UPDATE on MAKOUN, still in FRANCE but deal still ON

From leprogres.fr and reports Makoun is training for Lyon today but no indication the deal is OFF though.

Turning into a bit of a saga.

Tim Abraham from the E&S has said

#AVFC press officer is tight-lipped on Makoun. Said there would be “nothing further at the moment. But maybe more later”.

Mat Kendrick from Evening Mail has said

#avfc From reliable French source Latest on Makoun this morning is it’s pretty much a ‘fait accompli’ which I think translates as done deal


Jean II Makoun has trained normally yesterday morning. And he reminded us yesterday: “I’m still in training OL Friday (today).” All smiles, Cameroon has just suggested that nothing was done with Aston Villa. He had some papers in his hand, and obviously his record should no longer delay to be emptied. So goes the life of a professional footballer. Florian Maurice, went through those moments when we prepared to leave, exchanged a few words with John II.The two men liked each.

If Jean Makoun has not yet said goodbye to his teammates (maybe it will be for today) there is virtually no doubt that his future is more in Lyon. “The two clubs, Lyon and Aston Villa are in agreement, it is just loose ends,” said Claude Puel. The player negotiates a contract for three and a half years in the team led by Gerard Houllier. Olympique Lyonnais has approved a sale of six million euros, which, in these difficult times (including the balance sheet of the club), is also a small puff of oxygen.

“In sporting terms, it has contributed enormously in recent months. This is an important player for the collective. In sporting terms, it is in the rhythm. It is not gone yet. It has raised his case in the club, felt needs, “said Claude Puel, who has agreed to release Jean Makoun. Although Lyon coach admits: “While it is still there, and is operational, I do not see why it would not be in the group to face Lorient. He is in his head, it is very …».

From there to evoke the golden jubilee of John Lyon Gerland Makoun tomorrow night, there is not that we do not cross it. Environmental law is. “If he goes we will lose a good teammate on the field, and someone very good for the locker room,” concedes Aly Cissoko.

Olympique Lyonnais lost midfielder is a knowing that is provided in this sector (Ederson, Delgado, Pjanic, Foot, Gourcuff, Kallstrom, Toulalan, Gonalons, Grenier). For Jean Makoun, obviously, there was no other way …

12 comments on “UPDATE on MAKOUN, still in FRANCE but deal still ON

  1. blimey ain’t translated French convoluted!

  2. yep but clear deal is still on, just personal stuff, no way will he be ready for Blues

  3. After reading that false French report last night I’m just glad the deal is going through at all! Would have been absolutely gutted had it not. Better late than never!

  4. Makoun is like ze zeegulls zat follow ze trawler…..bloody french..speak English!!!

  5. We don’t need him for Blues, but Man City would be nice. Benzema could be a reality, but in all fairness it would take him a few weeks to adapt. Klose ? Van Bommel ? Sissokho ? are we starting to become a propper big club ? we can only dream, but if you don’t have a dream, you can’t have one come true🙂 UTV SOTC

  6. As with a lot of stuff in the transfer windows, it’s probably in reality not a saga, just being portrayed as a saga by the reporting.

  7. I said on here last night that the deal would be agreed and he will be unveiled monday in our shirt…..THE ORACLE HAS SPOKEN

  8. I will never understand, why an agreement with a selling club and also with the player cannot reached by December, so a transfer will happen by beginning of January.
    Strange for me, cause everybody knows when the window opens and obviously knows there targets. So lets negogiate in December.

  9. Were you not saying deal was off yesterday?

    SO which do believe this article or yesterdays..

  10. it says on l’equipe deal is far from done its all down to wages villa are offering him less than he is already on dont think this transfer will happen.😦

    • Hes on around 30,000 Euro, France have a 55,000 Euro cap, Italy have a 80,000 Ero cap, so doubt we’ve offered him less.

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