SPECULATION : Adam waves goodbye but Holloway says nowhere

Plenty of people on twitter world saying Charlie Adam was waving goodbye to the Blackpool fans at the end of he West Brom defeat.

Of course this may not mean he is heading towards Villa Park but will be very interesting to see what Ian Holloway says in a few minutes.

Liverpool and Everton remain a viable threat to any possible bid for us for the Blackpool schemer.

EDIT – 18:20 – Just watched holloway’s interview on BBC not even asked about Adam. Whether by agreement or accident not clear of course

EDIT – 19:10 – Quotes around on the web from Holloway

He said: “You’ve got every right to ask me the question, but Mr Houllier should not talk about someone else’s player when he hasn’t put up enough money to buy him.

“Will I honestly sell him (Adam) to Aston Villa? The answer is no because I am managing his career.

“I’ve told him where I think he’s good enough to go and again today I think he’s hit the best pass I’ve ever seen in my life.

“If there’s anybody in the Premier League who can hit a pass like that, how much are they worth?

“So don’t insult me by talking about my players.

“Don’t talk about my player and I got the raving hump about it because it’s not etiquette and it’s wrong.”

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64 comments on “SPECULATION : Adam waves goodbye but Holloway says nowhere

  1. Holloway has made himself look a dick in front of his players, they will know this. He has reacted badly to the situation and as much as i am glad to see Blackpool coming up through the divisions and get to the top a feet we achieved years ago and stayed at the top all this top.

    Holloway is showing what a small mind he has and that he cannot take pressure, GH is an old hand, imo Holloway will lose the dressing room, if i remember rightly it was Blackpool who announced they had had offers from Aston Villa not the other way round, i dont think Aston Villa or GH has made any announcement about the Adam situation. I may stand corrected, but Holloways Prem career will not last long if he keeps shooting his mouth off at every opportunity.

  2. Ian Holloway needs to shut his mouth and realise he manages a poxy seaside town club. they are having a good season fair enough, but they cant even get a game on when its cold. Personally id like us to get him but i wouldnt pay over the odds. all managers talk about other players when they are directly asked about them in a press conference, Harry Redknapp has been doing it for years. ive never liked Holloway anyway the smug twat thinks hes a comedian, to be fair i did laugh my socks off when the half arsed club below them in the league beat them 3-2

    • Holloway is an excellent manager. However, EVERYONE here knows that if Villa made him an offer today to have GH move up to DOF and for him to come in and manage under GH’s supervision that Holloway would be out of there so fast it would make your head spin. He’d be at VP before you could even hang up the phone. That’s why his comments are absurd.

      • i agree. im just pissed off he keeps coming out in the press and slagging us off when all we have done is make a bid for a player. HE told the press we had done it and then says that GH shouldnt talk about other teams players! if he was professional he would of just rejected the bid and not made it public. i think the big leagues going to his head

  3. He wants to talk about respect now does he?we went to the club first the fucking idiot,he has achieved nothing like what houllier has,come to think of it he has simply achieved nothing.I hope and pray we get Adam just to fuck holloway up,don’t care how much it costs.

  4. He wasn’t talking shit when we let him loan bannan was he.

  5. Have i missed something ? houllier said the below – i dont see the problem

    He said: “We did things the right way. We went to the club and said we were interested in the player.

    “But there has not been any official reply except what I read from Ian (Holloway). Everyone is entitled to say what they want.

    “Will we be back in for him? It is difficult to say at the moment. He knows we want him, probably.

    “But he has got a contract with his club so I can’t say more about that.”

  6. Holloway is off his head. Surely it is him and not GH who is talking about the Blackpool player??? Silly little man!

  7. what holloway cant handle is that his chairman wants to sell, he will be on a collision course with his chairman so will big himself up for any available job that comes up when he himself resigns, west country’s answer to pam ayres muppet. utv.

  8. Yes we are currently going through a difficult patch but Aston Villa is a massive club, with fantastic fans, a proud history, state of the art facilities and top stadium.

    Gerard Houllier has won League titles (France) FA Cup, UEFA Cup, League Cup etc…

    Both are known and widely respected throughout the footballing world.

    I am shocked that Ian Holloway speaking as manager of Blackpool FC thinks he has the right to talk about either in such disrespectful words; it would have been bad enough once (in the heat of the moment) but to come out after today’s game and deliberately make another attack is insane.

    He looks to me like he is going the way of Phil Brown.

  9. Hollaway should be taken to task with the disrespectful commemts about our great club.
    Coming from a man who mamges a team of rock munchers. I can’t waituntill his team play us at Villa, he will get dogs abuse and wouldn’t it be fucking ironic if Chas Adam playing for the great Aston Villa scores the winner

    The man is an absolute twat of the highest order

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  11. Firstly, I think holloway is a great addition to the preimer league and a breath of fresh air, as the saying goes!! However, he has pissed me off. Fair enough he doesn’t want to sell his players, the best one at that but you are making yourself look desperate. He is clutching at straws, he obviously knows Adam is going and his doing all he can to keep him. What he has said about villa, and anything decent side either is out of order. Does he actually expect us to put in a bid of 10m straight away which he is happy for and walk off with it?? No, it’s called negociation!! I hope we get Adam, I think he will be a great addition.
    P.s what a shame bridge got injured, 90k well spent
    Come on villa, we have to win tomorrow!!

  12. Holloway’s a TWAT! F*****G dickhead! Come to Villa Adams. New year, new Villa. Bring it on Makoun!

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