SPECULATION : Adam waves goodbye but Holloway says nowhere

Plenty of people on twitter world saying Charlie Adam was waving goodbye to the Blackpool fans at the end of he West Brom defeat.

Of course this may not mean he is heading towards Villa Park but will be very interesting to see what Ian Holloway says in a few minutes.

Liverpool and Everton remain a viable threat to any possible bid for us for the Blackpool schemer.

EDIT – 18:20 – Just watched holloway’s interview on BBC not even asked about Adam. Whether by agreement or accident not clear of course

EDIT – 19:10 – Quotes around on the web from Holloway

He said: “You’ve got every right to ask me the question, but Mr Houllier should not talk about someone else’s player when he hasn’t put up enough money to buy him.

“Will I honestly sell him (Adam) to Aston Villa? The answer is no because I am managing his career.

“I’ve told him where I think he’s good enough to go and again today I think he’s hit the best pass I’ve ever seen in my life.

“If there’s anybody in the Premier League who can hit a pass like that, how much are they worth?

“So don’t insult me by talking about my players.

“Don’t talk about my player and I got the raving hump about it because it’s not etiquette and it’s wrong.”

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64 comments on “SPECULATION : Adam waves goodbye but Holloway says nowhere

  1. Personally think he will end up at Liverpool😦

    • “below us in the league; some half-a***d place that used to be famous and the manager is on a dodgy wicket.”

  2. Didn’t they say he said goodbye to the fans after the Liverpool game?

  3. Exactly steve can we all calm down he was clapping his fans.

    They are going to say this after every blackpool game in january

    We dont need a new post for each one ian

  4. He’s not worth what they’re asking for! If Makoun is worth £5M than Adam is worth £2M. If we get him cheap then good, if not then we move on, do not give that pathetic man any of our money! If he wants more money then leave Adam, let him leave for cheap in the summer and laugh at Holloway with egg on his face. UTV!

    • Spot on Villaman, is Adam better than what we already have, I’m not so sure..

      • I think Delph and Bannan are on the same level as Adam but he has that little bit more maturity to stay composed and relaxed when under pressure. He would be a welcome addition but for anymore than £4.5M and it is an absolute waste of money.

    • i dont know how you get that 2 mill figure, a player is only worth the value he will bring to the team, if charlie adam comes to the villa and plays like he does for blackpool, then he is worth a lot more than 2 mill, if sidwell cost us 5 mill, reo 8.5 mill, petrov 6.5 mill, gardner left for 2 mill …. then i would value charlie adam at around 5mill-6 mill .

      • Adam is 25 and has 6 caps for a country far worse than bulgaria.

        where petrov has 98 caps (6 years difference but adam would have to play 15.3 internationals for those years). Captain of CSKA at 19 s Adam was behind 3 players at rangers at the same time.

        So in that sense your looking at; £1 mil for adam is about right.

        • ..thats the funniest arithmetic I have ever seen. A player has to fit to a club and to the playing style of this
          club. International caps is not the right quality level to judge him. Giggs has 60 caps for Wales and
          Petrov 98 for Bulgaria. Who is or was the better player?

          • its not that simple i know that and i’d hope most readers of the post would take the basic point rather than the literal interpretation. But in the case of adam he is good, but he better than anything we have. Anyone else in the world (goal, fifa.com worldwide forums) that would compare petrov and makoun in the same sentence as Charlie Adam? Ok anyone not British?

            I’d oviously have taken that giggs player!; and there are exceptions to every rule but the last time i checked 4 of the last 5 world cups involved blugaria (including a great run in the us) and 1 of them scotland

        • And that’s a vital point, we’ve seen this before, Fox at Norwich couldn’t step up when it mattered all those years ago, same with Sidwell, outstanding at Reading, but as yet, never pushed on.
          Adam might be worth a huge sum to Blackpool, but Blackpool are not Aston Villa.
          Half a season does not make him worth 6 mil, not by a long way.

          • ..but in the end you never know if he fits in and make the step up. Look at
            Lineker, look at David Platt ….
            Good managers have a very good feeling if they can make it – but every good manager has done
            wrong deals. Even Sir Alex with Djemba-Djemba, who was transfered to us unfortunately.

          • my feeling is you cant compare price of one player to another and say he must be worth this much . Then say ohh but you cant compare him to that person, dont take it literally etc etc one rule for one and diff for another? no thats unfair ….. No way was reo cker work 8.5 mill but at the time we valued him so highly we paid over the odds, ash young the same …. you have to pay over the odds, very rare you get a player for his true worth.

          • ..that right. Milner with 12mio over the odds but we sold him for 25mio 2 years later.
            Its like on the stock exchange – you will never know in which direction it will go.

          • sold for 25 mill? maybe but the value of ireland out of that meant we only got 16 mill, 4 mill over what we paid? not a lot of profit when you consider his wages and bonuses he was paid

          • I think, well, we all know, MON went for a policy of buying young english talent, and didn’t mind paying over the odds as there would always be a a profit provided they performed, Young and Milner both underline that, Reo-Coker, yep, got that wrong, but Adam is at an age where “potential” should, by now, be realised.
            I’m not sayng that he won’t be a class act, I just think half a season doesn’t justify a 6 mil fee.

  5. One was home one was away ? who knows ……

  6. After Ian Holloway’s comments, i think we should seriously put a bid in for 50p. THAT is taking the piss.

  7. i dont know about you, but i thought it was odd when houllier said that the players knows about the interest

    “Will we be back in for him? It is difficult to say at the moment. He knows we want him, probably.

    “But he has got a contract with his club so I can’t say more about that.”

    so is houllier trying to say adam needs to force the issue with holloway??

  8. THe way Holloway is disrepting the Villa is totally out of order. We bid for the player (3.5m)but as far as we know there has been no response from the rock munchers to this.
    Holloway is a total wanker

    • He’d also walk to Villa Park on broken glass if the managers job was offered to him, have a go about the bid if you want, but don’t have a go at one of the biggest clubs in the land, not on.

    • Adam is worth far more to Blackpool than £3.5m, he could help keep them up and that is worth £40m

      you pay what the selling club are happy to sell for, no set rules on that

      • Adam is worth more to Blackpool than to other clubs. They would sink back into the drop zone without him. I would imagine adding NRC & paying some of his wages would sweeten the deal. Blackpool would need an instant replacement lined up.

        Now, Makoun is an excellent signing for a cut price compared to what was being reported as Lyon’s initial demands. He will shore up the midfield and provide the presence that we have been missing so that the midfield don’t get overrun week in and week out.

        Where would Charlie Adam even play for us? In the central attacking role, forcing Bannan to the bench? I think Bannan needs to play regularly. Would he play on the right? Because he is not better than Albrighton and would not start over him.

        CDM – Makoun/Petrov/Delph
        CM – Bannan/Adam/NRC/Delph
        LM – Downing
        RM – Albrighton
        CAM/CF – Ashley Young
        ST – Gabby/Carew/Heskey

        It just seems like a crowded central midfield with Makoun arriving already, which means good depth behind Makoun. But why bring in Adam when he isn’t head over heels better than players he’d take time away from?

        Something else is afoot here…someone in the midfield is leaving otherwise it makes no sense.

        Maybe we have blackmailed Sunderland into accepting a swap deal – Downing for Bent.

  9. I can’t wait for us to play Blackpool and shove Holloways words down his throat , totally out of order calling Villa a half arsed place that used to be famous !!!! I hope that gets under our teams skin and they give us their blood and sweat for the rest of the season.

  10. Adam is worth no more that 4mill, if we cant get him for that then i would leave it. Personally id like to see Makoun and Delph in the middle.

    Any thoughts on why Figueroa didnt start for Wigan today??

  11. Everton have no money, fact. They’re out of the running. But, if Liverpool want to go spending silly money on an average player then let them! If the price is stupid then it’s best we stay well away.

    But in all honesty, I think he could be coming here. Villa’s official bid of £3.5M has not been turned away and according to Mat Kendrick Villa were encouraged by Blackpool to make this bid. It hasn’t been rejected as much as Holloway would love it to be but it could mean Villa are negotiating a compromise with Blackpool. We bid £3.5M, their chairman would probably want around £6M; call it even at £4.75M?

    • …Everton has no money. Isn´´t Everton selling Pienaar (to Spurs)? Even it is a cut price because his contract runs out in
      the summer. The aquisition of Adam would make sense.

    • This would make sense if Adam was an ‘average’ player. Bit he’s far better than that as anyone who’s watched him this season or last will confirm.

      He may play for a small club and look like a plumber, but that doesn’t mean jack shit.

      He’s a very good footballer.

  12. Firstly Ian Everton haven’t got a penny to their name right now and Moyes has gone on record saying he can only bring in loan signings!!.. so that one is a non starter, Obviously Liverpool would be a huge problem if they were interested so i guess we’ll have to wait and see, whatever the case though Delph will be ten times the player Adam is so i’m fine either way, if he doesn’t come i’m sure Gerard will have a few other targets in mind.

  13. we don’t need him! we have better players on the bench,why are we listening to a fuckin idiot like Holloway sooner or later he will stop being funny and talk his way out of a job he has been lucky up to now

  14. This whole Adam /Blackpool business is starting to look like a re-run of Sidwell/Reading a few years ago: decent player in newly promoted side on a good run, and the ‘big boys’ fall over themselves to pay too much for him -only to try and move him out again a season later. Adam is a decent player, but anything over £3m for him would just be a waste.

    • as proved, one would have thought, by many of MON’s in vouge deals at villa. Davies, Dunne, NRC, Warnock were all in the over-hyped category when we purchased them and look how that turned out-if we were to sell would we get £9m,£6m, £7.5m and £7m respectively for any of them?

      • …beside NRC all others could clinch a cap for their country in the last 2 years at least. Davies was injured for a long
        time and Dunne and Warnock completely lost form since GH is in charge. Warnock was in the England team half a year ago.

        • warnock lost form in second half of mons final season and has never got back to the form. Nothing to do with Houllier

          • …has played for England national team and was in South Africa, wasn´´t he? So couldn´´t be
            so bad.

  15. Personally I believe we should only be trying to sign Adam if we get rid of Ireland. Bannan, Delph, and Gardner will all be better than Adam. Also Adam has only played half a season of premiership football. Put it this way a top 4 club would wait another 12 months and only sign him if he maintained his good performances for the duration of those 12 months. Throw in the fact we still have Ireland and Pires until the end of the season the money could be better spent elsewhere. A striker and a left back is more of a priority for me. Not convinced by Figueroa though. Glad Keane is going to Birmingham and not Villa, the guy hasn’t done anything in the premiership for 2 and half seasons now is over 30 (turns 31 in the summer) and was never a prolific goalscorer in this league his best season he scored 16 goals.

    • to a point … transfer money is not the problem . He wants a left back, i think adam deal has no impact on whether we buy one or not, same with a striker (even the GH said he wasnt looking for one yet).
      Bannan could do with more games, as does hogg. Delph is injured and was rushed back! he needs to be nursed back in and he needs more experience, looked out of his depth last year. Gardner has unbelievable promise, but once again he is young , needs nurturing, and some games. He also come back from 1 yr out with knee injury, same as delph. Should not, not be rushed. NRC is going, petrov days as 1st choice are limited, and we have never replaced barry or milner so i hope makoun and possible adams can go to some way to bringing steel, energy and a bit of craft to our midfield.

  16. Never had a problem with Blackpool, enjoyed them in the Premier League.

    However what was the point of Holloway’s outburst, what an absolute cnut? No need for it at all, we have acted professionally and he says that.

    Fuck off son.

  17. stupid comments from Holloway. I quite like his style but the more interviews he has like the less popular him and his side will become and when they crash and burn like Hull did, I will have no sympathy!!

  18. Heard from a friend in Blackpool who does a bit on sponsorship with them that the deals been done with Blackburn for £5.1m. Signs on Monday apparently.

  19. Can’t help wishing for Blackpool to go on and lose all their games now ! Like most people i wanted to see them do well but he needs to get over himself . Also different point but I think it’s disgraceful the way Avram is being treated by Wet Spams board .

  20. Grant must be a masochist. First Abramovitch shafted him at Chelsea, now the porn barons are giving him one from behind. Shame really, think he might actually be quite a decent manager, given some support..

    • not sure mate, he seems to always have been in the right place at the right time for me, connected, but not talented.
      If anyone was shafted at West Ham, then it was Zola, a true gent who deserved so much better.

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