!!.

  6. […] LATEST on Charlie Adam Blackpool are playing hardball with Villa and not clear if the deal can be completed. […] […]

  7. loved holloway and his virws but now just like phil brown at hull hes starting to make a (bad word) out of himself

  8. What’s with Warnock? From England squad and weekly start to reserve training. Who’d he piss off?

    • All of us with his constantly shocking performances?

    • Houllier with how piss poor he’s been?

    • A lot of the goals against us were being scored from that left sided position, I think Dunne got some stick for free kicks but he has been pulled out of position to support Warnock.

      Warnock is either over rated or just cant cut the mustard for a club like Villa, cant see him being at Villa come Feb1st.

      Any news on Beye leaving, cant see why we need him we have gone from no RB to having 4 at the present time, we have all got excited about who is coming in but any news on departures?

    • I think 3 goals have come from free kicks and cock ups conceded by him this season and possibly more. If he was a good football player he would take the stick and seek improve.

  9. Hammil has gone to Wolves, despite that carrot crunching buffoons attempts to tap him up! Hope Barnsley still report his ferret looking face to the FA!

    Adam to the Villa, come on!!!!

  10. charlie adam wont be coming to villa. with all that has been said from holloway it would make him look very stupid if it happened. blackpool wont risk losing holloway, we all know what he is like. if adam did come holloway would throw another wobbly and shout and bark about quitting this madness, i cant be involved in this madness, ive had enough of this madness, id punch my own nans face over this madness!!greeeeeeen arrrrrrrmmmy

  11. Looks like Liverpool head the betting at the moment with a 4m bid..Wonder if Houllier will try a last bid sometime next week?

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